Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Garage Sale-ing With Shawn

Extremely out of character, last week Shawn says to me, "We need to start going to garage sales while we're having this great weather".  


Completely still, my eyes shifted from one side to the other looking for someone to jump out and shout "You've been punked!".
  If a cat ever had my tongue, this was that moment.  I was dumbfounded, but after a long pause and no one telling me this was a joke,  I quickly sprang into verbal action.   "Oh, yes, I agree...let's go Friday, okay?", I say to him calmly, all the while thinking I've got this one chance to make him commit to garage sale-ing and it is NOW.  He brought it up after all.  "Don't act too excited Nancy... be cool. Act nonchalant", I was silently saying to myself.  Still in disbelief that I heard him actually suggest going to a garage sale and wondering if I was really having this conversation with him, he says "okay, let's go early right after getting the kids off to school".   
Wow, this would take time to soak in.

  Shawn is the type of person that doesn't like yard sales or thrift stores or 'junkin' as so many of us say.  I begged him to go with me a few months back and before we walked in to one store I warned him that, "sometimes this store has some junk but if you dig around you'll find something".  As soon as we entered the store, me leading the way, I could almost feel his breathing heavy sighs on my back as we made our way through the aisles.  I most assuredly heard them.   Though I didn't turn around to look at him, I knew his eyes were probably rolled to the back of his head.  I could just hear his thoughts..."What the he**?" while he wondered what I had dragged him into.  He made remarks like "this is all the crap left over from garage sales that no one wanted to buy".  I reminded him that I'd warned him before we went into the store what it might be like.  His response to me was, "you should have spent days warning me about this s***!"

I figured that would be the last of going 'junking' with Shawn so when he suggested going to garage sales last week it was a real shocker, let me tell you.  Nonetheless, I was very anxious for Friday morning to arrive and when it did, to my surprise again, he was up for it!  We enjoyed a cup of coffee together and then left early as planned to hit the sales before all the good stuff was gone.

I found out that Shawn had a motive for wanting to go garage sale-ing.  As you know, he loves to cook.  On the way out the door he says to me "I need to find an old, cast iron skillet".   Oh no, now I'm thinking this is going to be a total bust.  You don't just decide suddenly that you're going to go to a garage sale and that the one, very collectible, hard to find thing that you want is going to be there, under a spotlight, waiting for you to come and get it.   He needs a reality check.   This time I am the one doing the eye rolling and letting out a few heavy sighs.  I couldn't help but think about the iron skillet we had years ago that he trashed because he saw a tiny rust spot on it.  This was before he became the cook he is today.
Still,  there is no way I'm passing this opportunity up to go to some garage sales.  I can always find something I need want, and I did.

You might remember that I collect dog figurines.  Posts 1)HERE   2)HERE and 3)HERE
Well, I got all of these dog figurines for what I have paid for just one in the past.  There were lots of others, including some I already have.  I should have bought them all at such a good price and then put them in my Etsy shop.  Oh well. 

I have a pair of English Chippendale side tables (from our furniture importing days) with faux bamboo legs.  On each of the tables I display several of my dogs on antique transferware meat drainers.  You can see it with the holes in it.  These pieces were placed, or often fitted, onto larger serving platters and allowed excess juices to drain underneath the meat.  They've become increasingly hard to find.  
My new setter is perfectly at home with his new buddies here =)

Seeing this in the photo, I am not sure it will stay here, but for now some of the tiny dogs are displayed in a cupcake cloche, on a red transferware coaster. 

I had actually bought all of these tiny ones below for use in another project that I hope to share later, but I thought I'd try to work them into my current decor for now.

Over on the opposite table I've got another grouping of dogs on yet another meat strainer.  Two of my new additions are displayed over here now. 

As well, I found two antique rolling pins and a large pestle at another sale.  $5 for all three pieces.

I also found these Black Forest parts that came off of a Cuckoo Clock.    I knew immediately what they were and I couldn't believe it when the lady said she wanted 50 cents for the three pieces.  Deal.  I love Black Forest things and you know I have a liking for bird objects.  They have glass plus.   I think these will make great toppers over pictures or, maybe even a transferware plate!

As for Shawn and his skillet...well I'd done a quick skim over of the kitchen at one sale and saw a stack of pans.  I knew Shawn would take a look to so I scurried back to the room full of linens.  As we were leaving I said to him, "Did you look at those skillets"?   "What skillets?" he asks.  I guess the spotlight thing wasn't working.
I tell him that there is a big pile of skillets on the stove.  He goes back to have a look and what do his big brown eyes spy?  
The cast iron skillet he said he was going garage sale-ing for.   What beginners luck!
He paid $7 for it and it's in great condition.  Now he wants another skillet; a bigger one.
Guess what we're doing Friday morning? 
  I wonder if he can go two for two. 


