Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn's First Tablescape and Random Ramblings From A Cluttered Desk

This time last year I was gearing up for Etsy to fly a crew out to Tulsa and film in my home.   It was such a wonderful experience and the results are still playing out as I often hear from people from around the globe who have been inspired by how I began my business, have asked to come and see my garage in person (which I  further added to and filled with even more English transferware), and who have taken time to write and share their own personal stories with me.  

(this picture was intentionally placed here as I wanted a pretty one to lead my post because some of the ones to follow are hideous...but hang in there and more pretties will emerge)

Business is going well, despite the recent dog days of Summer.  September just barely fell short of being my best month ever and October is off to an even better start!  I have gotten so many great pieces of transferware in and been so busy (even taking on an altogether new business) that I seldom am taking time to create and write..not to mention clean my house....a seemingly perpetual cluster of piles of transferware that I need to research, photograph and list to my shop. 

I can't believe I just posted these pictures.  But now you get the drift. 

 Even the kids with their busy schedules have fallen behind on household chores.  We have always assigned KP duty and rotate weekly by age.  Michael and Ethan don't live at home anymore so the younger four (of which two are gone half the time) rotate the kitchen duty.  We always know when it's Ashton's week because she covers the sinks by laying a big cookie sheet or cutting board over them with a hand written sign reading "LOAD", as in load your own dishes mate!  Sometimes, usually always, someone embellishes her reminder or changes it altogether by adding a few words of their own:

All of the kids are doing great though.  Michael began a promising new job last night.   Ethan has been promoted to a supervisor position at his job and even offered another bump up in the company,  which he's considering.  Jonah has been working for six months at his current job and has also been moving right along with several promotions in such a short amount of time.  Kalyn is working for one of my blog readers / transferware customers and it seems they just love her and are already training her for a management position.

 Trevor and Ashton, our two left in school, are making almost straight A's.  We give Trevor a hard time because his B is in his elective class, you know the blow off don't have to do a thing class.    His elective class is sculpture and he has found it to be much more difficult than he had ever anticipated.  He almost dropped the class within the first week but after a confrontation between another student and the teacher, in which Trevor came to the teachers defense (I am so proud of him), he decided to stick it out.   So it goes....

There is lots to do (and clean, and organize) around here but I have some killer Transferware pieces to show and tell you all about.  I'm really excited, in fact, to do that.  Those posts will be forthcoming but tonight I thought I'd share the first Autumn table I put together, using that pretty plate you saw in the first picture.  

I was only able to find four of these plates and I must say that I think they are some of the most beautiful I've come across.  They are circa 1930's, Spode Copeland.  Each plate depicts a different game bird and is exquisitely hand painted under glaze in a plethora of vivid colors. 



California Quail

Downed Grouse or Turkey

I started this table by laying a pretty Pashmina paisley scarf on the table as a runner, allowing the fringed ends to hang over the tables edge.

Handled Rattan trays from World Market rather than traditional placemats add a rustic touch and are topped with green Majolica cabbage leaf chargers.

The majolica is a perfect backdrop for the Game Birds plates.

I don't think there could be a better choice for this setting than flatware in Spode's Woodland pattern mixed with antler handled steak knives.

White dinner napkins allow the oak leaf and acorn pattern of the napkin rings to really stand out.

I put the centerpiece together in minutes...a vintage metal urn lined with pinecones,  filled with a few faux wildflowers and a handful of pheasant feathers in the center for height. 

Light a couple of candles...

and Autumn table for four.


Cost Plus World Market: Discover Unique Global Finds


  1. your tablescapes are always so wonderful, Nancy! I'm so glad your business is doing so well. Don't worry about the housework, no one will remember those things in the grand scheme of things. To me, Fall is the best time for Transferware. love your gamebird pieces!

