Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Ugly Non Easter Table and Miscellaneous Ramblings

Sometimes I have so much to write and so many thoughts and ideas flowing through my brain that I can't seem to get them out in an organized manner.  Currently I have 64...(I mean 76...I just looked) posts that I've started but not yet completed.  Shawn swears that I too have ADD but I don't think so, well most of the time I don't think so.  OCD?  Yes.  ADD? No, well maybe occasionally.  At least my test scores say I'm not ADD.  Did you know that you can take most psychological assesment tests online?  Haha I know, but it's true.  And most of them are the same ones your Dr. will have you take or fill out.   

This week has been a little more hectic than usual.  Michael and Ethan just moved into their own apartment.  I was glad and I was also sad.   I remember the first time Michael moved out.  I was fine with him moving out on his own...until he literally walked out the door to his place...and then the flood gates opened.  This time I didn't cry until the day after the boys left.  They don't know I cried though.  
They moved into the same complex they lived in before and that is good because it's less than a mile from us.

 Do you remember me posting about my living room? 
(the before pic is HERE)

  Well, from the living room we can see Michael's and Ethan's apartment complex from one of the windows.
  See that little building through the trees?  
Here's a better view zooming in a bit.
With my binoculars I can see in their window enough to know that the picture they just hung needs to be lowered by about 3".  Gosh, you'd think growing up around me they'd know better.  
Just kiddin' about the picture part.  
We all live in a hilly part of the city, probably at one of the highest elevations here in Tulsa.  Our house actually enters at one level and then is built into a hillside so you go downstairs to the bedrooms and then down a half flight of stairs to the master bedroom.  It's like a  2.5 story house.  From this view I'm on the main level where most of the living areas, my office and kitchen are.  My sister-n-law says when she's here that "it's like being up in a tree house".     

Anyway, two guys move out and then 
two moved in.  The next day, which was the day before Easter.  Lord, help me.

I think in my last post I mentioned that I'm more keen to having pictures of animals than actually having animals...well I wasn't kidding.   I admit, I'm not a big animal person.  I am NOT an animal hater or anything, I just prefer animals in like, say, um a 19th century oil painting.  
Yes, that's the kind of animal that suits me just fine.

  Our kids have begged us for a dog and this past weekend one of Kalyn's friends called saying she had two stray dogs that her parents wouldn't allow her to keep.  We said they could have one of them and agreed to keep both overnight, until the other went to a new home.  Well...that didn't happen.  The one on the left is in heat.  Thanks for the heads up on that.  We named the one of the right Graham.  They are both mild mannered dogs, so that's a plus...but is there anyone out there who wants the female?  Anyone?  Helloooo?  Youuuuu whooooo?  

I like these kinds of doggies:
or this kind:

Another thing that is happening this week is that Jonah is preparing for his high school graduation.  Today we picked up his cap and gown. 

He and Kalyn (my Junior) have prom this weekend.  I just took Jonah for his tuxedo rental yesterday.  That cost me $105 after applying the $40 off coupon.  What a racquet!  
Even though Jonah and Kalyn both have prom dates I guess it still has to be made official with the asking.  Jonah made a big PROM? poster and went to his dates work and embarrassed her in front of about 50 people in line waiting to be seated and held up the sign.  It had a place for her to check yes, or yes. Nice options.
Kalyn's boyfriend came over with her favorite drink from Starbucks and wrote PROM? around the cup.

Shawn made us Red Beans and Rice and called the boys (M & E) to see if they'd eaten.  Of course they had not. We took some over to them last night.  It is soooo good.  I've asked him to share the recipe soon.

Okay, now for my Easter table that was not to be.
These are the Royal Doulton plates I started to use.  

I hurriedly set a table last Thursday to post it to Tablescape Thursday.  My tablecloth needed ironing and after a little convincing by Shawn I decided that I could do this scape without ironing the cloth.   I convinced myself that the wrinkles were so evenly distributed it would look like it was meant to be that way.  huh?

 I continued to set the table and took lots of photos as I usually do.  Once I uploaded them and had a look at them I very soon came to this realization: Laziness doesn't pay, let me tell you.  It was like I was going to be doing an ad for the promotion of wrinkles.  Wrinkles on a face may be the sign of a well, long lived and wise life but on a tablecloth it just doesn't work.
 My table looked so bad that I decided it wasn't even worth posting.  So that's the story of my ugly, non Easter table.

How was your week?


  1. Nancy your post made me smile! I'm sure your table wasn't that ugly. Those dishes are gorgeous. Loved hearing and seeing your family and all the activities going on...prom week so fun! The red beans and rice look delicious! Wrinkled tablecloths drive me crazy too, but I try to remember..Martha ain't comin! :)
    Miss Bloomers

  2. Well Nancy,you just gave me a flash back of when My four daughters were your kid's ages.That was a while back now, looking back I realize how hectic life can feel with four children but it was fun having them all around Me.You mad Me laugh about seeing the boys apartment out your window-with binoculars!TEHE-cracks Me up.

  3. Nancy, don't be so hard on yourself! You have a LOT going on. I would be tearing BEFORE the two moved out, but I do love the real kind of canine and I have two (both female and both fixed). They give more love than we deserve. I'm sure you've heard the saying, be the person your dog thinks you are. I can't imagine life without them.

    So...blogging is fun, but family so much more important. We're college looking for my oldest and as much as I encourage it and have planned for it, I dread him being gone.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Fabulous! You, too, are human! I loved this post!!!

