Thursday, August 28, 2014

Statement Jewelry Giveaway & 50% Off Sale

Hi everyone,  I'm hosting a little giveaway for the costume jewelry of your choice, up to $35 from my website.  I have quite a few pieces available and am trying to clear some out to make room for more of…. can you possibly imagine?!?!?  Transferware.

I'm also offering 50% off of jewelry prices which makes most of them below cost.  So if you like jewelry, and I bet that 99 out of a 100 of you do, then why not have a peek?!

Here's a sampling of the pieces available.

Victorian Charm Necklace

Sweet Bird Locket

Capezio Shell Necklace

Ribbon Tie Bib Necklace

Love Birds

Beaded Statement Necklace

Bright Yellow Chunky Necklace

 Long Ivory Pendant Necklace

Black Eyed Susan Studded Necklace

 Pretty Butterflies and Flowers

 Howlite Turquoise Spikes

Pearls, Crystals and Roses

Long Black Bubble Necklace

Capezio Shell Butterfly

Marine and Cobalt Blue Marble-esque Necklace (comes in red, brown, green and black as well)

Visit my Website and leave a comment saying what piece/s you'd select.  You can enter again for each of the social media sites you follow me on:

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And please share the discount code for 1/2 off all jewelry!  Enter JEWELRY at checkout!

This will run for a week and I'll announce the winner next Thursday or Friday.  I've got a few more giveaways coming up as well!


  1. I love the sideways cross bracelets! But I think my absolute favourite is the VINTAGE Victorian Style Multi Layer Aqua Sky Blue Teal Color Antique Gold Charm Necklace. :)

  2. I love Pretty Butterflies and flowers. Thank you!

  3. Hi Nancy, I may have to abstain from your blog for a while, as you are a bad influence, lol (and I'm kidding, I love your blog!) Let's see, how much jewelry will one have to purge to make room for just one dish of transferware? I laugh at myself as I read this. I am trying to purge my basement and just the other day the doorbell rang while I was working down there. My husband yelled down, "a few replacements", meaning I had gotten more 'stuff' in the mail while I was purging things to leave. :) But hey, that's what we do, right? Move things out to make room for more! Wonderful idea for you to offer 50% - very generous!

    Have a great weekend, Nancy.

  4. Gorgeous :) I'll wait for a Lavender dish giveaway thou-just kidding- ........not. Hoping all is well with You and Your family-Blessings Your way-Denise

  5. No matter what I clicked on (Facebook, Website) from your links they wouldn't work. I don't know why??? But I would choose Black Eyed Susan Studded Necklace (2nd choice -Pearls, Crystals and Roses) I have your page bookmarked in my 'favorites' and I love reading about your transferware finds (I have very small ironstone collection). I love reading your blog at least once a week, usually more.

  6. I tried to get into your website and Facebook from your links but for some reason they would not work! But I read your blog ona weekly, if not more basis and love it. I have a small ironstone collection started and love to read about your transferware finds. I think my favorite jewelry is the Long Ivory Pendant Necklace - goes with EVERYTHING. Anyways, I do love your blog :)

  7. I like beautiful jewerly... My abolute favorite is Victorian Charm Necklace. It's fantastic. Second is Beaded Statement Necklace...
    I follow your blog :)
    I invite you to my blog -
    Greetings from Poland :-)

  8. I liked your jewelry so much that I took advantage of your half off special this week and ordered three necklaces. I just received them today and a lady at worked liked one of them so much I ended up giving it to her birthday is this next week. I'm very impressed receiving them so fast. I bought the white ceramic flowers, anthropologie look, and a mixed gold, brown, and colored flower ( that's the one she liked)....they all have their special own look and details. Wouldn't mind winning your generous giveaway to replace the one I gave away. LOL. :-)

  9. I'm a follower of your blog and I would choose the Sweet Bird Locket. Thanks!

  10. Since mine always comes up Reply Delete and I don't know how to get rid of it, here's my email address, just in case!

  11. I follow your blog through Bloglovin. :)

  12. I really love the Black, Green & Turquoise turned leaf earrings, the ones with the rhinestones snaking down the center. Those are so cool. :)


  14. I love the long black bubble necklace

  15. I like so many--the Pearl Crystal and Roses is one I would gift to my oldest daughter....

  16. Hi, I like the sweet bird locket and the long ivory pendant necklace! Enjoying your blog, I have it emailed to me. Not on other social media, am thinking about pinterest! Would love it if you could put age of vintage or antique transferware(1930's etc) Will be buying some from you soon!Thanks!


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