Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lavender Transferware Snowflake Tablescape

Stay, season of calm love and soulful snows!
~ from the poem To Winter by Claude McKay~

 Do any of you remember my bird cage dining table  I made from a broken bird cage?   Well,  this table has  become one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  

I envisioned something outside of  the traditional red and green color scheme for this setting.  I envisioned a tablescape of silver and white snowflakes and ice crystals with a little bit of soft, pale color added.  I've always liked periwinkle and in fact had a previous homes bedroom wall painted a very light shade of this color.   My  inspiration were these gorgeous, ever so light periwinkle / lavender  / purple transferware plates in the Asiatic Pheasants Pattern.    I think this is a beautiful pattern depicting pheasants fluttering amongst a lush floral bouquet.  They seemed to be a perfect match for the table.   These transferware plates are not the typical English pieces I include in my tablescapes,  rather they are Swedish and made by the firm Gustavsberg in the late 19th to early 20th century.  When I came across these a couple of years ago I could not resist buying them solely for the rare,  beautiful color they are.

Asiatic Pheasants is one of the most popular patterns ever produced.  So many potters used this pattern that it is still not known just how many companies did indeed produce wares in this design. 

  Back to the table scape...I love, love, love to layer linens so layer one was a very light silver, almost white, organza table cloth.  Rather than traditional place mats I chose  white cotton/linen blend napkins with a silver ribbon sewn around the edges.  These were placed at an angle allowing the corners to hang over the table.  Next I added hand beaded silver chargers and then another clear beaded, metal charger over that.  This gave some glimmer I really wanted at the table.  I think that the beaded items, especially in silver, add light and airiness which gives a great visual impact.  

Next, of course came the plates. 
I chose to mix up the silverware.  I brought my Towle Stockholm from home and paired it with these pretty, white and silver salad forks which add another touch of supple elegance.  

Napkins are layered too...first is a white, jacquard poly blend under organza napkins that match the table topper.  The napkin rings match my chargers.

The etched goblets were on clearance a while back at Hobby Lobby.  
I love the second pic down with the candlelight shining through.

  At each setting I incorporated some pieces of Spode Mayflower ,which is another beautiful pattern in the same lilac/periwinkle shade as the plates but with hand painted roses in the center.  On each bread plate I placed these gorgeous, silver snowflake candles.  These ball candles come in a variety of colors from Zest Candles.  They're only a couple of dollars a piece.  

 Under each cup and saucer I placed a small wreath adorned with faux ice covered branches. 

To the backs of each chair, I tied matching wreaths with organza garland and a sprig of lilac to tie in the color scheme.

 My centerpiece is what originally was to be the top of the bird cage.  I decided to use it atop the table.  I wrapped three garlands around the cage top:   white and lavender floral, ice covered branches and more organza garland.  Underneath the cage topper I placed an additional beaded charger, plate and a large pillar candle.   throughout the garlands and over the table I placed an assortment of inexpensive, plastic snowflakes covered in glitter or metallic paint.

The crowning touch to the cage was draping a beaded wine bottle cover over the top.

 So many little ice crystals fell from the garland that I decided they'd be a welcome addition to the table and I scattered them all over  allowing them to stay where they fell.

 This antique tureen dish is another perfect match for this table setting.

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time. 
 ~Laura Ingalls Wilder~

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  1. I am definitely a child again, with the magic and wonder and this table is truly magical. You are amazing. I love all the ice and crystal from the backs of the chairs to the fabulous chargers and napkin rings (wherever did you get those - did I miss that one?) to the centerpiece and the little wreaths under the cups. Aaaaahhh, I could stay here forever.

  2. Ooooohhhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhh ... Absolutely fabulous!!
    Ladybug Creek

  3. Your tablescape is so beautiful and magical...I adore those dishes, I can see why you love them..I do too....thanks for sharing with us

  4. Your table setting are always so beautiful! Looove the dishes and those chargers you paired them with are really special. Where do you find the room to store all your treasures? That is one of my problems, so many pretty things so not enough room! Laura

  5. right out of a magazine. maybe even better. looks magical. as always, another beautiful setting. merry christmas and keep it coming.

  6. Nancy, This is breathtaking. I am speechless. Every element is so outstanding. Of course I love the transferware. The goblets are so beautiful and coming from Hobby Lobby. Awesome. Love the chargers, napkin rings, napkins all of it. Fabulous! Hugs, to you, Ginger

  7. HI Nancy! I love that pattern, and I have to agree it is my favorite purple pattern because the color is so soft and gentle. I had one plate and hubs broke it!! I am saving the pieces to make something one should be an event planner with all of your ideas and talent! This table is outstanding!