  5. So many wonderful memories in the making at your house!....Wrinkles?...So what! I've been known to 'iron' out wrinkles with the retouch tool in my photo editing actually works! How many of those amazing Royal Doulton plates do you have, and are they going into your store? Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  6. Wow, with all you had going on, how could you even think table? I think the pup in heat would have been the one thing that sent me over the edge!! You have a most lovely family. Puppies do better with companionship.. they keep themselves busy that way. It's so hard when the kids move out. so hard indeed.. but you have two proms to which to look forward.. enjoy the moment.. can't wait on the yummy looking recipe.. xo marlis

  7. It looks like a beautiful cloth and china set! For the dogs....try Facebook (or maybe Craigslist?) I have a friend that works at finding homes for dogs via Facebook.

  8. are sooooo normal!!! The dog in heat would have put me over the edge!!! My son is 32 and moved away long ago, I still tear up when I remember that day....ya just wanna reach out and grab that moment back. Am looking forward to that receipe!!! Had a pretty crappy day myself, but we need to hang in there!!! hugs...cleo

  9. Nancy, I'm impressed that you do all that you take on. Your plate is always FULL. I smiled as I read your comments about your boys and about animals. No children here, but we do have a new girl ~ a three year old Lhasa named Sadie. She has stolen our hearts. ;-)
    I understand about your table. Sorry you went to all the trouble to take the photos, etc. I know it was a beautiful table even with the wrinkles. ~ Sarah

  10. Lots going on over at your house, Nancy! It's like when it rains it pours ~ activity wise. I've got similar going on here with my son having just left from his visit before Easter and now this weekend I've got my sister-in-law coming to visit as a surprise for my husband's birthday. Then I'm sure we won't see anyone for a few months!

  11. Love reading this, made me think about when my kids moved out too. But they kept coming back, lol. I know yours will also, maybe to eat or for you to do their laundry. Love those plates and your living room looks very warm and cozy....Christine

  12. Nancy: Great post. The kids do grow up don't they. It's hard having them leave for the first time, but not to worry, they usually always come back once or twice! Who has time to iron tablecloths anyway, although since I started blogging, I do!!..Happy Thursday..Judy

  13. I bet your table was still lovely. Nice that you can see the boys place from your house. As for the know what I think about that. Ride out the heat...get her and him fixed and keep them both. Looks like they love each other and they will keep each other company. I will never have one dog again. They are much happier with a dog companion. I truly believe two is easier than one because they are happier and less destructive when they have each other. They chew on each other rather than your things. Good luck! I think they are adorable.

  14. Ah, how "real" life can get! I was shaking my head and laughing through your entire post. Dogs? I'm exactly where you are (or were!). Been there/done that/don't want to ever do it again! What we do for our children... Good luck, my friend!

  15. I loved your post. I feel the same way about kids moving out....and about dogs.....and I only ironed my tablecloth this year because I had a blog! ha!

  16. This was a fun post, Nancy! You may not have done a tablescape, but each little corner of your beautiful home held a few transferware treasures. I loved it! We all have lives, busy and even busier! I am glad you can take it as it comes. It's a good lesson for all of us.

  17. I dont know what I'll do when my girls move out. I guess its a blessing to have your boys so close. I'll bet your table looked pretty, how could it not with those pretty dishes. Good luck with your new family members. Thanks for stopping by, its great to meet another dish lover. I'm going to peruse your shop...that could be trouble for my pocketbook lol. I'm a new follower.

  18. Love this post! I am so delighted that I am not the only person with so many different things zooming around in my head! Good luck with the dogs - I love them, I just do not want to live with one right now! Hope your children have a great time at the prom!!

  19. I so understand about the tablesetting. I cannot believe how many pictures I take thinking it will be beautiful and then, no.
    Oh, you are going to fall in love with those dogs...and if the other is a male...she is probably already pregnant!! Oh just think, 3 or 4 little precious puppies to add to your family!!

  20. Sweet prom stories!
    I had the same kinda thing. Thought I'd use inherited china, which I happily washed & prepped. I had gotten the wrong size tablecloth...downhill from there. lol at least we can laugh about it.

  21. It sounds like you had a very hectic and emotional week, Nancy! Lots of changes in the house plus the Easter holiday looming. Never mind the wrinkled cloth. What matters is that your family was near, the dogs were well behaved, and the red beans and rice was delicious. Sounds like the trifecta for "happy" to me! (P.S. Have you see the t-shirt that says "They say I have A.D.D. but they just don't... Oh, look! A chicken!") Take care!

  22. Yes, I've seen, and almost bought, that very t shirt before! My son, Jonah...the poster child for ADHD wants one! haha! Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments!

  23. Hilarious post, Nancy. Love the shot of their building through the trees! ;) I'm not looking forward to the "move out" phase at all. Sometimes tablescapes just don't happen. That's ok too. Thanks for a great laugh tonight!

  24. You sound like you had a fun week. I know what you mean about dogs. Over the years we've had and several dogs which were a large part of our family, but now, I'm with you. I like them in antique oil paintings, or on needlepoint pillows.

  25. You are funny! Your potato salad looks good too!
    Glad the other dog found a home!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  26. You racked me up Nancy! Yeah, we've had several dogs in the past and since our pug Ben died almost 2 years ago we haven't replaced him, although we loved him so much, he was a wild puppy, young dog and old dog too, he was 13! Now everything is redone, reupholstered, exchanged, replaced, etc...I can't imagine a puppy doing awful things in my house anymore, so, I just have figurines and artwork like you! Your kids are so handsome and good luck to them and God bless them too.


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