Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nesting Instincts ~ Dressing My Hutch of Red Transferware for Spring

Being a female I sometimes experience that primal instinct to clean and prepare my 'nest' for things to come.   It reminds me of the six times I was a pregnant Mother to be experiencing the 'nesting' instinct.  I'm sure you Momma's out there know that feeling.   I remember having that uncontrollable urge to clean, and then clean and then clean some more.  Everything must be clean and in its place.  I still get that urge, quite often actually, but thank goodness it isn't accompanied by a baby in my belly.   
As Winter dissipates and I revel in the newness that Spring symbolizes I find myself ready to take on a deep, thorough house cleaning. 

Whoa horsey! On second thought, what I mean to say is that I am ready to take on a deep, thorough hutch cleaning.  I also realize that I'm a little late to my own party seeing as Spring officially sprang on March 20.
Oh well.  You get the idea.  I cleaned my hutch real nice like and added some Springy decor and now I'm going to show it to you.

Since red isn't exactly the Springiest color out there and I am so OCD that things absolutely must match or be unified in some way I had to  find a way to Spring-i-tize my hutch with the inclusion of my red transferware.

I first took everything down and cleaned it so that it was nice and sparkly again before putting it back in place.  I am going to do a post about cleaning transferware soon, so you will definitely want to watch for that. 

I decided to take down all the antique/vintage linens I'd placed on the hutch.  The only one I did use was what I believe is a pillow cover.  These were laid over pillows back in the day, just for looks.  I still do some stuff for looks.   I bought this on Etsy ( I think...) and it came from either Germany or Belgium.  Anyway,  it's lovely so I scrunched it up to one side allowing it hang over the front of the drawers.

A few weeks back I received in the mail the sweetest gift of four birds nests.  A reader had seen a comment I posted on another blog about my wanting a collection of nests.   I had only one nest which I've saved for a couple of years, all the time keeping it displayed under a cloche.   Liz was so very kind, and generous, to send these sweet nests to me.  Thank you Liz,  I am enjoying them thoroughly! 

These new nest additions were the inspiration for my Spring hutch. 

 I usually have my cloches on a tea cart but wanted to display  the nests here on the hutch, so I've moved many of them over here along with a bag of faux bird eggs that have been placed randomly in or around the nests, alongside other pieces, and on the upper shelves.

Looking down at the display of egg filled nests amongst some of my red transferware collection.

I love the nature inspired look here.  I think the nests, eggs, moss and branches would look amazing with brown transferware to....hmmm maybe that will be next.  Then maybe will probably be Fall before I gussy up one of my collections again.  You never know.  I never know.  Maybe it will be when the mood or  pressure to put out a killer blog post  I know you other bloggers do that to, so don't even try saying you don't do stuff just to blog it!

 I've been making so many topiaries for my shop with preserved reindeer moss.  I mixed in some moss covered balls, that Shawn and I made, along with English ivy here and there.  One of the moss balls fit perfectly over the opening of this Aesthetic Movement vase.

Over to the left is an old Copeland (Spode, ca. 1880) toothbrush holder.  I used to keep pens hidden in a floral bouquet in this on my desk (had to protect my pen stash from my family).  Here I added a little moss and a handful of branches.  I use these branches for the topiaries I make but I like this very natural, earthy look so much that I think I'll have to go on another branch seeking walk to gather some more of them.

I couldn't resist tucking some moss into a couple of the hanging cups...

...or fitting this tiny toy creamer with moss and another egg.

Below is a stack of Mason's Vista dishes with one of the nests Liz sent me.  In the nest is what's left of a real bird egg along with a glass bird that broke off the top of one of my cloche's.   =(

  I decided to mix some moss in and around the hutch so this jumbo or joke cup, as they are called,  was fixed with the nest over a pile of light green moss and a trio of speckled faux eggs.  

Don't you think the moss and nests look great together?

Over on the far right of the hutch is my little red transferware bunny sitting atop a pile of moss balls in a Vista bowl.  I think he's so coot! (cute)

Behind little bunny boy is my cloche with a figural bird on top.  This is like the one that broke and I can't find them now...well not for the $10 I paid anyway.  Under the cloche is an egg cup stuffed with moss and one of the faux eggs.  I've got a few of the egg cups displayed on my hutch this way.

