Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Table with Lavender Transferware & Rhinestone Jewelry

When one procrastinates, one posts a 2 year old Easter tablescape!  I posted this under the name Bejeweled Butterflies about two years ago.  I do plan to do another Easter table but I have procrastinated for two weeks about what dishes to use so there two sets of them  still sit on my dining room table.  I have made progress though, as I bought some ornaments I plan to convert to napkin rings holders and use at my Easter table.  I think that's progress anyway.

I bought this vintage, ivory colored Chenille bedspread I found at a thrift shop for $5 and used it as a tablecloth.  Man, I wish I had this still or that I'd be lucky enough to find another one in such pristine condition for 5 bucks.  That doesn't seem to happen to me too often though.  It's so cute with pom-pom trim that I had to pull the chairs away from the table to show this to you.  
Cute, huh?
If you've tuned in to any of my tablescapes you know I'm into layering fabrics and such,
so I brought in this tulle type fabric with silver and lavender and bunched it up along the table.  I tucked little crystallized Easter egg lights around it.  I allowed some ivy to overflow from my centerpiece and run the length of my 'runner'.     I used lights with white wire here as it would more easily blend onto the tablecloth, however I was able to keep all but about a 2" strip from showing by tucking the wires under the fabric and then under one of the placemats, off the table to a plug in. 

For the centerpiece I used an iron topiary form wound with ivy, roses and a Spring wreath.  In the center I placed an ivy topiary.  I thought  the topiary itself needed a bit of 'umph'  to help tie in with the Spring color scheme so I pinned some of the girls and my rhinestone pins and barrettes in butterfly, dragonfly and bee shapes to the greenery and up along the trunk.  I added a tad of lavender Easter grass here and there to for a little spark of color.

I couldn't resist perching this little dragonfly pin on one of the flowers.  I love to decorate with jewelry, especially vintage pieces that belonged to my Mom, Grandma's or Great Grandma.  I love being around and seeing their things that they loved to wear.

 I chose to use pale, olive green transferware plates under these beautiful lavender transferware plates just to show how versatile it all can be.  I also thought just a little touch of this green would compliment the lavender.  These lavender plates have such a pretty border.  They are by Grindley , entitled Scenes After Constable using John Constable's paintings as inspiration for the engravings.  I did a post about this if you want to read more or see more in this pattern HERE.  I've got a couple of these plates in my Etsy shop as well. 

I tied some ivory lace ribbon around each of the glass stems and secured butterfly pins to each of them.
Napkins were layered and tucked into goblets.  

Many of you have probably seen the tiered servers.  I put one together with clear glass candlesticks and four different lavender transferware plates.  I topped it off with a plump little birdie.  I've just added some of the single layer plate stands to my shop.

Would you like a cup of tea?

Now to sit and enjoy. 

  I hope you all have a blessed day and happy weekend!  I'll be back in the next couple of days to show you all my transferware bunnies! They're soooo cute!

Let Me

Recently I was reminded that God has some plan for me, though admittedly I don't know what exactly it is.  I just know with absolution that He has kept me on this earth for something.  So  I felt compelled to share this again...

Let me acknowledge You
Through my writing
Let me hear You
Through a book
Let me credit You
For easing my pain
Let me know You
With my understanding
Let me feel You
Deeply in my heart
Let me speak to You
With my prayers
Let me keep You
To share You
Let me give You
More than you give me
Let me be pride to You
Only your eyes can see
Let me remember You
In absolutely everything
Let me stay with You
Until You come for me

©2000 Nancy Roberts 

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  1. I love this prayer Nancy that you composed, just beautiful and precious, thank you.....cleo

  2. The lavender is simply the pom pom bedspread repurposed...soo pretty...what a wonderful feast for the eyes...Those dishes are absolutely beautiful...just so creative and well put together...

  3. Since I wasn't blogging two years Go, I'm so glad that you've been procrastinating. This is beautiful...ethereal. Love the amethyst transferware. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  4. Nancy: Your lavender setting is beautiful and very much Easter. I love the three tiered stand you put together. A delight for the eyes..Happy Friday..Judy

  5. Very pretty! Love the tablecloth with the pom poms.

  6. That poem was so beautiful. Your heart is beautiful. I'm so glad that you are married to my brother and the mother to most of my nieces and nephews. They are so blessed by you, as are we all.

  7. I remember this table! I have a chenille bedspread and I've always wanted to use it as a tablecloth...thanks for reminding me to do it! The purple transferware is so pretty...I've always wanted some! Such a gorgeous Easter table always set the prettiest table. Thanks for sharing this again!!
    Miss Bloomers

  8. Nancy- I am newer to your blog so I never saw any of this before. It is absolutely beautiful! Until I started blogging I had never seen the lavender transferware. I am smitten. It is just beautiful. Your whole tablescape is just lovely! xo Diana

  9. That is a cute table Nancy. I love that chenille spread with the poms!! So perfect for an easter settting, and of course you had me with the lavender plates!

  10. Purple and green are my favorite colors and I have to say that this table is stunning!

  11. Thanks for visiting Nancy, there used to be a "Science" store at the mall years ago and they sold geodes, bookends, eggs, chess sets etc. all made from natural elements such as jade and onyx. They also sold telescopes, books and items for astronomy....can't remember the name......cleo

  12. Beautiful as always Nancy! Your dishes and centerpiece are gorgeous and I LOVE the chenille bedspread you used as a tablecloth! Great idea!!

  13. Nancy, I always enjoy reading your words. Beautiful! The lavender dishes are a delight for the senses. Glad you shared this one again. I look forward to seeing the bunnies. ~ Sarah

  14. What a beautiful table, Nancy! The lavender plates are so pretty, and that topiary looks as if it was decorated by fairies! Have a lovely weekend.

  15. Nancy your table is Stunning. I love the jewelry accents and lighting. The tulle adds such softness and your chenille bedspread seems perfect for it. I can't get enough of just looking at your gorgeous photos. It would be a privilege and delight for anyone to sit down to such a beautiful table. Exquisite!


  16. Oh I sure do remember this table. I was VERY knew to setting beautiful tables then, and had never seen a bedspread used on a table before. I tucked that little tidbit away in my mind and finally found a gorgeous white chenille spread. Thus my "Winter White" table this winter. You are always an inspiration, Nancy. Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. I really like the butterfly accent! It has the fairytale ambiance. Nice post.

  18. Beautiful spring tablescape. Love the lavender transferware and your use of the Easter egg lights on the table...stunning as usual. Happy Spring and Happy Easter to you and your family

  19. Stunning! Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

  20. Hi Nancy,

    WOW! That is one beautiful Easter tablescape. Every detail is amazing and wonderful.


  21. This table is definitely worth two blog posts! The brown transferware under the lavender is a lovely idea.

  22. I have been procrastinating and then I found out today we will be eating elsewhere.. I can hardly wait to see what you are going to use! I love this table.. it's so clever and just pretty. whatever did you do with that bedspread? xo marlis

  23. The tablecloth is PERFECT! Looks like bunny tails... Growing up I had a bedspread JUST LIKE THAT ONE! I didn't appreciate it then and I wish I had it now! Your table is so pretty. I am beginning to collect the lavender transferware. It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Your heirloom jewelry is a perfect touch of whimsy! I LOVE jeweled bugs!
    Have a Happy Easter,

  24. What BEAUTY here! So many good ideas I am taking from this....never thought of a chenille bedspread as a table cover. I absolutely LOVE it!
    Betty / southerngrace


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