Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Special Valentines Day Poem~

As far as I'm concerned, there is no poet more romantic than Petrarch...
except for the one I married...who wrote the following to me as a gift one year...

You are my air
Essential, yet often unappreciated
Vital to my life, yet often taken advantage of...

You are my mountains
Strong and standing regardless of time
It's not just that you have stood with and for me
It's that so often you've been the one holding me up...

You are my water
Rivers filled with tears shed for me
Oceans filled with fears for me
Water that's replenished me
Running through me, washing me...

you are my flowers, my life's bouquet
Gentle, colorful, naturally beautiful
Coloring my world that was black before I knew you
Making life smell wonderful with scents of love and passion...

You are my underserved consequence
The sum of all the good things I've always meant to do, but haven't
My reward for things I haven't earned
My motivation for improving...

You are my gentle breeze
Inspiring, continually refreshing
The end of a hot day's blessing
A continual promise of change, a promise of things to come
A promise to a desert of rain...

You are my inspiration
My hope, my greatest fulfilled expectation
My reason for existing, my reason for living
Without you there's no meaning
Without you I am nothing, without you I have no value...

You are my song, my lyric
My rhythm, my tempo, my melody
The tune I can't forget, the singing of my soul
The song that makes me whole...

You are my time
Time to make amends
Time with you to spend, times I can't forget
Time to grow old with and change things for the better
Time to love and time to cry
Time to watch our children laugh until they're no longer children
And then time spent with their children...

You are my answers
To the questions of my life
The question of whom I was meant for
To the questions of my destiny
The one with which I was meant to spend eternity...

You are my everything, your are my life
My God, thank you so much for my wife...

I love you, I live for you...

~I love you too Shawn.  Happy Valentines Day~

No Minimalist Here
Stone Gable
Common Ground
Country French Cottage
Romantic Home


  1. Good to see you posting. I've been sidetracked with a virus for several weeks and may have missed you. Beautiful poem. Happy Valentine's Day! Cherry Kay

  2. Such a beautiful always! :-)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Such a lovely poem and gorgeous tablescape for Valentine's Day. Hope your day is a sweet one!

  4. Your table is absolutely stunning, the centerpiece is so beautiful...I love the stemware, just adds to the romance of the whole table...lovely, thanks for sharing it..

  5. Lovely and sentimental poem of love from your sweetheart.. and with this said, I would live happily ever after with my prince!!Enjoy the rest of Valentine's Day.
    Your centerpiece is awesome, with the violin.

  6. That is an amazing love letter to you! A gift given again, every time you read it. Blessings to you both!

  7. Very elegant centerpiece, dearly love it.

    The personalized poem is wonderful.

    Have VD,
    /CC girl

  8. Nancy, hope your day went well. I've been thinking about you. Shawn's poem is certainly a loving tribute to you. What a special marriage you two share. Happy Valentine's Day to both of you...........Sarah

  9. Oh my, I"m swooning over the pure romance and passion put into both the poem and the tablescape, how divine!

  10. Wonderful centerpiece and beautiful table.....gosh, what a great poem......amazing, and it has more than 4 lines!!! You are a lucky gal!!! Thanks for sharing something so personal......

  11. What a wonderful poem! I think you got a keeper when you married that man. :)

  12. I sit here in tears reading such a wonderful poem...most husband toss an" I love you "once and a while....this is so wonderful. You are a lucky couple to have each other.

  13. Uh oh...I think Shawn just took a strong lead in the "Blogger Husband of the Year" race!!!!!!! :-) I hope the 2 of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  14. Wow - that is quite a poem! What a wonderful tribute to you. Shawn is a "keeper", indeed! Love your gorgeous centerpiece!

  15. Beautiful sentiments, Nancy, and a lovely table! I hope you had a wonderful day together. Take care.


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