Thursday, April 6, 2017

Happy National Tartan Day + Tartan Swags in my Office!

  Today I'm sharing a couple of pics from around my home office, all in honor of National Tartan Day, which just happens to be TODAY, April 6th!  

I think I have a touch of plaid (or more) in every room in my house but my office probably has the most.  The walls are covered in green tartan wallpaper and then I've got tartan lamps, pillows, transferware plates, books, figurines and now window valances. 
When we moved into this house almost exactly 3 years ago I put up some green toile curtains as soon as I was able to, here in the office.  I love the toile but always felt they needed something else.  When I began selling these reversible tartan blanket scarves on my website I realized they'd make a perfect swag / valance to overlay on the toile curtains.  It's funny because I haven't worn one yet but I have used them as throw blankets, table runners and now window swags!

So that's just what I did.  I used four of them (one over each drape) and swagged them over the toile, allowing the houndstooth on the opposite side to sort of roll over so it shows as well.  I love the way they turned out, not to mention the very reasonable cost since having custom swags made would have cost a small fortune, which I do not happen to have.    

I just recently found this Royal Doulton Scotsman figurine (actually I found two so one is for sale HERE).  He is perfect in my office with my other Tartan and Plaid things!  He looks especially nice standing in front of one of my favorite transferware plates by Ridgway, called Caledonia (a Latin named given to the Scottish land by the Romans).  The figurine is titled, "The Laird", which is a name for the owner of a large, long named Scottish estate.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post and seeing a little of my office.  I'm putting on my favorite tenny's (guess what pattern they are!) and am off to package up some orders.

Hope you are having a Happy Tartan Day!



  1. Clever idea, Nancy. I love the shawls as accents on the drapes. Love the mantel vignette and the painting above. All tartan terrific! Happy National Tartan Day!

  2. I love all your tartans. Very nice blog.

  3. What a fabulous post! I love plaid and my Scottish heritage. I started the #madforplaiddecor party on instagram and it has been fun! I didn't realize today was national Tartan Day! I did just post my "Bonnie Blue Roses and Thistle" wreath tutorial today over on my new blog I will definitely be pinning your gorgeous images!


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