Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Tablescape & A Surprise Birthday Party

While I am seeing Christmas decorations pop up in every store and all over blogland, my Halloween decor still sits by the back door waiting to go up to the attic. I haven't decorated much for Halloween the past couple of years, but I decided to go all out decorating this year because it was Ashton's 18th birthday and I was planning a big surprise party for her.   Little did she know that while she helped me decorate for Halloween, she was really helping me decorate for her 18th birthday party!  I'm not sure how, between her friends and family, we all kept it a secret but somehow we did and Ashton was completely taken by surprise.  About 50 people were here and it was a really special, fun night!

 Ashton is the baby, our youngest of six children, and a senior in high school.  I think I'm feeling a little sad that my children are legally adults and grown up and that my time with them being at home is drawing nearer to an end.  

Anyway,  while I am not ready for my kids to be grown up, I am also not quite ready for Thanksgiving.  Are you? 

 Last week I decided to play around with this set of Royal Staffordshire turkey plates and platter that came in a few months back.  It is so beautiful and pulls in all the traditional colors of Autumn.

I wound up just setting the whole table! 

I put the table together by first laying a loden green plaid throw draped over the center of the table.  It's just wide enough to allow the ends of the table to show, which I like.  Amber glasses, miniature acorn casseroles, antler handled knives, Majolica chargers and Spode's Woodland flatware combine for a festive, slightly rustic Thanksgiving table.  

These paisley napkins seem to go with so many of my favorite dishes, though I didn't realize it when I got them.

Rather than make a centerpiece, I just set out a few squirrel and chipmunk figurines amongst log shaped pillar candles and scattered pinecones and acorns the length of the table.

The colors of Autumn are so warm and inviting!

This set is listed in my shop but if it doesn't sell quickly I may have to do a mix and match table with these and some plain brown turkey plates for our actual Thanksgiving dinner table.  

By the way, all of my turkey plates and platters, as well as a few other hand picked pieces are 20% off. There is still time to get them by Thanksgiving!

Are you all set and ready for Thanksgiving?  How about Christmas?



  1. My youngest son - I have 3 - bought a house and closes on it Friday. He will be moving out on Saturday. Although it is a little bittersweet it is what I brought them up to do. All successful, all happy, all productive and all happy. Now it is time for my husband and I again.

  2. Lovely table...and wishing Ashton a very happy birthday!

  3. Love all of your dishes, Nancy. What fun! Your tablescapes always lift the spirits.
    Those who sit at your table are very lucky, indeed!
    Happy Birthday to sweet Ashton! Happy Thanksgiving, too!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  4. Love the colours. Traditional table. Happy Birth day to your daughter. Hugs from Sujatha..(India)

  5. Hi Nancy just beautiful. I purchase items from your shop and was wondering if you were able to offer sets in the dessert plates and salad plates? I love collecting them and I'm trying to add transferware to my collection.


  6. Nancy, you table is just the kind of table I like for our own Thanksgiving. It reflects the rich colors of autumn and the the simple centerpiece is what I like to do as well. I'm pinning some of these images to my Inspired Autumn board. Beautiful!

  7. This is a beautiful table, Nancy! I love your turkey dishes and am especially impressed by how well the paisley napkins match!! Who would have thought?! Thanks for sharing this......Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  8. I just found your blog, and I wanted to tell you how much I love it. Thank you for featuring transfer ware. I also collect it.

  9. Good day, Nancy. I am an artist and writer, and I found you on LinkedIn. I love the idea of draping the plaid throw on the table; it gives a very warm and cozy feel. Your tablescapes are beautiful. I hope to be seeing more. A delight to meet you and your blog.


  10. Hi Nancy, I love your blog and ideas! I found your site over Christmas 2015 after I inherited some transferware. I grew up in Tulsa. Small world! Are you taking a break? Please post something to let everyone know you are OK!


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