Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nancy's Daily Dish Named One of Top 3 Favorite Vintage Blogs!

I'm so honored to have my blog named as one of the top 3 favorite vintage blogs at The Daily Basics.   If you've opened up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens, Traditional Home, Renovation Style or Kitchen & Bath Ideas you have most likely seen some of the articles Cynthia Bogart, The Daily Basics editor,  produced over the past 18 years.  When the trend went from paper to online Cynthia was ahead of the ball and created the Living Lifestyle Directory.   In Cynthia's words, 

"The Daily Basics is a community built of lifestyle bloggers in the fields of Home & Garden, Travel & Living, Food & Drink, Body & Fashion and Arts & Literature.   It is a place where ANYONE can come to find all of those wonderful articles you loved reading about in your magazines but can find them now in one place online instead.    The Internet has given a voice to people who otherwise had to compete for a place in traditional medias such as magazines, newspapers and television.   The Daily Basics is a place where you will find traditional media talent as well as the overflow of undiscovered new talent.   Think of us as a Living Lifestyle Directory.  Think of us as the NEW magazine."

  Thank you so much Cynthia Bogart and staff at The Daily Basics for this honor.  I am soooooo flattered!

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  1. No question it is well deserved, Nancy. You're #1 for me!

  2. So happy for you, Nancy! A well-deserved honor...you're my favorite as well!!!

  3. Your blog is wonderful, so beautiful and you certainly deserve the recognition. Congrats!
    Miss Bloomers


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