Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hutch Decorated For Autumn w/ Brown Transferware Reveal

Day before yesterday I shared with you some pictures of my husband's childhood hutch / Welsh dresser that he had in his room as a boy and of an antique mantle piece we bought off Craigs List.  We decided to place the mantle on top of the dresser top to give it a different look and feel and I had asked you all about whether or not you think I should take the plunge to paint the two pieces to help 'marry' them. Thank you for all your suggestions, input and ideas! There's been a pretty even mix of yay's and nay's about painting the pieces.   I'm still undecided about what I'll do... or not do and have been mulling it over for several years now!   ugh! Whenever I do make up my mind, I'll be sure to tell and show!  

 I also shared this sneak peek at how I'd dressed the pieces for Fall with brown transferware from my online shop. 

Now for the reveal.  I hope you all like it!  I love brown transferware and thought it would be such fun to pull from the pieces that are actually for sale rather than from my own collection.   It was fun except for the fact that now I find myself wanting to keep a lot of these! =)  I included some pieces that I felt represented the Autumn season, such as a few different turkey plates, some with wheat harvest scenes, fruits and so on.  Every piece of transferware is for sale so if you see something you feel you have just gotta have then pop on over to my store.  I'll include some links below to different pieces and if you can't find a particular piece in my shop feel free to email me directly. 
So, let's have a look!

I love a big fat water pitcher not only for the fact that as a large piece it serves to ground all of the small ones, but for all the other ways to use and decorate with them!  This pitcher was part of a wash set and would've originally come with a very large wash basin that it sat in.  I love to use these like vases to hold flowers, whether fresh or faux, and for holding kitchen utensils.  But, to see one of my favorite and probably most unique ways to use a big water pitcher like this, check out this post from 2011.  =)  Some of you may remember it!

The dresser is perfect to serve from, so I set a display that looks like dessert is ready to be served with a large domed cheese keep  or cookie plate, antler forks, napkins, dessert plates and a compote.  A medium sized Bountiful harvest platter sets in the background with turkey plates on either side.

I have several different brown turkey plates in stock right now and used three various patterns in this display.  It's hard for me to choose a favorite!

I love the lace like scroll work of this Aesthetic Movement teapot 

I love the neutrality of brown; it works so well all year long, not just in the Fall.  In the Winter months, evergreens and deep reds add a warm, festive touch while Spring and Summer are perfect times to introduce pastels and cooler, bright colors.  I love the rich, warm Autumnal colors though!  

The two chintz handled pieces on either side of the Grindley Ideal platter below are candle holders.  I meant to add candles and have them lit for my pictures.  I forgot!

These orphaned teacups have flaws but they display beautifully still and look perfectly at home hanging on the cup hooks.  I like the little imperfections anyway.  It just shows they were lovingly used in the past.

The laughing cow pitchers add a touch of whimsy!

I decided to leave spaces along the top shelves of the mantle piece small and / or to a minimum to allow the beautifully detailed floral carvings and fretwork to show.

I actually worked up quite a sweat hauling in stacks of dishes to display here and climbing up and down from a step ladder.   I like to have a selection of dishes in front of me to pick and choose what goes where.   After I was done I pulled out a folding table, covered it with a paisley shawl, added some fruit and flowers, snapped a few pics for another post and then enjoyed myself a nice cup of Camomile tea, even though I was totally sweat drenched.  At least you all don't have to see that picture! =)

I hope you've enjoyed the post and that I've not bored you out of your minds with all of these pictures!

Have a blessed weekend!

“Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”
~Humbert Wolfe~

Rattlebridge Farm


  1. Most definitely enjoyed this, Nancy. You styled it beautifully. You know I love the brown transfer ware. Happy Fall!

    1. Yes, I know you love brown transferware too! Did you see Rita's (Panapoly) table setting? It's a mix of different patterns and so pretty! Happy Fall to you as well, sweet friend!

  2. Oh, Nancy, this was a journey. I love brown transferware. Your collection is magnificent, arranged with grace and beauty. The marriage" of the pieces was a stroke of genius. I so loved this post.

  3. Oh my goodness, your transferware is gorgeous, and this cabinet could not have been
    more perfect for displaying it either. Love how you styled the cabinet, it is really
    lovely especially for the Fall.........
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Nancy,
    Just so you know.......about 8 of your pics did not come up for some reason and I even
    waited a lil bit and also went back after I left the other comment, but they still didnot come up, so don't know if it is a problem you can fix or not. So just thoughtI would make you aware in case. But the ones I did see were great!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Very pretty! I always enjoy seeing the unique pieces you find and display. I need a bigger dish budget!

  6. I just fainted! A feast for the eyes!

  7. Nancy
    I would love to visit your home and see all that lovely transferware in person. I am sure your home and storage room is transferware heaven.
    I have a large aesthetic platter like the one pictured with the brown and white calico candle holders,I think mine is a grey color.
    You definitely have the knack for decorating with all your lovely dishes etc
    Wish I could afford about $1000 worth of your dishes LOL

  8. Oh, my, what a glorious display of beautiful transferware! Thank you so much for sharing this!
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  9. Beautiful and charming pieces ♥

  10. Well this is breathtaking! I love your collection. I too would have a hard time selling! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  11. Nancy I will feature this tomorrow at Home Sweet Home!

  12. Your hutch is a lovely piece I so appreciate it and your brown transferware is stunning !

  13. Wow those 'married' furniture pieces are an amazing stage for your transfer ware. Every time I see a piece in the stores, I do think of your amazing selections. Grins and your display is gorgeous. Thanks, Sandi

  14. Amazing collection! Your hutch is beautiful and the transfer ware look great displayed in it.


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