Monday, August 11, 2014

A Sneak Peek into My Kitchen

Last week I posted HERE about the figural pieces of transferware in my shop and tonight I thought I'd do a quick post and show some of the ones I have in my collection that are displayed in vignettes around my kicthen.   

Next to the stove I have a large dairy cheese slab (you can read about these pieces HERE) which holds a couple of transferware pitchers filled with utensils, a jar of olive oil that we cook with regularly, salt and pepper shakers and a nice, plump little piggy.  The piggy doesn't really serve a purpose other than to look cute and make me want bacon.  It's actually a piggy bank.  I've got two of these and am currently trying to decide which one to sell.  They are so darn cute though that it's hard to decide!  One is an advertising piece for Harrod's and is printed in green.  

Over in the corner, next to the sink I have my rooster pitcher, nesting hen egg basket and a chicken creamer.  I've layered two trays behind these pieces; a very large handled wicker and iron tray and inside of it sets an antique hand painted tole tray.  I love this little vignette and it's one of the first things I see when I walk in the kitchen.

An another counter top is this cute cow creamer Cow creamers are really popular pieces and make fun collections in and of themselves as there are so many different ones.   I call this the laughing cow. 

 It is displayed  along with a huge Spode platter, a Masons Vista jug and my latest addition to my advertising collection, a huge, antique 1 gallon size Marmalade crock (I am going to be listing one of these in my shop soon)!

Hope you all enjoyed these kitchen vignette photos. 

It's 9:00 and I'm finishing up for the day with a piece of banana cake I made this afternoon.   I'll share the recipe soon.

Have a nice night!

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  1. Nancy, you have me drooling and it's not for the slice of cake '-) Let me know when you decided to list the gal. size crock. I think mine is much smaller. Right?
    Your kitchen with all its pretty vignettes makes me smile. I'm going to pin a few of these. Thanks for sharing, Nancy.

  2. Oh my, your vignettes are so so pretty. I love transferware and you have the most darling, pretty pieces. I wish I could shop your home. Thank you for sharing all your loveliness...

  3. Nancy, your vignettes are lovely! You have done a beautiful job with all of your transferware. Such a great kitchen!

  4. If you ever find another red and white small hen creamer:
    like that one, I'm SURE that I need it :^)
    The pictures are lovely and I really enjoyed my visit!!
    Jaybird in Texas

  5. Fabulous! My collection is still small and too precious at the moment, however, when it gets bigger I would love to do something like this. I need to go shopping :) At your site of course.

  6. Your tranferware is beautiful--I have a couple of pieces of red and thoroughly enjoy it especially at Christmas

  7. I love your decorating style! When are we gonna get a home tour?! : )

  8. Thank you for sharing your charming kitchen vignettes. The tole painted tray behind the hen, rooster and chicken transferware is great. The colors work perfectly.

  9. Hi Nancy! It was fun getting a peek into your kitchen. So many lovely pieces! Just stopping by to let you know that the first Swap & Tell link up is live! Hope to see you there! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  10. All the vignettes are lovely, but I enjoyed the ones with the tri-colour arrangements. The marmalade crock is gorgeous!

  11. What wonderful alternate and beautiful uses for your and our transferware. Great looking vignettes. I am an artist and always have lots of brushes drying around the kitchen sink - I keep them in an old brown inherited transfer 'vase' that I think was probably a toothbrush holder. Thanks for always inspiring!

  12. I love visiting you Nancy. You and I have such a similar decorating style. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. Just beautiful! If you sell one of the pigs, make it the green one. This one is perfect where it is! :)



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