Monday, September 8, 2014

First Signs of Fall in The Family Room & An Easy Natural Arrangement

I pretty much spent my weekend in decorating mode, and well, my pajamas!  I've been hanging plates (I know that must come as a real shock to you guys), creating vignettes around the house, tending to my hubby who isn't feeling well and I made up a great Mexican rice / chicken dish that I'm going to share soon because everyone here love, love, loved it, so much so that we're having it again tonight!  lol

I've been seeing Fall decor popping up all over blogland and every where else so I decided to get in on the action and pull just a few things out that I could easily get to.  

My sister, Lauri, and I are both October babies and we share a love of the entire Autumn season and all that it encompasses; from the cool, crisp sweater weather, crunchy orange, brown and golden leaves below our feet, the sweet aromas of cinnamon spiced candles wafting through the house and, yes, Halloween!  Several years ago she gave me this cute pumpkin candle holder for my birthday.  It's been out in the garage since we moved here…one of those items we packed up at the last minute with  random stuff laying around at the other house.  I remembered exactly where it was so it was the first thing I thought to get out.  It was a little dusty so I decided to give it a bath. 

 I had the pumpkin in one hand under running water and as I turned it around towards the opening, where you would place a tealight, to wipe the whole thing down, inside I saw something moving around.  I got a surprise.  Nope, it wasn't a creepy critter…this was a welcomed surprise!   I have no idea who hid this there (it may have been me) but it is MINE now!  Finders keepers, right?  Now it's laying out to dry.  If only I could find a suitcase full of this stuff!

So back to the first touches of Fall in the TV / Family room. You saw my ceramic pumpkin in the first pic of this post, so the next thing I want to show is a little arrangement I put together for my mantle.  See the tole planter in this pic below?   I have had these for at least 15 years.  Originally I made some really pretty topiaries covered in fruit and tied with tassels for these.  In this house, they are on either side of the mantle and hold seasonal arrangements.  These were so simple to put together…it literally took only a few minutes to assemble them.  I gathered some dried wheat bundles (you could use any dried or natural grass, etc) and then I placed dried pinecones around the edges.  This was super simple but I love the look.  These will work through Thanksgiving! 

The pinecones have sentimental value to me.  Last Fall, for the first time in years, we took a little, bitty trip and visited Colorado.  It was our first trip back there since we'd left and moved back to Oklahoma 7 or 8 years ago.  Kalyn, Trevor, Ashton, and Shawn and I gathered these pinecones in Colorado Springs and in Vail while on the trip.  I love decorating with natural elements, especially ones that I've gathered myself; that spark a sweet memory.

Here's a view of the fireplace mantle with both tole planters.  Our tv is there as well.  It's not my choice for a focal point over the mantle, but it beats where the cable guys originally had it set up, and if I get my way (which I usually do when it comes to decorating) it isn't going to stay here.  I'll show you all later where it was and where I hope it's going in this room.  Shawn is already complaining that the tv is too high for comfortable viewing and that he gets a neck ache from looking it at.  So, hehe, things are looking up, no pun intended.

On the opposite side of the room, as you enter through the main entryway is a narrow wall behind the French door. As soon as I saw this space, I knew I had a perfect plant stand to fill it. This stand holds one of my Aesthetic Movement pieces that I got from another transferware dealer, Aesthetic Transferware.  It is a huge pitcher with a sparrow on it and dates to about 1870-80.  In keeping with natural elements, I placed a single pinecone still attached to the branch, gathered from our Colorado trip, on the stand and a little bird next to it.  

I think it's so, so cute, but I'm a total sucker for just about any kind of bird decor or transferware!

The last thing I will show, as I feel I might be rambling on a bit much, is my coffee table.  This table is one of my favorite pieces because it has so much sentimental history for my family.  It is the first antique piece of furniture I ever bought.  I paid $125 for this at an antique store in Jenks (Jenks is a small town on the South side of Tulsa and has a wonderful Main Street of antique shops).  Originally it had tall legs and served as our breakfast table in the tiny 6' x 6' breakfast nook at the little bungalow home, our first, near Utica Square.   We had our first four kiddos in that house, all sharing one bedroom, and I was pregnant with number 5 when we moved into a larger home, what we refer to as the 71st Street house, the one that, sadly, we lost to foreclosure which I wrote about HERE

  When we moved into the 71st Street house neither Shawn nor I wanted to get rid of the table though our family had outgrown it as a dining table.  One night, out of absolutely nowhere,  I hear the electric saw and walk in to find that he was sawing off the legs. He said, "now we have a coffee table for the tv room", and it has pretty much played that role ever since.   The paint is original, sort of a gray-green color with lots of chips, chunks and scratches attesting to the fact that it has been totally, completely and most lovingly abused over the past 25 years by our family. One can only guess as to how many years of abuse love it endured before the Roberts' family got hold of it.  

