Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Sheep Painting & Vignette

A few days ago I shared a small change I'd made to a vignette in my house.  I swapped out a Norman Rockwell litho for an oil painting of sheep over a demilune table.  A lot of you all emailed me about my sheep painting so I thought I'd answer some questions here and show you around my little vignette.

I suppose it makes sense to begin with the demilune table since that's what everything is sitting on or decorated around.
It has a dark green marble marble.

I forgot how much I like this piece of furniture until I took pictures of it.  I guess sometimes I am so used to looking at something that I quit looking altogether and that was the case with this table.  I kind of forgot about it having these bucolic painted scenes all around it....probably what drew me to it in the first place.

It's missing some of the metal trim that frames the paintings.  I saved the piece but where it is...don't know.

Now for the sheep painting; since I got quite a few emails asking about it.  This painting was purchased from an art dealer in Holland via Ebay.  It is antique (at least that's what I was told) and it is an oil on board rather than canvas. 

It is signed with initials in the lower right hand corner and came to me in a heavy, gold leafed ornate frame complete with cracks and flaws...perfect if you ask me!

This label is on the back of the painting.

Whether it's a reproduction or the real deal I don't really know and don't really care because I like it the same either way.  You know I'm a sucker for pastoral scenes...even if it's not on transferware! lol

On top of the table is another similar styled chest.  This to had a marble top at one time but it was broken during one of our moves so the top is disguised with a bunch of fake greenery.  It features  elaborate marquetry veneering as does the entry piece behind it.

In this pic, you can see more of the marquetry and detail of my entry table.  See that post HERE. 

Besides having the miniature chest on top of the table I've got a buffet lamp flanking either side.  I added unique shades that mimic the diamond design marquetry on the chest.

Each lamp has a tassel

Cheapenese candlesticks

One of these two trays sits in front of the mini bombe' chest on the table.  Since I have red transferware hanging over head I like to tie it all together by having a piece on the tabletop.

I decided to put the Spode tray with the saying above in my Etsy shop and keep the Vista tray below. 

Over the table the sheep painting hangs amidst a few pieces of red transferware, some wall corbels and mirrors.  I alternated between red transferware and other objects to create this wall scape.
This antique platter is my crowning piece.  I like using pieces with unusual shapes as they add visual interest.

This is the backstamp...I'm going to teach you all how to read those diamond marks in another post.

I hung these mirrors upside down...they look better with this arrangement than right side up. 

Moving down the wall, I've got a pair of wall corbels with crushed red glass sides that each hold a bird and sit just below more of my red transferware. 

A wee bit of greenery around the birdies softens the lines
(sorry for some bad pics but this is in a place that has no natural light  in the house)

Small, Aesthetic Movement pin trays / sauce dishes hang just below the corbels

Lastly, a pair of antique bubble glass mirrors crowned with inset portraits of ladies of the 18th Century.
I love bubble glass like this.

And when it's all together it looks like this.

Miss Mustard Seed

p/s Shabby Apple winner is Comment #69.  I will send you an email or feel free contact me.  Congratulations and have fun shopping!


  1. Nancy, this is an exquisite arrangement from top to bottom. I love the way you mix in the transfer ware, and the chests are wonderful pieces. Love the painting too! I know exactly what you mean about getting so used to something in our homes that it begins to fade away. That's one reason I like to move things around occasionally. It makes me notice things again.
    Thanks for sharing more of your beautiful home.........Sarah

  2. Nancy, absolutely certainly have a gift for it all!

  3. Nancy,

    Love your transfer ware. Beautiful vignette.


  4. Gorgeous! I can't wait until we get our house and I can finally decorate like I want. You give me a LOT of inspiration!

  5. Well it is stunning! Love it all Nancy~and I used to have the big platter you have at the top but it was blue and white and oh so old...I bought it from my elderly neighbor's estate sale when she died...sadly it fell off the wall (I KNOW!!) and broke into several pieces. I have it saved, with all my other broken lovely pieces (it happens alot to me)...someday I will do soemthing with it.

  6. Just lovely, Nancy! It's so interesting to deconstruct a tableau that way and see how all the different components fit together. Everything looks beautiful! Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Stunning vignette with all the antiques and various items. So subtle and attractive.

  8. Nancy it all looks so beautiful. I LOVE your sheep picture!!

  9. A very lovely vignette. I've been coveting your sheep painting for a while now as I've seen a similar sheep painting (this one is with a young girl) that I am wanting to buy from one of my favorite online stores. You've almost convinced me to go ahead and purchase it! :)

  10. What a lovely vignette and that table is drop dead gorgeous!


  11. I love sheep - and your painting is beautiful. The demilune table is exquisite and is the perfect base for your lovely vignette.

  12. What a spectacular picture!!! I love the entire vignette, so elegant. Your sheep painting is gorgeous.....everything is truly breathtaking.

  13. I just love this entire vignette. Simple elegance. I love the table, so beautiful.



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