Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dining Room Updates ~ Brown Transferware Display

   For the past few weeks I have been in one of my 'decorating' moods, as Shawn calls them, where I am full of ideas and wanting to start, and finish, lots of projects and do some rearranging and redecorating.  I lay in bed at night thinking about what I'm going to rearrange or change the next day.  

While working on The Cosmopolitan project, our dining room played host to packing materials, lots of stacked boxes, and hundreds of dishes and it really became a mess.  I had pushed back some of my brown transferware collection and used the bookcase for miscellaneous pieces and it just got looking messy and unorganized so I decided to move things around a bit. 

 The boys brought in a different dining table which I will show later.  It's an Old World looking trestle table.  I love it!   I added pads to and reupholstered my old dining chairs which is something I have put off for years.   

  I took all the transferware down from the case, washed it and then removed some of the shelves to allow bigger spaces to show some of my really large brown transferware platters.  

When arranging a display I like to layer things.  I put big pieces in first at the back and then fill in with smaller pieces and hollow wares at the front.  I love to display flatware in pitchers and it makes it easy to see and select for various table settings.

The pieces on the left are some of my favorites.  They are knife rests.  Transferware knife rests are usually hard to find.

  I love to illuminate my collections with small candle lamps.  One of my next projects will be to drill holes in the back of the case to run the lamp cords through so they do not show. 

 Dried roses add a soft touch to my gigantic teapot (it holds a gallon!)

After I had rearranged the bookcase and put it back together I hung some botanical prints on either side of the oval mirrors.

An antique champagne basket from France is displayed on top of the bookcase in front of the rabbit print along with some wicker hampers, baskets and silk flowers.  

I also hung a vintage painted tole tray over the cow painting on the left.  I like the subtle addition of florals in the room.

I feel like I am just getting this room the way I want it…well at least the way I want it for being a rental house.  If I owned it, I'd want to change lots of things including the wall color and floors.  My Mother in law and I once talked about how it takes at least a couple (or more) years to get a house arranged the way you really want.  For me, the past 10 years we have moved so many times that I've never really gotten things 'just so' in any place we have lived. 

 Some things just never change.  Would you believe that I started this post on Wednesday and by Friday night I was decorating another room?  Another room at another house that is.  Another house we just leased on Thursday.  I guess I spruced this room up for nothing!  Oh well…

Lots more to come~ I can't wait to tell you about and show you the new house!!!

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 p/p/s I asked Trevor to read my post before publishing and his only remark was, "Wait, you mean that is green back there?" referring to the bookcase back.  Typical guy, huh?


  1. Oh my, that happened to me one time when we were renting a house. Moving is overwhelming. We did it often for many years, and I was so blessed when we bought our home and got settled. You are a champion and an overcomer! Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  2. Never a dull moment in your life!!! Love the new look in the hutch, I recently put all brown in my little cherry hutch also. Best wishes!!!

  3. This is all just gorgeous! In my last post I showed a couple of Edge and Malkin brown transfer ware pieces that I am selling in my booth. Your collection is amazing, as well as the whole room.

  4. Nancy, you know I smiled my way through this post featuring your brown transferware.
    Well, a new abode on the horizon. Sounds exciting! I'll be eager to see the new home. I know you will make it fabulous. Good luck with the move.

  5. Nancy, I think this is the most beautiful display I've ever seen! I love the richness of this wall color, especially with the dishes and the bookcase! The items on top of the bookcase look so nice! Beautifully done!! I think I'm going to need to redecorate the top of my china cabinet!! You've inspired me!! Good luck with your move!

  6. Your brown transfer ware is gorgeous!! I love how you have it displayed and wish you weren't moving so soon.

  7. It's all lovely! And now you get another opportunity to put your creativity to use in a new house! I just hope you don't have to do all the cleaning and repair though, that this one needed! Praying for lots of energy for you!!!

  8. Oh no, more work to come, but there is always excitement in moving, regardless of the hard work. Your dining room looks so beautiful, Nancy, and of course, I love your transferware collection....Christine

  9. What a beautiful dining room....... it looks spectacular. Brown is my least favorite of the transferware colors but it has me wishing for some! You did a marvelous job arranging this, congrats. Vicki in Louisville KY.

  10. Everything looks so lovely, Nancy! Your cabinet that holds your dishes is huge and I really love how you've arranged everything! Your dining room is so pretty. I'll be coming along for your new adventure.
    be a sweetie,

  11. What a beautiful job your did with that hutch! Every shelf is like a little masterpiece!! Your dining room is so warm and inviting - love it!!

  12. What a lovely room...with all of the brown toile and everything. Love it!

  13. I love the brown. It is a splendid display Nancy.

  14. Such a lovely, warm room, Nancy! And what exciting news about your house. Looking forward to hearing about it and seeing it. (Your new blank canvas!) Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

  15. Just gorgeous changes Nancy. I can't wait to get into the new house. A large basement and large attic. I am going to start a collection of some transferware. Your site is where I will get pieces from you have the best selection. I don't know if you remember but I b ought two pitchers from you to use for topiary that I want to make. Haven't gotten the house finished yet but I can't wait to see them again and finally get that project finished.


  16. You do have some of the most beautiful transferware and I love this hutch. It is fabulous. Such a beautiful display.

  17. I absolutely love your collection of brown transferware displayed in your pretty dining room. The knife rests are so lovely. They are truly special pieces!

    Linking from Mod Mix Monday,
    Ricki Jill

  18. Nancy,
    Exquisite display of your amazing brown transfereware collection, dear one!
    I adore how you've removed shelves to allow your platters to be feature in the backdrop of each individual vignette!
    "Mr. Ed" drilled holes in my China hutchfor my cords and I love it. . .especially at Christmas!!!
    Moving again??? Oh, my, reminds me of our life during "Mr. Ed's" Military career!!!
    Best of luck in your newest abode!

  19. Beautiful!! I love one set of Clarice Cliff in red....makes my heart go pitter patter!! But, brown! Every year at Thanksgiving I wish I had some brown transferware. And you have it all. What a stunning collection. I can't even imagine serving tea from a one gallon tea pot. What a great find. :) And now you'll be packing it all up again. I hope your next home will be just perfect.

    Thanks for sharing at Project Inspire{d}!!


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