Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Easing Into Fall ~ Tablescape Reprise


 I've heard that people favor the time of year they were born and if that's the case, then it makes perfect sense that Fall should be my favorite season.  It is.

I posted this table last year and am working on a similar table now...but alas, I did not finish as I've been working on something else,  something that I'm so anxious to share because it's pretty big, but I have to get thumbs up from someone else first.   Hopefully very soon I can share this exciting news with you!  So, for now, let's get back to the table.  I think this table hints at the season to come, and would have been really cute set outside or even better yet, inside a barn, or even better in an apple orchard!  You can read my depressing apple poem at the end of this post.  I wrote it in my mind while on a tractor with, I think, Kalyn's kindergarten class to a local apple orchard....a long time ago.  

A big strip of burlap fabric makes a super simple and rustic long runner for the table.  It sets the whole mood of 'casual'.  I have set many tables with cloths that don't fully cover the table and leave some of the wood exposed.  I love this look. My table is worn and rugged but it did not start out that way.  I still run across this very table in magazines but it still looks brand new there.  I like that we've worn this baby in.  It looks like an antique now because it's been weathered naturally ( if you call a family of eight natural). 

Inexpensive dish towels were used in place of chargers or placemats.  They are tri-folded lengthwise and allowed to hang over the edge of the table. They help define each space.  I bought these at Tuesday Morning for only a few dollars per pack of six.  I now wish I'd purchased some of the other colors they had at the time; blue, green, and black.

I crumbled up a little Raffia at each place setting as I think it conjures up the image of hay, and I love the added texture.  This is easily removed before dinner as it may prove to be a little cumbersome to eat around (that's what Ashton thinks).

I began setting the table with these Royal Doulton plates...
 ...such a pretty pattern...
...with the sweetest little butterfly trying to hide amongst the fruits and flowers...
...and then I got to the last place setting only to realize I had seven plates, not eight.
Improv time.
Take away three of the Royal Doulton plates and bring in four of these Ridgway plates for a mixed table setting.  I like mixing it up anyway.
 Aren't these pretty?  I have one of each of the plates in my every day set of mix-n-match red transferware plates.  The rest of them are for sale in my Etsy shop, English Transferware.

This one has a pretty border as well.

I chose to use my faux bamboo flatware (Horchow)

 and old fashioned, mock bubble glasses (Walmart).

Believe it or not I couldn't find one of my napkins either.  I mixed them up and then wound up finding the missing you might notice this in some of the photos.  What's uniform is that I tied a few strands of hemp around each napkin instead of using napkin rings.  I love this stuff.  I've found so many uses for this as of late, including my demijohn project.

I've wanted to use these grapevine spheres as a centerpiece for a while now and this seemed a perfect match.  I scrunched up a gingham tablecloth, laid a leafy, fruity garland on top and then wedged the forms into the greenery so they would be stable and not roll around.  To further evoke the feeling of Fall, I placed a few apples here and there.  Simple centerpiece!  The grapevine balls  are from Hobby Lobby, and if I remember correctly, they are only $2-3 (when you buy them half off).  

Shawn remarked a couple of times about how much he liked this tablesetting.  I hope you all like it too!

An Apple Unpicked

I took ride upon the tractor,
Bushel at my breast
Through fields of amber,
Past the birds empty nest.

On through leaves of crimson,
I arrived to look down the lane
Where apples should be upon the trees-
But already had been slain

I could see no fruit was there,
Not one apple in the trees
I just stood...still, and quiet,
And listened to the buzzing bees

Never did I pluck from the tree
A singe fruit, round and red-
Only off the ground I lifted
An apple bruised and fallen dead.

Never I got what I thought,
To pick my apple from the tree-
To taste a bite, deliciously ripe-
The experience was not meant for me.

Nancy M Roberts ©2002


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  1. What a luvly table!! The elegant meet casual of the raffia, and twine tied napkins combined with the refined transferware..
    The centerpiece is wonderful as well.
    Cheers, Gee

    pop on over and visit me at my place

  2. Your fall table is just gorgeous Nancy! Love the red and white transfer ware with the natural burlap.

  3. just my kind of tablescape, love any thing Fall! beautiful poem, Nancy!

