Friday, October 12, 2012

How To Hang a 20" Platter

I have been asked how to hang an 18-23" platter and today have quickly decided to show you what I do and recommend to my clients.

First, obviously, choose your platter.  

I've chosen this Spode Byron platter because I've been working on a wallscape since this will be one of the patterns I plan to talk about when Etsy is here filming the documentary next week. 
Look at my floor!

For such a large piece you will want to use two of the largest, #5 disc hangers available HERE.  These are for sale in my shop, as well as four smaller sizes.  Email me if you need several sizes including the  smaller ones and I will create a custom listing for you.

Remove from the cardboard hangers and follow directions on the back, which tell you to wet the back of the disc and allow it to set for about five minutes.  This allows the glue to become tacky.

 After five minutes have passed and you can see that the glue has gotten tacky (it will appear somewhat white-ish) simply apply them to the back of the platter, side by side,  like I show below.  Firmly rub the disc with your fingertips or a slightly damp towel to remove excess glue or air bubbles.
Allow to dry overnight.
 Get a medium gauge picture wire and cut a little less than twice the distance between the two metal hangers. 
Next, simply loop the wire through each of the hangers (I wrap it around a few times) and wind the extra wire around itself as shown.  I don't know that this is absolutely necessary, I'm just extra cautious.

Now you are ready to hang your work of art, aka platter!  
Guess where I hung this one?  
You're going to have to wait to see the end result until after the film crew leaves next week or the video is released.

Again, be absolutely sure to let the discs DRY OVERNIGHT lest you become hurried and anxious as I did,  beckoning the weight of the pottery to pull away from the disc causing mortal tragedy to ensue thus breaking your poor transferware lovin' heart.

Waaaa! Waaaa!
Time for reconstructive surgery.  Can there be half mortal?

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  1. Hi darling, thank you for the info.. I have several I've been wanting to hang..good luck next week.
    hugs ~lynne~

  2. Oh my GOSH! When I saw that broken plate my heat skipped a beat!!!! So sorry that gorgeous plate had an accident!
    But thank you so much for your great plate hanging instructions. Good to know that you have the disc plate hangers. I am hanging several plate and will order some!
    Wonderful and informative post, Nancy!!!

  3. Perfect post for me, Nancy! I'm debating whether or not to get a brown and white transferware platter to hang over a wall arrangement I added to in our dining area. If you get time {I know you are super busy with the Etsy thing}, I'd love your opinion on whether or not to go that route. It's my Attaining New Heights post from a few days ago. Meanwhile, I'll be browsing your shop! : )


  4. I have those disk and guess I will try hanging one of my large platter now that you have done it before
    I have a piece I would cry for a week if I broke it LOl

    1. I hear you! I almost cried when I broke this dish. It was totally my fault for being in a hurry! I've used these disc hangers so many times and this is the only time I've had breakage and it was because I hung it up about 20 minutes after I put the disc on!

  5. Oh honey, I just broke a cloche last week!! I hate to see this, sweet Nancy!!!!!!!! waaawaaawaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew about this stickers to hang plates, now I'm gonna look for them, but be careful too! I love how it's gonna look. Happy weekend and let us know how it went with you, I can't wait!!

  6. That first dish is so beautiful. Thank you so much for this information. Priceless to us dish-lovers. Sorry for the broken one.

  7. What a great idea!!! Will look for those here. Thinking of you and wishing you the best in the next few very excited for you!!!

  8. Have not seen these before, sure would be nice for smaller plates as well, i do not like the old plate hangers, they rust, scratch the wall, etc....good luck with the filming, will be praying for you...suek

  9. Thank you Sue! I appreciate your prayers so much.


    p/s there are little discs to, that you can hang saucers and even smaller items with, like butter pats! I use those all the time...even cut them to fit around a ladle! =)

  10. heart stopped too! I love these pieces! Can't wait to see yhe final shots.

  11. OH, NO! Makes my heart sink. Sometimes you just wish you could rewind and do it again safely. ;-)
    Love this idea. I will try this sometime. Great idea for the ladles. ~ Sarah

  12. Very helpful post Nancy! I have used the disc hangers before. Next time I need to order more, I will remember you.
    Also, thanks again for your suggestions on the red transferware plates. I am still trying to make up my mind! So many pretty ones to pick from. At least I have it narrowed down to two. Hopefully soon.
    Good luck next week, sooo exciting!

    1. I love the disc hangers since there is no hardware showing.
      Take your time deciding on the plates. Decisions, decisions! =)

  13. Ooo...I think I actually felt a little bit of real pain when I saw that broken dish. But I did enjoy learning about the proper way to hang the platter. Thanks!

  14. I live in a very humid sub-tropical climate where sticky things usually work loose. Do you have any experience with these in that environment? I was deeply moved by your story of loss and triumph. This can happen to anyone. One of my BFF's who hold doctorates and dedicated their lives to ministry and service to God having been walking your path.. Happened to Job through no fault of his own. But God restored all and more and I am so happy for you that He is lifting you up through this video opportunity and others. Funny thing is...when I first found your blog a few months back, I envied you...beautiful home, big family, obviously you are gifted and so darn cute, too! Figured you just had this incredible little side business as a hobby...ha! You have handled you situation with much grace and maturity.

    1. I forgot to tell you that what I found especially appealing about YOUR blog was the history lessons included with some of your posts!

    2. I am sorry I am answering this question about humidity so late...I tried once before but for some reason the reply would not open up and I remembered today to try again! Below is a direct response from my supplier who lives in England:

      "Safety Assured - The Disc gives a permanent adhesion of great strength to a glazed or an unglazed surface. A fixing that will not "age - harden" or deteriorate with time. It is unaffected by any normal household extremes of temperature or humidity.

      the only way the disc hangers can be weakened is if used outdoors and rain dripping on the disc hangers could cause the glue to weaken....but"

      so I think it is safe to say that yes, they will hold up in humidity. It is also humid here in Oklahoma especially during Summer months and I have not personally had any problems.

      Thank you for your question, and for your comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to write and to share!

  15. Thanks for the info! I've been wanting to hang some Fall platters but was scared!!! So sorry for the broken one!

  16. so good to know your tricks! very helpful, thank you!

  17. What a beautiful pattern on these dishes! I will have to pick up some of the disks for hanging some of my collection. I came across a new transferware pattern and would love to know if you have any pieces in this pattern. Take care!


  18. Oh dear, Nancy! I hope you're able to repair that beautiful dish. Thank you for the tutorial. I don't actually have the courage to hang anything but it's good to know how!

  19. Can you direct me to where a finished picture of this wall display might be? I would very much like to see that. You had also mentioned that Etsy was there to film you. Where does Etsy publish that? Very cool and great tips on hanging a large platter!


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