  8. Wow Wow and more Wow. I LOVE your tablescape.

  9. What a beautiful color, Nancy! Love the feel you've put together here. The napkins are beautifully done as is the back of the chairs. I love the way you included them in the decorating. The candles work so well here and the snow falling in your pictures is just perfect for this post.

  10. Oh my Nancy, I am in love with this table and all the details...Gorgeous!!! The silver gives such an elegant look and the organza on the table gives a romantic soft look to the wonderful bird cage table! What an amazing job and as always the most beautiful dishes!!
    Miss Bloomers

  11. Beautiful! I love Mayflower because it was my mother's everyday wedding china. Shortly after she was married, they discontinued it, so she put it in a hutch and never used it - EXCEPT on my birthday each year. That was the special request of a very young dishaholic!!!
    Love the centerpiece and chargers also.

  12. What a lovely, frosty, sparkly table! A welcome change from the traditional colors. Thank you, Nancy!

  13. Oh my goodness, that is a beautiful magical winterland table, Nancy! The centerpiece is awesome...will you come do my table for Christmas?
    I love the color of the plates, almost between a blue and lavender, really a color that makes you stop to take a second look.
    Have a great week.

  14. Oh, my, it's like sitting down to tea in the Land of Narnia, surrounded by glittering snow and ice crystals. Just lovely!

  15. This is so gorgeous and dreamy!!! I would feel like a princess dining at your table. Wow!

  16. Just lovely, so "icy" cool! Love the chargers and especially the napkin rings and the wreaths on your chairs are a beautiful touch!

  17. This is insanely beautiful! I'm speechless at how perfect in every way it is. It's sparkly and airy, and enchanting and delightful... Absolutely breathtaking... this table should be in a magazine!


  18. Soft and lovely ~ truly magical, Nancy. Fun to see your birdcage table again. It was such a clever idea. ~ sarah

  19. This is so stunning! The lavender along with the silver and white is so romantic!

  20. So much to love and gaze upon! The third photo just makes me sigh! It's so gorgeous with the candlelight and the little snow flecks that are floating through! These dishes are lovely!

  21. What a magical winter's table. Love all the sparkling elements .....layer upon layer. Beautiful china.

  22. This is just THE prettiest tablescape I've seen in a long time. And just so you know, that table of yours is so unique it's one of MY favorite pieces of furniture!

  23. fantasy fabulous~

  24. What a dazzling table! So festive. I so much prefer these quiet shades of blue transferware. The contrasting floral pattern is so sweet.

  25. Since I am at a loss for words (which never happens) I will have to borrow words from other comments. Magical, dreamy, dazzling, breathtaking. There is also a fairy tale look to your centerpiece! AMAZING!!!!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  26. Oh. My. Goodness! Nancy, I think you've outdone yourself this time. This table setting is absolutely, positively charming!! It makes me think of crisp winter days when it is so cold that you can see ice crystals floating around in the air and also see your breath freeze. Brrr....
    I'm lovin' it!

  27. Just want to pop in to say I made your corn casserole (can't remember the name). My husband loved it. It'll be a regular at our house.


  28. This is the most beautiful setting ever--love your table with the birdcage. Simply lovely!

  29. What a beautiful tablescape! I love the lavendar and the wreaths on the back of the chairs. Found you at Charm of Home!

  30. Oh, Nancy! This is just gorgeous! Love the icy beads all over! Very pretty! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  31. My sister, Elaine, told me to be sure and not miss your table this week. I am so glad I didn't! This is just beautiful and so detailed. I love the whole divided bird cage thing and all the silver touches and of course the dishes. Where did you find those chargers with the silver and crystals?

    Robin Flies South

  32. Lovely winter wonderland tablescape. So very pretty.

  33. So beautiful, so ethereal. You can almost feel the snowflakes.

    - The Tablescaper

  34. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape looks like a winter wonderland just Gorgeous!! you did a lovely job putting this together for the Holidays sweet lady.
    XXOO Diane

  35. What an enchanted and lovely table you've set!

    I have Blue Willow and Asiatic Pheasants in the green/multi colorway and love it all. I just need an extra room or house to keep it in. My childhood tea party set was Blue Willow, but, sadly, none of that survived my tea parties. Sigh!

    Your blog is a favorite!

  36. Delightfully beautiful!!!Well done!

  37. Nancy,
    I am new at the tablescaping blog thing, but I am truly hooked!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lavender and snowflake tablescape. I collect plum color transferware, and never thought of using it as a winter/snowflake theme. Stunning! Also, your china hutch with all of the beutiful transferware pieces was my dream come true! Hope to do my own blog soon, when I figure out how to do it!
    Table Lover in Montana

  38. Nancy, you make the prettiest tablescapes. I just love this snowflake tablescape..... Candy


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