A miniature trophy cup shaped vase holds twigs, more moss, a single egg and a piece of baby blue lace that I couldn't resist tucking around the moss.  

Absolutely a must for this arrangment was my sparrow ashtray could I leave this cute birdie out?

On top of the hutch are a couple of large, anchor pieces:  an Aesthetic Movement water pitcher (I have the wash basin on my kitchen table) and a piece that's new-ish to my collection; a water cooler / beverage dispenser in the Tonquin pattern.  To tie in and carry the theme I've placed some larger moss balls on one end and...

..added another cloche on the opposite end.  The antique champagne basket may be another post in itself.  I've collected a couple of these and they have the wooden labels on them...really neat pieces.  Originally they held and were used to transport a bottle or two of champagne.  The rooster painting is one my Mom did for me.   That's my old house in the background and the little chicks represent each of our six children.   You can read about it HERE.

A few more closeups for your viewing pleasure...haha

Here's my gigantic teapot that requires both hands to hold this thing...and that's when it's empty.  I wonder if anyone ever brewed a pot of tea this big!?!

If you want to see the hutch at Christmas time, click HERE.

Ok I realize you're probably sick of seeing this hutch now so I'm going to end with pictures of Kalyn and Jonah on prom night.
Here's KK with her beau / date, Steven,

and Ashton who loves her big sis. 
It's true, my kids seldom wear matching socks.

Here is Jonah aka JoJo on his way to pick up his date.  Ethan and Michael stopped by as I was finishing this post and Ethan commented on Jonah's pic saying,  "he's looking fly".  I didn't ask what it meant but by the inflection in his voice I could tell that it was a compliment.

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  1. Looks really pretty and so springy with the birds and nests!

  2. Nancy you have such a beautiful colleciton of red transferware. I like the added nests and eggs. It looks wonderful!

  3. Nancy: You have such a wonderful collection. I don't think I've ever seen so much transferware in one place before. Your hutch looks beautiful and I can tell it was a labor of love. Speaking of: How great, handsome and beautiful the kids look for Prom. What a time I remember that being. I think I had as much fun as they did..Happy Sunday..Judy

  4. Your hutch with the red transfer ware, bunnies, nests and eggs looks absolutely perfect for spring. I love it! Isn't it nice when people share....I love reading stories like yours!

  5. That first photo of your transfer-ware and I 'gasped'. What an amazing collection. I just want to come over and play with it. I think it would be a lot of fun spring-cleaning your beautiful hutch. Hugs, Deb

  6. Nancy your hutch looks beautiful, I love how you added the moss, eggs, and birds in all the little nooks! So many beautiful pieces I even spied 2 that I just purchased from you:) Your kids look amazing! Hope they had a wonderful night!

  7. Nancy, thanks for sharing all the springy details of your hutch dressed for spring. All the bird nests and little birds as accents are a nice touch. Wonderful pieces in your collection. I'm amazed at all the different beautiful forms.
    Fun to see your happy family too. ~ Sarah

  8. The kids look wonderful all dressed up! I wish the urge to clean would hit me, my house need a good cleaning. Love the little birdie ashtray. You have such a beautiful collection of transferware. Laura

  9. Just beautiful as always, Nancy! the moss and eggs really bring it into Spring! Love seeing your kiddos, the girls are adorable!

  10. Nancy I love your red transfer ware. That hutch is gorgeous all decked out in its red china. I have a small set of dinnerware transfer in red. But your pieces are gorgeous~

  11. Nancy I LOVE your hutch and all the wonderful things you did to it from the transferware to the birdsnests. Everything. But I am now coveting that pillow cover you used. Nancy that is drop dead gorgeous and you displayed it so beautifully with all your lovely things.

    The prom picture is adorable. Your daughter is stunning. And her guy friend is just the cutest. They looked like they had a terrific time.

  12. I love the hutch outfitted for spring! A simply gorgeous and enviable collection of red transferware! Good-looking kids, too!

