Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Romantic Two Color Transferware Pitcher

I know most of you (myself included) are geared up for Fall and dreaming of bonfires, sweaters, falling leaves and cocoa but I thought I'd share something slightly on the romantic side of things.  Why be romantic today?  Because today is a very special day for Shawn and me.  We are happily celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary!  

  Roses are the flowers of love, right?  "The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart".   I think roses are even more romantic when they are in a rose themed transferware pitcher!

 I just adore this pitcher. It was made by Enoch Wood and Sons and is done in the two-color process which was a more expensive, laborious process because each color required its own transfer and firing.   It can be dated to no earlier than 1830 (pink/red was first used as a transfer color this year) and to as late as 1846, when the E W & S factory closed.  

I'll share the tablescape below sometime down the road.  This was a romantic table that I didn't get a chance to post this past Valentine's Day. 

I'm off to spend time to with my love!
Have a happy week!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Nancy! What a beautiful pitcher filled with roses -- sweet and lovely, just like you! I hope you and Shawn have a wonderful day celebrating!

    On another note, I have so enjoyed the red rooster pitcher I got from you. It's been either on my kitchen table or island ever since I got it, filled with flowers. I think white roses are my favorite flower in it, so far. Makes me happy!

  2. Happy Anniversary wow 30 years with the same guy LOL


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