Thursday, August 2, 2012

Royal Staffordshire Waterfall Tablescape

I seldom come across this pattern and when I do it is usually a piece here or there so when I found a 12 piece place setting for four I decided I'd use it in a tablescape.

The pattern is Waterfall (also called Peaceful Summer) by Royal Staffordshire.  Each piece has a slightly different scene consisting of beautiful waterfalls and most with the ruins of an English Abbey in the background.  

6" side / bread plate
The scenes are so serene, so tranquil.  I'd love to be near these places in person.  Such beautiful scenery.

I just love the way the florals and scrolls are intertwined and seem to blend into and become part of the scene along the bottom of each plate.  

I mixed real Angel Ivy with white silk roses, English ivy and a grapevine birds nest and topped it all with a wire cloche as the centerpiece.  

Sheer, windowpane checked napkins were placed at angles to hang over the table,  in lieu of placemats.

The frosted, etched goblets are reminiscent of the borders around the plates.

Royal Staffordshire Blue Transferware in my Etsy shop HERE or email me (I have a service for four).  

Each piece depicts a different waterfall and/or English Abbey ruins scene
Flatware:  Hampton salad forks and Napolean Bee...the bread butter knives are Mother of Pearl handles and sterling blades...antiques.
Napkins:  Tuesday Morning
Goblets / Glasses:  Hobby Lobby about 2 years ago
 Napkin Rings: Too long ago for this mind to remember!
Wire Cloche used as Centerpiece:  Stein Mart
I don't know about you all, but I am so ready to say, "so long Summer".    It was 112° in Tulsa yesterday and it hit 114° in two smaller towns here in Oklahoma.  I think those were the highest temps recorded in the country.   It's plain miserable.  I am longing for the crisp and cool Autumn weather.  


Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday
Ivy and Elephants for What's It Wednesday


  1. These Royal Staffordshire dishes are to die for, sweet Nancy and the table you set with them too! You have the most stunning transferware, ever! We found out how much a set for eight place settings, plus serving pieces and tea set would cost us to bring it here and they told us that probably 1 1/2 times MORE THE PRICE of the actual china set, bought in the USA! I was lucky the antique shop brought some here in the red, which is what I wanted and they also promised to bring me the dinner set as well. Thanks you for sharing, I will forever be drooling over your wonderful transferware stock..lucky the ones that can acquire them from you!

  2. Nancy, I have never seen that pattern. It is just gorgeous, and as always you set such an elegant and proper table. Just beautiful!!

  3. My weakness is dishes. I own over 13 sets , and about 7 sets of glassware and crystal. Sigh, as I said a weakness. My 2 favourite sets are both brown English transferware. Cotswold Stroke on Trent and Heritage Hall. Both Johnson Bros. Have them out now... nothing like a nice cuppa in a special piece....
    Now you have me drooling over the Waterfall set. Beautiful.. just beautiful.

  4. Loved knowing something about the name of the plates you used. I have one just like it that I use in a collection of transferware that I have hanging in my kitchen. I haven't taken the time to learn the name etc. Your tablescape is pretty so eye catching with the place mats on the diagonal. I like that effect. Your napkins are so pretty and those napkins rings very striking. Almost forgot how lovely your crystal stems are. Very unique. Love your wire cloche also!

    Gracious, didn't know it was so hot in Tulsa. My daughter and family have been there this week visiting her in laws. They were at a lake nearby. Hope you get a break from those temps.

  5. Gorgeous transferware, Nancy! What a pretty table it makes. I adore transferware, especially red, but it is almost impossible to find here where I live. Wish I lived closer to where you are. Thanks for sharing and have a splendid weekend.


  6. While it may be scorching hot in Tulsa, your tablescape looks cool and refreshing. The lightness and peacefulness just draws me in. Love the etches glasses with the setting. Beautiful table.

  7. Nancy, That is just a beautiful set. Very pretty! I don't know that pattern at all but I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat, too. You set a wonderful table there- xo Diana

  8. What a pretty set of dishes, blue andvwhite is so refreshing. Love all transfer ware. Thank you for sharing

  9. Gorgeous...first time that I've seen them. Supposed to be in the low 100's next week....we'll need sweaters! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  10. What luck to find such a complete set for four. These are gorgeous. I agree, just looking at these takes me to a calm place. Beautiful borders! Love the MOP knives. I have a few with those same handles. ;-)
    I recently found one of the Candy Treat crocks in brown transfer ware. it's the perfect companion to the brown juice pitcher. Now I'm searching for one of the brown tea crocks. ;-) Let me know if you find another.......Sarah

  11. Beautiful pattern, Nancy! I love the scallop to the dishes, too. I don't think I've seen a pattern that you've shown us that I haven't liked!

  12. Your china is beautiful. I love blue and white transferware.

  13. Wow, just love the blue transferware. So beautiful on your table.

  14. 112?!??! 114?!?!?!! I should probably stop bellyaching about our pitiful little 107! Goodness! That's just crazy!!! What is going on with this weather?!?!!! I'm with you, Nancy....bring on Fall!!! I'll gladly get out there and rake a few leaves in exchange for some cooler temps! People are losing their minds, too! I've noticed a lot more violent crime being reported on the news. Makes me just want to stay home with the shades pulled!!! This waterfall pattern has to make you feel at least a little bit cooler, doesn't it? It's really pretty. I've never seen it before. It's very calming. I think I could sleep VERY comfortably to the sound of a waterfall! Wonderful job with the centerpiece, too! Have a cooler weekend!!

  15. Beautiful dishes and the placemats too!

  16. URGH...I'm with you on good bye summer!!!!!!
    The table is lovely, I could almost be swayed from my red and white......:^)
    Hope all is going well for all of you,

  17. The dishes and table setting is so beautiful, Nancy! Thank you for sharing this lovely post at Potpourri Friday!

  18. That's just so lovely, Nancy! Everything on the table says "SUMMER" to me. And what a beautiful shade of blue. I've never seen that pattern before but it's very serene.


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