I hope Autumn brings you many relaxing nights by candlelight.

Please see my last post and leave a comment for a chance at a case of Almondina cookies, plus I featured a lovely stable turned dining room renovation that is amazing!

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  1. Nancy, I can't even tell you how much I love your transferware. That Aesthetic Movement vase has me salivating. I also love birds, and another of my passions in collecting (besides dishes, including transferware) are mesh and beaded handbags. I have a few with birds and just love them. Your home is dreamy to me with all your transferware surrounding you.

    Like you, I want fall decor that will carry me to Thanksgiving. I really like what you did with the tole planters, and the sentimental touch is priceless. I restyled my sunroom with Native American for an Indian summer theme, my laundry room is in brown transferware, and now I just need to add a few other things that I can pull from my newly organized basement - yippee!

  2. Nancy, your fall touches are beautiful! I just love how warm and cozy your home feels. The colors are perfect for enhancing your Fall decor. I get inspired every time I visit!

  3. Nancy I LOVE your coffee table and the pretty vignette you created on top of it!! The candle along with the acorns look so pretty in that transferware pedestal bowl!

  4. Your home is beautiful! And the transfer ware, so gorgeous. I have one little platter of brown transfer ware I found at an estate sale here in town. I have it in a fall vignette box.

  5. Your fall touches are absolutely gorgeous. I love the bird vase, it is so pretty. It sets in the perfect place in your home. I love how the hubbie re purposed the table.


  6. Nancy,
    Your home looks lovely....can't wait to start my fall decorating... love all your accessories!
    Warmest regards,

  7. This was such a good post on many levels - mostly just for the pleasure I took in reading and looking. I share your pain over the TV. I am afraid that ours might end up in a similar location in our new house. I will have to be vigilant!

  8. Love your fall accents. That plant stand with the aesthetic transferware piece Is wonderful. The little bird and stick with the pine cone is adorable. I especially love the story about the coffee table- what a treasure and I like how you decorated it. That money find in the pumpkin had to have been a startling moment- how fun!

  9. 9, 2014 at 7:09 AM

    Nancy, THANK YOU again for telling the painful story of losing your house. You are not alone, and your bravery in telling your story of loss and redemption has, and will, help so many. Your blog is a joy, as is your resilience. Wishing you all the happiness in the world and continued success!!

  10. Love your fall touches. I think the coffee table looks terrific!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Fall has gracefully landed in your home!! Everything is just beautiful! I especially love the transferware.

  12. I love the touches of fall you have given your home and what a very pleasant surprise. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  13. Everything looks lovely, Nancy! And I love the story behind your coffee table...what wonderful memories you have with that piece. Hope you never get rid of it.
    Mary Alice

  14. Hi Nancy--thanks so much for visiting me today--I love making new friends in the vintage world (I'm pretty new to blogging). Love your decorating. In particular, I'm thinking I need some wheat and some pine cones--love what you did with those for your mantel. The cut down farm table turned coffee table is a dream of mine. Haven't been brave enough yet, though I did find one already cut down and very rough on top that I'm using on my deck. Does that count?
    Have a great rest of the week,

  15. Gorgeous. And wow what a find! Very thrify! The Fabulous Fall Linky Party is opened. I'd love you to link again! Have a great week. Oh BTW I love my pajamas too!

  16. So beautiful Nancy! Thanx for partying at my place last week!

  17. Hi Nancy,
    It looks like you are enjoying decorating your new home. Everything is beautiful and I love the Fall touches.

  18. Everything is beautiful Nancy, I like that table shorter! I love finding change in the washing machine. I always say I got paid to the do the laundry today! LOL!

  19. Nancy,
    I adore the elegance of your home decor, dear one!!!
    Having lived just south of Colorado Springs, I, too, have a collection of their pine cones!
    I could definitely take an entire "Tour of your lovely Home"!!!
    Visiting from Rustic & Refined!!!

  20. Just want to say how much I LOVE that sparrow pitcher! thump, thump...

  21. Your family room looks lovely, Nancy. You've got such lovely vignettes put together. I am loving the peek into the other room and seeing some plates you have on the wall in one of the last few pictures. I am off to see if I can find that room in a blog post.


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