Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Pinteresting Love Affair with a Living Room

I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but it's taken me a couple of months to figure out how to install the Pin It button to my toolbar, and if I'm really honest then I should tell you that I didn't figure it out at all.  Shawn figured it out and then taught me in slow mode so I'd catch on.  And I have, boy have I.   For someone who earns her living online and writes a blog, you'd think I'd be a wee bit more tech savvy.  I am SO dependent on Shawn for computer stuff.  Thank you Shawn for the Pin It button.  

Pinterest.  Talk about something you can go wild doing and that is pinning.  I've pinned quite a bit since learning how to utilize my new obsession and last night when I came across this room I was so, So, SO happy to find it online.  I have the Traditional Home issue this was featured in some years back and  I have saved it ever since because it is one of my favorite rooms.  I will pull it out at night, in bed, and just stare....stare...stare.  

I love every detail of this room.   It's so English Country Cottagey! There's only one thing I'd add and you all know what that is.  Aren't the deer cute?  I have found myself looking for some of those online.  We have two great big wall shelves in our tv/family room and they'd be perfect up there.   I love antique Bamboo and definitely want to find some tortoise Bamboo chairs like the ones shown in the room.    I've looked on Craigs List for a year now.  
Enough rambling about stuff I want.  I don't need any of it.  

I was planning to show some pictures of my living room today but the area I tried to photograph is against a window and I just can't get the lighting right.  Some of it is my camera but I think a lot of it is my lack of photography skills.  I mean really, it can't get much worse than this now, can it?

I have a row of red transferware pieces above the drapes and that's what I'd intended to share.  I got one photo but the rest is a blurry blob so I cropped it out.  These pieces are all unique shapes, crescent salad plates, bone dishes, gravy under-plates, relish tray and Lazy Susan inserts.  The space above my drapes is about 12" so I had room for a narrow row of items but wanted to keep them small enough to allow the wall to breathe, if you will...just a little.  I do like to suffocate them to some degree =)
On either end, standing on the pole brackets are lamps with no wiring.  I have a fondness for these and have about 8 or 9 in my collection.  They are great to display on shelves because they look like urns or vases.  
Hopefully I'll have good pics for you all someday!

Thought I'd show you all where the big dog is that I bought a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale with Shawn.
His new home is here next to a Spaniel planter filled with roses.  Aren't they cute together?  

By the way, we did go to some sales last Friday and guess what?   Shawn is two for two! Shawn came home with another cast iron skillet.  Now, there is a little catch.  We met his parents for lunch and his Mom showed up with one that had been her Mom's!  She read my blog post and brought it to him.  Isn't that sweet?  It came complete with a domed lid to so of course Shawn was thrilled.  He's already cooked in it several times.

I hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather and that you all have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. The plates look wonderful above the drapes, such great shapes and of course you do have the most fabulous transferware in all the world. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your dog. Fabulous find and lovely display. Hugs, Marty

  2. Ooooo I agree!Wonderful room.Very warm,I love English country too.

  3. Could you please send Shawn over here? I don't know how to pin anything either. Oh, that room is stunning.

  4. I can't tell you how many people I know can not get that pin button installed!!! It is not as easy as it should be. Love the doggie planters and your dream room. Laura

  5. In love with the dog specially!! Got to get one like it for my dog collection! Fabulous room and I agree with talemted and handy Shawn is, as it is difficult to install a button, even my hubby says so, who's one talented guy! Enjoy the weekend Nancy,

  6. Nancy, your dream room is dreamy! I love the look too. Also love those little doggies. What great finds! Have a great weekend and have fun pinning. ~ Sarah

  7. WOW now that's a room filled with beautiful inspiration! I do the same thing as you Nancy. I bring my favorite magazines up to bed with me and just stare and stare. The hubby knows when I do that there will be some rearranging going on in the morning:)

  8. Very elegant!

    My Pink, have a great weekend!

  9. I still do not know how to put a pin it button under my posts LOL.Oh well at least I finally figured out the side bar button as you did.No worries I am learning all this computer stuff as I go.Great garage sale finds I need to get out and do more of those sales.Have a great weekend.

  10. This is an amazing room! I really love the ottoman!
    Have a pretty day!

  11. HPS!

    This is such a wonderful space!


  12. Well, not only do I love that room-I have it saved in one of my old "inspiration notebooks". I'm impressed with skillets- I am even MORE impressed that Shawn cooks! xoDiana

  13. I love all the touches of pink!

    Happy pink Saturday, Happy Derby Day and ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

    Please stop by and enter my celebrate spring/moms giveaway.

  14. Hey that is one room that I ripped out of a magazine years ago...I called it Ralph Lauren meets the Hunters....I just love the mix...its girly and masculine and oh so great!!

  15. Gorgeous!! I am moving toward this style more all the time!

  16. Hi Nancy! Yay, about Pinterest! I love that room too. Sometimes it's just so hard to get the right light! I have this same problem sometimes! I hate it! Well, I know it's a gorgeous area because everything you do is gorgeous! Love your little doggies too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Love the red transferware above the window.

    - The Tablescaper

  18. Hi Nancy: (wish I had a smiley face to put here)...Guess you had to be there!! I love that room from the magazine but, you're right, needs some transferware. I sit in bed at night too and stare at pictures I've seen for years. Magazine goes back under the bed in morning or the bed would fall down, right? It's hard to take pictures when the sun is behind the subject. I don't even try anymore..Happy Weekend..Judy

  19. Love that english room Nancy. I'd feel mighty comfy in there. Also in my last post(A
    Cinco de Mayo Celebration) I gave my recipe for cast iron skillet chili cheese corn bread. Its a winner....and so delicious. I love all my cast iron and have been using my dutch oven since I got married. And my mom always cooked all our pot roasts etc. in one so it was an absolute must have when I got married. So glad you now have two and with a lid. Perfect.

    Hope you saw my comment about the Tuesday Morning napkins. They are beautiful. I am so excited and grateful to find them. Appreciate your kindness in trying to help me out.


  20. Nancy, that room you admire is so lovely..I can just see your beautiful transferware in it! Your plates above the living room curtains look wonderful!! Gorgeous! Love that Shawn got two iron skillets...they are the best aren't they...wish I had one from my Grandma. We worked in the yard all day and are exhausted! The weather has been wonderful!
    Miss Bloomers

  21. Hello Nancy,

    What a pleasure to pop in and view your inspiration photo, love the cozy factor!
    And I especially like seeing all your amazing pieces of red transfer ware.
    What a lovely collection!
    Thank you for sharing,

  22. Nancy, I am your long-lost twin in Pinterest slowness. I did figure out how to add the button myself eventually, but it was an excruciatingly slow process. I love the picture you pinned. Hope you find some bamboo chairs soon. Your transferware above the curtains is a wonderful touch.

  23. Nancy, just in case you don't know the entire layout of that house with the living room you love is in a wonderful coffee table type dec. book called GREAT TRADITIONAL STYLE, by Meredith publishing. Your living room is on pg. 271. It is a fun book full of terrific rooms. I got mine on Amazon second hand books for a song!!!

    When you do your room please leave out the deer antlers..................I just don't get antlers and see them so often in country French especially.......all I can see are the beautiful creatures that had to die for those "decorative antlers" will love this book!!!

    As if you need any more inspiration, I think you got more than your share, love your stuff!!!

    1. I'd love to see more of this house, so thank you for the heads up on the book. Will check that out. In the magazine issue you can see more of the room as well. It's so pretty!
      Thank you!!!

  24. I am not sure that I understand Pinterest, even though I joined! I love that room, though. Thanks for sharing!


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