  2. Love your setting. Thanks for sharing the other pics too, keeping it real!

  3. I've thought of you so many times. So good to find you back with us in blog world. Thrilled that your transferware business is expanding, and eager to hear about your new business adventure. The wild bird Spode plates are divine. When I can make arrangements with Pat B., I plan to make the drive to T Town. Hopefully we can have lunch! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  4. Beautiful, Nancy. I'm happy that business is going great and that your family is doing well. I miss your posts, but totally understand how busy life gets. Thanks for sharing this pretty set. ~ Sarah

  5. Your dishes are so beautiful and I love them paired with the green, the whole table is so beautiful, love the inviting warm autumn look...So pretty...Phyllis

  6. Well, now I know where you've been! Sounds like you are one busy, busy lady...but a good busy. I am happy that your family is doing so well and that your business is growing by leaps and bounds. BUT...don't be a stranger to blog land! xo Diana

  7. Oh Nancy, I'm so happy to hear that you are well and just busy! Busy is good.It's also great to hear that your family is doing well. I've missed your posts and thought of you often. Life sure does get in the way. I'm so happy you were able to check in with that outstanding transferware. Hope to see and hear from you a bit more often, but sure do understand. What is the new business venture. Do share.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  8. The Spode dishes are AWESOME!! I've also enjoyed previewing your piles of transferware.

  9. Love the whole table setting, Nancy! It's so nice to see a new post from you. It's been too long!

  10. I just loved your table setting! Brilliant! Thank you for the post!

  11. I have missed you as a blogger. Glad to see someone else has stuff they sell all over the house. I have that almost exact shelf except mine is in the bedroom. I even have purses hanging from the one side. I think what you sell is much prettier than my stuff. I also do research on my items and they tend to end up on the dining room table. I love to buy but not so much the part of listing. Funny cause that is where you make the money to buy more things. Loved the table you put together.. Good luck on all your ventures.

  12. Love your table setting...........miss you and wondered how you were doing.....hugs....cleo

  13. So gorgeous!! The plates are really know how to pick them! You should be so proud of your kids and how well they are doing in school. Thats the best gift of all to see our kids being successful (Iove their names too) Enjoy your day!

  14. Your tables and dishes make me seriously drool every time!!! I am glad to hear everyone is doing well and you sure must be proud of your kids. They all seem to be doing so well.


  15. Nancy - so happy to see a post from you. Love the new plates and reading all about your children. The main thing that I enjoyed, about this post was seeing your dishes everywhere! I have a upstairs bedroom that looks like that and I do not have a shop! Did my heart good to know that I am not the "only one"!!

  16. The clutter of transferware displayed here and there and everywhere just goes to show that your business is doing really well. Congratulations! I'm so pleased that I've been able to purchase several pieces from you. I had planned to purchase more but, the few times I've had the time to look, what I wanted wasn't there. Bummer!
    Your tablescape is absolutely beautiful. You have a great eye for bringing together different patterns, textures and colors making magnificent settings.

  17. So happy to see a post from you again!

  18. Hi Nancy, It's good that life is good! I'm glad your business is doing so well. Thanks for sharing with us and your beautiful tablescape.

  19. Nancy, you set the prettiest tables! So glad your business is doing so well! Miss your posts but understand that work takes precedent sometimes! Hope you are enjoying this pretty fall weather!
    Miss Bloomers

  20. I always love checking out your tablescapes. The game birds on top of the majolica is perfect. Glad to hear your business is doing so well!

  21. I'm glad things are going well for you! The Spode plates are amazing! They make a gorgeous tablescape.

  22. Those plates are the MOST beautiful!! Just rich looking colors with those great fallish birds!

  23. Beautiful table settings - all of them! Stilllll searching for "gold fruit" demitasse saucers???

  24. Beautiful table settings - ALL of them. Stilllll searching for "gold fruit" demitasse saucers???

  25. Such a beautiful Autumn table, Nancy! All your choice are perfectly suited to those lovely plates. And I love your centerpiece as well. Sorry it's taken me so long to look over some of your older posts. I don't have the internet in the summer and it sometimes takes me a few months to go back and look at all the posts and photographs I've missed on the blogs I like to follow. Wishing you a beautiful Autumn weekend!


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