Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shopping at Novica

Have you all been buying Christmas gifts yet?  I have!  With six kids I make a running start beginning mid-summer. 
 Have you heard of Novica?  Novica is associated with National Geographic and provides artist and artisans around the world a global platform to express their talents and spur creativity.  The site is full of hard to find, unique items that only the Internet infrastructure can allow access to. 

Recently my sister-n-law Monica and I took some of our kids out to Yolotti (self serve frozen yogurt), to which I am now an addict of the Red Velvet cake flavor, and Ashton and Trevor played this game, Oware, with their cousin Lucy.  The three of them had such a fun time playing this so when I saw it on Novica I decided it needed to be part of their Christmas.

Oware is one of the oldest games in the world.  It is a game of skill and strategy designed for two players, challenging mental agility and alertness. The objective can be briefly described as "counting and capturing beads" and there are no chance factors in it. The player's strategy entirely depends upon the ability for reasoning and counting. 

I have wanted to start a collection of walking sticks for some time.  I have one all by itself in an umbrella stand in my entry.  Novica has a nice selection, including this Eagle carved one.  

Accessories like these women scarves would be on my table to!  You know I love using stuff like this on my tablescapes!  I have both of these paisley scarves on my wish list. 

 I found that if you don't buy what you like when you see it, you might come back and it's gone! I had picked out this adorable leather bracelet as one of Kalyn's Christmas gifts and put it in my shopping cart.  A week later I went to checkout it was no more! =(  Kalyn would have loved this!  Sorry KK!   Sorry to me to...I would definitely have been borrowing this from her! 

My second choice for Kalyn was this turquoise color leather bracelet. But guess what?  It's sold out to!  So if you see something you like, snag it while you can!  Not to worry though, they've got over 2000 choices so I'm sure I'll find something KK will love.

If you saw my husbands wallet you would not believe what sad shape it's in.  We bought his current wallet on our first trip to Idaho together 20+ years ago.   Since then he has sewn, glued, taped and even stapled his wallet back together.  He says it conforms to the shape of his buns (he has none!) and he doesn't want to 'train' a new one.     I would like to buy this one for him though... if he'd just give it a chance...honey do you like this since I KNOW you're reading this post?
There's even a zippered pouch for those pennies I can't let you toss aside.

Novica offers a huge selection of items from decorative items for the home to tableware to jewelry.  I've had my eye on some of the glassware for months!  The selection of hand blown wine glasses and barware is gorgeous!
Can't you see these tortoise shell glasses at one of my tables?
(hint to Shawn)

Go check out Novica.  'Tis the gift giving season and there is something for everyone here.


  1. This was a new one for me. I have a scarf similar to the second one in your pictures. My niece brought it back from India last May. I can't wait to wear it this winter. Thanks for letting us know about Novica.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. My husband says the same thing about his wallet and butt.. guess it's a guy thing.


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