Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Edward Challinor Turquoise and Red Transferware Tablescape

I was recently asked to sell a set of antique transferware for a customer and am in the process of listing it all to my shop now.  When the dishes first arrived I was planning out a Mothers Day dinner for our Moms and thought it would be fun to pull out the red shades in them.  I paired them with my Masons Vista dinner plates, some vintage red glassware and flowers.  The set is by Edward Challinor and dates to the mid 1800's.  It is a gorgeous color of turquoise with vividly painted flowers.

The smaller salad plates were layered over the red dinner plates and cream colored chargers. 

The vintage tablecloth has the same turquoise shade as do the dishes.  I have had this for years and never used it! 

I found the cranberry and gold glasses for next to nothing at an estate sale a year or two ago and the goblets came from Tuesday Morning. 

  It's very difficult to find an antique set like this with so many pieces intact and still with the set.  I used the teapot, creamer, sugar and a large ewer at the center of the table, each filled with colorful roses and other flowers.

About Edward Challinor: 
Edward was born to William Challinor, an attorney of Pickwood, Leek and Mary nee Bagnall on July 18, 1792.  He was apprenticed at an early age to J. and R. Riley of Burslem, whose factory was located at the site which later became Hill Top Pottery.
He purchased The Over House Works in 1819 which had previously been owned and operated by the Wedgwood family for the past 200 years. There he began business on his own account.  In 1828 he began leasing the works out to other potters and he joined John Wood making pottery at Brownhills, Tunstall.
(photo credit: Staffordshire Past Track)
In 1869, the old works were entirely taken down and a new and extensive manufactory was erected with all the latest improvements of machinery and appliances. The jiggers all being driven by steam-power and the drying stoves heated by exhaust steam. 
The rebuilding, after half a century of active occupation by one person, was thus commemorated with a sign in ornamental scroll stonework and carved brickwork surrounded by Minton tiles with the inscription: 
‘Edward Challinor commenced business here A.D. 1819, and rebuilt the premises A.D. 1869.’  

The new manufactory was opened in 1870 by Ralph Hammersley, who moved here from the Church Bank Pottery at Tunstall and who had previously been involved in business with Mr. Challinor for twenty years.  Edward Challinor never married and died on April 16, 1879. 

Today the Over House Manufactory houses Royal Stafford (formed in 1992 Royal Stafford & Barratts of Staffordshire), one of the few remaining factories producing traditional high fired English earthenware, drawing its warmth and charm from the natural clays which are still mined in the South of England.  There is also a Factory Shop and Ceramics Cafe' on the premises where you can paint your own piece of pottery.

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  1. What gorgeous dishes! I love the color combinations.

  2. Beautiful Nancy! As usual you have the loveliest transferware.
    Love the color combo.


  3. I just pinned it too. I like this interesting post about Staffordshire.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Thanks for all this interesting information, Nancy. The setting is beautiful. I like that you used the tea set to hold flowers. I often do that too. They are such lovely shapes!
    Hope all is well for you. Are you getting the rain and storms as we are in TX? Stay safe!

  5. What a beautiful table setting. I love the red and turquoise together, such pretty details in these dishes and interesting history too!

  6. Your table was very striking. One of my fav color combos, red and turquoise. Happy we got a view of such pretty dishes too.

  7. That turquoise is beautiful -- and I love to combine it with red, too!

  8. Beautiful tablescape, your transferware is wonderful!

  9. That transferware is to die for! Love your table.

  10. Your table is absolutely beautiful! You have me wondering if I could use my Wedgewood Rosedale with other patterns...

  11. Oh my~how beautiful. The dishes are gorgeous on their own but you made them even more special with what you paired them with. The tablecloth had the perfect color and I love that you picked out the red too.

  12. I love this lovely turquoise color! I'd never seen this fabulous pattern, it looks so good with the red!
    Your table is too beautiful for words!


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