  13. Hello Nancy,
    LOVE your red transferware filled hutch! The birds nests and eggs add such a whimsical touch and oh, I am swooning here! You have so many delightful pieces! Nice to see pictures of your family too. Thanks for sharing and have a super day.


  14. The hutch looks beautiful, Nancy! All the little bits and balls of moss and the adorable nests and eggs add the perfect touch of Spring. And it all look lovely with your transferware. I particularly like the bird and eggs in what I think must be a candle holder? Oh, and all those teapots.... hard to decide which one I love more! And what a beautiful gift that rooster picture is, so personal and so beautifully rendered. Your mother is very talented!

  15. Great job!! love the cracked shell & birdie.

  16. With red being my fav color, your hutch is just stunning. Also collect bird's nests with a special hummingbird one that my Dad found in his woods. Under a cloche with the nest are two deceased hummingbirds. I use the cabbage leaf plates for the nests, eggs and even a dragonfly. Nature is truly the great artist.

  17. With red being my fav, your hutch is just stunning. Also collect nests with a special hummingbird one found by my Dad in his woods. Blown to the ground after a storm. Mine are kept on cabbage plates under cloches with an assortment of eggs, two deceased hummingbirds and a colorful dragonfly. Nature is truly the best artist.

  18. You are like me with the nests and eggs, Nancy! I love the look so much, I have them all over and I leave them up all year. Especially with having a set of egg prints that I just love to see everyday. I'd love to see a set up with your brown transferware, but maybe Fall would be better for the darker color.

  19. Nancy-You have the most beautiful collection of transferware. And the way you display it is just gorgeous. I have been picking up a piece here and there and trying not to get addicted to it!;>) Your "kids" are gorgeous, too. It is so fun to see them all dressed up..AND to see the unmatched funny is THAT!?! xo Diana

  20. Nancy, Your red transferware and hutch are beautiful in any season though I do love all the Spring touches. xo, Sherry

  21. I always enjoy seeing what you're "ware-ing" Nancy. The massing of the dishes is so effective and I adore that red color. I'm sure the Victorians also would love the little nests and eggs. Happy spring. Jane

  22. Love the prom pictures. Beautiful children!

  23. I want to start a collection of red transferware. Yours is truly impressive. I love how you've added the touches of spring through the bird nests and moss.

  24. Hi Nancy
    I love your 'Spring' hutch! All of the natural elements tucked into the transferware just makes me happy!
    Your kideos are gorgeous - I couldn't believe that handsome Jo Jo had his bottom lip pierced, but when I scrolled the screen, I saw it was a little spot on my computer!!! : )
    And I, too, have a daughter that hardly ever wears matching socks!! Rhonda

  25. I love your hutch full of red transferware in any season!!! How pretty with the nests and eggs tucked in here and there with green moss as an accent! Really brings spring indoors!!! Gorgeous!! Your kids are beautiful!

  26. I love this post! I collect a little red transfer ware, too, and have blogged about it, but you have some of the most wonderful, unusual pieces I have ever seen, and a great eye for display. Not to mention- some beautiful daughters!
    Thanks for posting. Visiting from Wow Us Wednesdays, and your newest follower!

  27. Incredible collection you have there. WOW is all I can say. Loved it all.

  28. Hi Nancy! First of all your children are beautiful and look so happy and sweet!
    I never tire of seeing your gorgeous hutch and all of your wonderful transferware. I think you did an awesome job Springy it up. The little bird's nest are so cute and how sweet of your blogging friend to send them to you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Hi Nancy,
    welcome to my blog. Thank you for leaving such a nice comment. I enjoyed your spring decoration of your hutch and also all your topiaries. Hot glue can be so painful. I have a low-temp one, that seems to be a little better.
    I think I have never seen such a large collection of beautiful transferware!
    The little "tablecloth" looks alot like my big tablecloth from Germany. It looks wonderful in your arrangement.
    I am joining your blog, and will visit often.
    Wishing you a wonderful spring,

  30. Amazing collection of transferware :)
    ... love the little nests too!

    Greetings from Australia♥

  31. Oh my!! That is beautiful! Now you make me want to tear mine apart tonight and redo...
    You have so many lovely pieces and I still don't have a pay-pal account :^(..
    maybe I had better work on that.
    Thanks for posting,


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