Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Smorgasbord of Transferware Turkey Plates and Platters to Feast Upon!

This morning I pulled several armfuls of turkey platters and plates from my collection (my back does not thank me for this effort) and  laid them out amongst the fallen leaves in the front yard.  I got some interesting looks from passers by as I was as high up on the ladder as I could go without feeling too much like if I fell I might, quite simply put, be over.  But I wanted to get as many of these pieces into one shot as I could just to share and show their diversity.  I like seeing a collection amassed together...it makes such an impact!   Looking at them like this makes me want to collect a myriad of turkey plates and have a smorgasbord of them, and food too of course, for our Thanksgiving table.  

Turkey transferware went into production by English potters around 1870, just 7 years after Abraham Lincoln declared the 3rd Thursday of every November to be the official day of Thanksgiving in 1863.  You can read more about the history of turkey transferware HERE.

All of the turkey plates and platters shown above (and many more) are available in my shop, HERE, and are all 20% off with the code TURKEY.  I will be shipping through the end of the week so they arrive in time for Thanksgiving!

This humogous platter dates to just after 1900 and is by Royal Doulton in the Holly and Turkey pattern.  It's one of the harder ones to find, both in this pattern and color but especially in this Well & Tree form.  This was part of my personal collection for years.  It is for sale HERE

This pretty plate is by Wedgwood with the Woodland border.  Available HERE

Here is a seldom seen teal colored turkey plate by Ridgway dating between 1891-1920  Available HERE

Every year I get a few requests from my customers for a Purple turkey platter or plates.  This one is by Royal Staffordshire and  is one of my favorites.  I love the big turkey strutting his stuff but the haycock propped up behind him and the fall foliage that makes up the border.  It comes in not only the purple, but also brown, blue, red, brown and black and brown polychrome.  
Several of these variations can be found in my shop, HERE

Another beauty with an equally beautiful shape is this circa 1930 platter by Crown Ducal, available HERE

I see this one once or twice a year and usually snag it up when I can.  My Mother in law has this circa 1900 Royal Cauldon platter in blue as well.  I have one in brown.  I currently have one of each color in my shop as well.  I love the border on this one too!

This stunner is by Wedgwood, dating to 1903, with hand enameling.  Available HERE

And of course, the ever popular Vista pattern by Masons was produced with turkeys on the face of the plates for special occasions. Available HERE

This colorfully bordered plate is one I'd like to pair with some aubergine accent colors.  I love the vivid colors on this one.
Available HERE

I don't know about you, but it is hard for me to choose a favorite.  I like them all!  Do you have any turkey plates or platters?  Which are your favorites?

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  1. OMGoodness, Nancy. That is a smorgasbord for the eyes! Those are all beautiful--each one prettier than the last. I love transferware. I hope you have a good night. xo Diana


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