  1. Hi Nancy! Thank-you for the darling, funny story about going to garage sales with your husband! Denise from

  2. Ha! What a fun post. I would have the same heart attack if my hubby suddenly wanted to go to sales. There is ALWAYS an ulterior motive, huh? Wouldn't you know the beginners luck! But you got some GREAT things. I will have to try this same trick and suggest "golf" items! Good luck Friday! Lori Lucas

  3. My hubby always makes sure he has a book, and he sits in the car. "Take your time," he hollars, as I head in!! ;)

  4. I loved the story, for a while, I couldn't get my husband in a thrift store to save my life, but he now loves yard sales. In fact, he is the one to get us out the door, sometimes way before the sale is supposed to start. We sometimes get turned away, but if the seller wants to sell, then they will let us poke around. What luck for your husband to get what he wanted the very first time! The dog figurines are to die for and I don't even collect.

  5. If he get's 2 for 2 there'll be no stopping him!
    Rose H

  6. You and Shawn had great luck at the sales, you must live in a great area for sales

    I love the little dog figurines

  7. How fun Nancy!! Sounds just like my husband! When he goes he will scour for things, digs under tables and in boxes and usually finds stuff for me! lol But he doesn't go often...I thing the bug may have gotten him now!

    I love your dogs and because of you, I buy them when I see them now them!

    Good luck Friday!

    Lou Cinda ;)

  8. Hi Nancy,
    I love darn cute! what a great find.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  9. You've obviously been blesses with a small vision of heaven...where our husbands always want to go thrifting with us. Congrats! Cherry Kay

  10. While the dogs are truly adorable, I was on the edge of my seat wondering about that skillet!!

  11. Nancy, Your little dog collection is so cute!! I have never seen those meat drainers before! Very interesting.

  12. Nancy, This post is so funny. I would have loved the look on your face when Shawn memtioned garage sales. Great scoop on the puppies. They are adorable. So glad you got great prices and the Black Forest pieces were a special find.
    Have a great evening, Ginger

  13. hah! Thats a cute story! You have a partner in crime the dogs too Nancy!

  14. This is such an entertaining post, Nancy. Yes, I hope he goes two for two. The dog figurines are charming.

  15. Nancy, I don't usually go around pointing fingers! Nope, that's not my style! Normally I'm easy to please, but since finding your blog I'm addicted to transferware. I find myself late at night looking on Ebay at all the hundreds of plates and teacups. My husband doesn't understand this obsession. There's no way to explain it, but you understand I'm sure. Yes, Nancy you understand!

    Love your blog and thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, how I understand Penne! It gets in your blood, this collecting thing! I'm glad you've discovered my blog and are sharing my love of transferware!
      Thank you for reading!


  16. LOL! I would be immediately suspicious, like a friend or someone at work told him what he found at a yard sale, so now he thinks its a great idea. That's the only way my husband would go. His thinking is, "why do you want this crap". He wouldn't even put his clothes in the Craig's List dresser I found, even after I cleaned it!

    Those dogs are adorable and I love those strainers. Never heard of them before, but they sure made them as pretty as any dinnerware. Well, I'm glad he found his skillet ~ definitely great luck on his part. Maybe you've got a yard sale partner now, Nancy! ; )

  17. Unbelievable, Nancy...not only that he would go but that he would find that skillet! Can you believe it???? I wouldn't want MyHero to go because he would be trying to hurry me up the whole time OR complaining about what I bought! LOL

    Good luck on Round 2! xo Diana

  18. Hi Nancy! Cute story about your hubby and his garage saleing! :) I love your little doggy collection and melted when I saw the little Boston Terrier. We had a little one for 15 years. She was like my child.
    Hope you have great luck on your next hunt.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Great story Nancy! Looks like it was a win win for you both, hope you have the same luck on friday! Love your little dog collection!

  20. Fabulous Finds Nancy and a delightful Story!!! Loved it.

  21. Funny Nancy. You got yourself a pack there and I'm glad that you pointed out the skillet that Shawn 'found'. Now,for sure, he'll want to go more..Happy Thursday..Judy

  22. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, Nancy. And thank goodness you found the skillet! I love the little Boston Terrier, and the "clock birds" are so pretty. They would look lovely attached to the tops of old picture frames. Have a lovely day.

  23. I would be just like you waiting for him to say, "I'm just kidding". Ha! That was good that he found what he was looking for though. Otherwise, he might not want to continue. Now he's thinking how fun it is! Love your dog figurine collection. You're right about them getting harder to find. Looks like you've got a nice collection though.

  24. Nancy, you had me laughing aloud with this cute post. I know exactly how you were feeling. These guys. We just have to love them.♥

  25. Oh that is so awesome that he went junkin' and found what he was looking for! That is the way to get someone hooked! LOL Maybe he will keep up the luck and you two can enjoy some time adventuring together for treasures! I hope you are having a wonderful week!

  26. Cute story! I figured he had something up his sleeve when he volunteered to go that he's scored, maybe he'll do it more often. LOL
    Your little doggies are adorable and I can't believe those meat strainers! Wow.

  27. Love, love, love your puppies, coveting the rolling pins, big score. Being southern, I learned to cook on iron skillets and still do. Someone was making sure your husband continues garage sailing with you :-)

  28. I love your miniture dog collection. I too have a collection. I see you have what has eluded me...a miniture schnauzer. I have two schnauzers so I have wanted a figurine. Maybe one day I will have the same luck you had this day and find one myself.

  29. I'm a new follow of your blog, I'm a fan of thrift stores. Feel free to follow me at


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