Thursday, May 3, 2012

Under My Umbrella Tablescape

Do you remember loving to play with umbrellas when you were little?  I do.  I also remember how my kids would play with them to.  They'd gather up every umbrella in the house and take them  outside, twirling around in the yard, making forts with them (yes, my boys made umbrella forts) and usually ruining them at the same time.  But it's not ruined umbrellas I remember the most.  It's what fun they had playing with them.  When I came across this statue I thought it would be the cutest centerpiece for a Spring table.

~Under My Umbrella~

The table is set with vintage plates and linens, and vintage inspired items.
The tablecloth is an antique heirloom that belonged to Shawn's Great-Great Grandma.  Shawn's Mom, my Mother in law gave this to us last September when she and my sister-n-law threw us a surprise party for our 25th anniversary.   It is in pristine condition and is so beautiful.

Around the base of the centerpiece I wrapped this garland which has a nice blend of greens, some dark and some bright.  

I added a small floral wreath that has sheer organza roses in the same muted pink color of the statue.

I wound up pulling the large flowers out of the wreath (they easily pop right back in as most silk flowers do) and placed them further out and into the garland along with some chippy iron napkin rings with birds. I stood them up so that the rings were concealed in the greenery and only the birds themselves showed.

I have no idea what these things are but in this case they are chargers.  They look a little like hanging baskets (without hanging hardware) that you'd line with moss but they are shallow.  I found four of them and the color was absolutely a perfect match to the little girl statue I'd selected, plus I love the chippy paint job!

I stacked creamware plates: first a set by Masons called Oak Vista.  This is the Vista pattern but rather than a transfer printed border they have an embossed/relief style border of oak leaves.  The next plates are by Crown Ducal with a similar border of fruit and roses.  I love plates like this.  They are so versatile.  I have one similar set available that I'd purchased for another client but she went a whole other direction at the last minute so if anyone is interested in having some of these let me know.

For the top plates I used these small side plates by Copeland Spode.  I love this pattern of roses on a creamy bodied plate (Royal Jasmine).  You can see more of this pattern HERE

These brown transferware plates are available HERE

Pretty etched glasses effortlessly blend into the muted colors of the setting.

Hampton's San Remo Ivory colored flatware is perfect with the old fashioned and elegant silver detail.  I've placed it on silverware pockets trimmed in lace and hand stamped with a muted brown colored bird.

Isn't she too cute?  

Under my umbrella
I like to feel the drops
Of rain – its happy tapping
Of pitter-patter plops

Under my umbrella
I like to feel a dash
Of water as it hits the ground
And rises with a splash

Under my umbrella
I like to stay all dry
And enjoy the rainy weather
As it falls down from the sky


  1. Nancy-What a gorgeous, gorgeous table setting. Love the little statue with the umbrella and the plates...absolutely perfect for a Spring day! xo Diana

  2. Kathy: That is a beautiful tablescape. The little umbrella girl is perfect and I love those ? chargers..Happy Thursday..Judy

  3. Nancy, this is such a charming table. Your heirloom tablecloth is fabulous. The little statue is perfect as a centerpiece and the chippy chargers are a fabulous compliment for both the little girl under the umbrella and the beautiful stack of plates. I have to say the embossed design really does appeal to me. I'd love more information of the set you have for sale. I'm heading over to you shop as soon as I hit publish. ;-)

  4. Just beautiful, Nancy! Love the statue as your centerpiece, but those iron pieces you are using as chargers are genius and look fantastic. The dishes are, as always, gorgeous!

  5. Hi Nancy,

    Your tablescape is adorable and fun!


  6. Really pretty, Nancy. Great idea for the centerpiece.

  7. I love your little girl with umbrella! The tablecloth is gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish!

  8. You made a simply sweet setting for that darling girl statue!!! The tablecloth is spectacular.....would love to see it over a colored cloth on your large table!!! And did you write that sweet poem??? Now, I know you did!!! hugs...cleo

  9. Pretty tablescape :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  10. Nancy - your umbrella girl is simply adorable and those chargers/hanging baskets (?) are wonderful and your use of them is so creative! Love the tablecloth - what a treasure!!

  11. Lovely tablescape and the umbrella girl is great. I've never seen anything like her. Your tablecloth is really beautiful too.

  12. Nancy, what a beautiful tablescape!!! Everything looks amazing!
    I am so glad I found your blog. I am your new follower!

  13. Okay, this is just too cute! love the chargers you are using in the table scape...such a darling idea! Thanks for linking up over here to the Cottage Garden Party. xoox, tracie

  14. Nancy, this table is gorgeous! I love the chargers, the umbrella girl is so sweet and the die for!

  15. An absolutely stunning. The girl w/ her umbrella and the whatever it is "chargers" are TDF. I been saying TDF several times now. But post ia absolutely one TDF.

    Happy TS, Nancy.

  16. Opps... why I am Anonymous in your site?

    If you wonder, here is my site ad and I am sure, you recognize me, thanks.

  17. I love the plate chargers , so great to find 4 of them, and great granny's crochet table cloth is wonderful, I swear I have one same pattern my grandma crochet

    was you up a ladder or hanging in the tree to get the above picture ? LOL

  18. Your little umbrella girl is adorable, Nancy! (And the iron chargers are perfect on your spring table.) What a lovely setting... you made it look so lovely. On rainy or snowy days my mother would set up an umbrella on the parlor floor with a blanket so I could pretend I was at the beach. I would have my books, a doll and she'd let me eat my lunch there. Talk about bliss! Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Oh what a wonderful gift from your mother-in-law...heirlooms are so nice to have...that lace tablecloth looks gorgeous as the setting for your little umbrella girl. When I was small I had an umbrella purse..still remember was all lace and had a drawstring that closed it. Wish I had it now!!! Love those chargers...or whatever they once were!!! Gorgeous and so unusual! Great find and beautiful table!
    Miss Bloomers

  20. Undeniably cool, Nancy! I love the way you utilized the hanging pot thingys! Very cool!!! I remember building forts out of umbrellas. My Dad was a golfer, so he always had a ton of those huge golf umbrellas around. We would always get in trouble for messing them up, but it was worth it! It was a lot of fun!!!!!!! Very pretty table! Have a happy weekend!

  21. What a sweet table-scape. The brown transferware is so beautiful especially with those white pieces. Oh, just gorgeous. Deb

  22. Love the under the umbrella garden party. Great chargers, and use of transfer ware. My mother-in-law gifted me with a large set of of red transfer ware that I've loved for many years. I think it will have to come out on Mother's Day! Thanks for inspiring me! ~CJ

  23. Your table is full of sweetness and I am really jealous for that! Wish we had the same beautiful garden as what u have here! The ambiance is very refreshing and so relaxing!

    Pintuck Tablecloths

  24. Another lovely tablescape, Nancy. And your little statue IS the crowning glory of the setting. ;)

    Thanks for joining Time Travel Thursday again.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  25. So beautiful! I love the chargers.


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