  4. Love this table Nancy! The checked fabric and red tranfer ware dishes are just perfect! Found a few more pieces of transfer ware for my little collection!

  5. Love this table, so rustic and down home style!!! So, happy Fall birthday and is your news gonna be that you're opening your shop again???? That would be so great!!! And I do like your poem and the pic, nothing like rotting apples on the ground, that's what they use for cider!!!

  6. Beautiful, Nancy! The poem at the end...a little morose, yes, but quite profound. I like it! When you're surrounded by a bunch of kindergartners out in the middle of nowhere, I could see something like this popping into your head. You just kind of go inside yourself and create. I get that. I can almost smell the apples on the ground. That is a very distinctive aroma that never leaves you. It also reminds me of the movie "The Cider House Rules" with Toby Maguire.

  7. Nancy, I love, love, love this table setting. The raffia is a wonderful touch with the textures of the textiles. I'm with Shawn on this one. I think it may be one of my all time favorites. The dishes and all your details offer a comfortable feel and a of sophisticated casualness that I find most appealing. And the are so talented. I love it when you include a piece of your poetry! ~ Sarah

  8. I've been looking for the Ridgways Portland Basket in the polychrome for years! Love yours in the red. Delightful tables cape. I need to check out the grapevine balls at Hobby Lobby! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  9. Nancy, that is truly breathtaking! What a gorgeous table to sit down to and have a wonderful meal are soo talented! I see a book in your future!

  10. This unbelievably beautiful. I love, love the center of the table. Everything is perfect. The dishes are so gorgeous. Great job.


  11. Nancy, this is a beautiful table setting with lots of great ideas for decorating. I like the tea towels for example and the bamboo cutlery. Gorgeous! Oh, and the last photo of the apples with the poem is wonderful too!

  12. Raffia has taken on a whole new and wonderful purpose here! This is lovely!

  13. Beautiful table...your centerpieces are always the best! For some reason I don't usually think of red/pink as a fall color, but it really does depict apple picking time so well.

  14. This table is just gorgeous! Simple, elegant, and extremely creative! I have a farm table, too, so I think I'll try a strip of burlap on mine!

  15. So so beautiful. I just love the red with the burlap runner. And the raffia give it a finished look. So rustic and inviting. Love your use of the dish towels. Great ideas.

  16. This is such a beautiful setting! I love this fall and country look. So pretty!

  17. It is beautiful and looks like a magazine shoot lovely just lovely

  18. I love everything about about this table, Nancy. A perfect Autumn, apple-picking, day-in-the-country setting... definitely one of my favorites! And those Ridgeway and Royal Doulton look lovely together. Have a lovely weekend.

  19. I love your tablescape! So different yet elegant and casual. I may have to borrow this idea ;)
    Looking forward to hearing what the great news might be....oh, and your poem? Poor girl..tsk, tsk. Not one single apple?!?!?!?

  20. Nancy, you are a talented artist! This table is gorgeous and elegant with a wonderful rustic feel. Following your directions, it seems even I could set a table like this, if only I had the dishes. I adore all of your styles, and poetry!
    Thank you for sharing this stunning table at Potpourri Friday!

  21. Beautiful autumn tablescape. I have an autumn tea on monday and have used pumpkins and mums, will have to remember apples and grapevines...lovely...suek

  22. This is one of my favourite tables!! I saw it last year when you first set it and I still love it as much now!
    That gorgeous crushed raspberry colour is just beautiful.

  23. What a beautifully incredible tablescape!! Love the red transferware dishes!!


  24. What a gorgeous fall table. Love the raffia with the transferware and the center piece is fabulous!! Happily following your blog ~

  25. Ohhhh you know how much I LOVE those gorgeous gorgeous pieces of red transferware!! Sooo pretty Nancy!! Did you ever get in any of the pattern I was looking for? (for some reason... I cannot think of the name of it at the moment!) Sharing at the party tonight~ Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!!

  26. You are featured today at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  27. Nancy this tablescape is STUNNING!! LOVE IT!

  28. Gorgeous tablescape, Nancy, and thank you so much for the many helpful tips and ideas you included in this post--loved it all.

  29. Gorgeous!! I love the colors and the natural look to it!! So pretty!! I'm now following your lovely blog!! All the best ~Deanna


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