Thursday, May 17, 2012

Should I Have Rather Been A Poem?

Should I have rather been a poem,
Whose language does flow so sweet
Or, whose words did touch a soul so deep?

Should I have rather been a poem,
Whose birth did make is writer cry,
Or, whose sorrow did make another sigh?

Should I have rather been a poem
Whose humor makes one laugh like a clown,
Or, whose anger turns a smile upside down?

Should I have rather been a poem,
Whose anguish brings tears to a readers eyes
Or, whose message held in it a hidden surprise?

Should I have rather been a poem,
Whose pain can make else's drift away,
Or whose journey seeks refuge in another day?

Should I have rather been a poem
Whose suggestive power forces a spirit to move,
Or, whose diction will heal and soothe?

Should I have rather been a poem-
A poem who has not one of these to call its own?
I shall not rather be a poem,
For its beauty, to me, would never be known.

 ©2000 Nancy M Roberts

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  1. Nancy, thank you for sharing another of your poems. I always enjoy reading your poetry and admire your talent. ~ Sarah

  2. Nancy- Thanks for the poem! It is fun to read it- xo Diana

  3. Beautiful Nancy! I loved every word. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  4. I love your poems and prayers too....this one is beautiful....thank you...Cleo

  5. As always, your poetry moves me. You should publish.

  6. Thank you for sharing this lovely verse, Nancy. It really made me think. And what I think is that you ARE a poem! (Your lovely words here is proof of this...) In fact I think we are all poems in our own way. We can do all those things as humans: soothe with touching words, change anger to smiles, brighten a day, ease a hurt. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Great post,I really like your article

  8. Hi lovely lady.
    Thanks for the poem you are so good at this so much fun to read it!! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday with you family.
    XXOO Diane


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