Saturday, April 7, 2012

Children and Their Pet Rabbits ~ Antique Oil Paintings

Have you ever known a child to resist a bunny rabbit?  They're so adorable.   It seems that at some time we've all had as our own, or known someone who had, or bought for our children, a pet rabbit.  I remember surprising Michael, Ethan and Jonah (before our other three came along) with rabbits one year at Easter.  I determined that, for us, owning pet rabbits was a better thought than idea...but that's another story.   

Nonetheless, children and their pet rabbits have long time been a favorite subject of painters. Though I am more keen to having a painting of an animal than actually having an animal, I can't resist the charm and pure innocence in the paintings I'm sharing here.   I adore each of these beautiful works of arts, and I hope you do as well.

The Favourite Rabbit, by John Russell (1745-1806)

Feeding The Rabbits by German artist Heinrich Hirt (1841-1902)

Children Feeding Rabbits by Joseph Moseley Barber

Little Girl with Rabbit by Hermann Kaulbach 
I have this print in an ornate, gold leaf frame in my office.  

Feeding The Rabbits by French artist Emile Munier (1840-1895)

Children Feeding Rabbits-Feeding Time by English painter Harry Brooker (1848-1940)

Her Favorite by Frederick Beaumont, England circa late 1800's

The Pet Rabbits by Richard Buckner, ca 1874

Germany's Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910) painted the three paintings above entitled 'The Pet Rabbit' and the three "Feeding The Rabbits" paintings shown below.

The rabbit seller by Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen

Rabbit Fanciers by John Frederick Herring, Sr.  
Remember my post with the Spode Hunt Scene plates that some of his most noted artwork is featured on? You can see and read that post HERE

Portrait of a Young Girl Holding Her Pet Rabbit by English painter, Frank Holl

Most of us have seen this one many times.  I have a small canvas print of it myself.  It is titled Boy and Rabbit by Henry Raeburn Inglis, 1814

Children with a Rabbit by Proudhon Pierre Paul, circa 1804-14 is housed at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

Another painting most of us have seen is by Frederick Morgan entitled Feeding The Rabbits

Feeding The Rabbits by Robert Farrier 

Farm Interior-Breton Children Feeding Their Rabbits by William Lippincott (1849-1920)

Last is a painting that I thought too sweet not to include with the other children and rabbit oil paintings.
It is called Chinese Shadows, The Rabbit, circa 1895 by Ferdindand Puigaudeau

Most of these paintings are available in reproduction prints or oils so if you see one you like simply google the artist name and you're sure to find a company to produce it for you.

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I hope you all have a blessed and Happy Easter


  1. Oh I love all the picutes. Thank you for posting the artists names.
    Happy Easter to you,

  2. All the paintings are so adorable. I wasn't aware there were so many artists who painted children and rabbits. Perfect for Easter or ANY time. Thanks and have a wonderful Easter.

  3. I actually just found the Schlesinger prints this past week, Nancy. I printed a couple out for framing at home {just 5x7's}. I love all of these that you've shared. I did the bunny thing one year for my daughter; let's just say that idea never entered my head again!

  4. Nancy, I love these prints you are showing here. I have only ever seen a couple of them before. They are just gorgeous. I am giving my son and his wife a print by NA Noel (when their new baby boy is born). It looks just like m son did when he was little. I love children with rabbit prints- they are one of my favorites. Happy Easter weekend to you-xo Diana

  5. Oh these are such sweet prints. Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed and happy Easter!

  6. Nancy: Beautiful prints. I hadn't seen the one of the little girl in the field of bluebells and white rabbits. Very pretty..Happy Easter Day..Judy

  7. I had no idea there were so many beautiful paintings of children and rabbits! Each is more beautiful than the next.

    Happy Easter.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. I love those paintings. I have my grandmother's boy with rabbit print. It's one that I'm really fond of.

  9. Gorgeous paintings!! I would have a hard time picking just one! Happy Easter hope you day is special!
    Miss Bloomers

  10. Nancy, these images are so beautiful. Like you, it's difficult to resist a bunny. I had a white bunny when I was a child. Now it's just faux bunnies here. LOL
    Hope you and your sweet family have a beautiful Easter. ~ Sarah

  11. I fell in love with these paintings Nancy! Happy Easter darling! I think they are enchanting~I would love to do a whole collection of them on one wall.

  12. Happy Easter! I love the paintings you shared. My favorite has to be Little Girl with Rabbit. Makes me think of my niece when she was little. So sweet!

  13. I didn't realize there were so many paintings of children with rabbits. The colors are beautiful!!

  14. What beautiful paintings, Nancy! Thank you so much for posting them. I love Victorian images like that. We've had a copy of the Inglis in the house since my daughter was small. She always called the boy "Robin". And now her children know "Robin", too.

  15. I love all these wonderful paintings! Just a delight to see! So glad I found your blog, Just set myself up to follow it! Have a great Labor Day weekend! Thanks Chris :)

  16. Just purchased over 100yr old house..oil painting of boy and rabbit over mantel framed..looks old..Henry Raeburn inglis 1814 drawing..where's the original located..


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