Sunday, March 21, 2010

Master Bath Makeover (part 2)

That people could come into the world in a place they could not at first even name and had never known before; and that out of a nameless and unknown place they could grow and move around in it until its name they knew and called out with love, and call it HOME, and put the roots there and love others there; so that whenever they left this place they would sing homesick songs about it and write poems of yearning for it, like a lover...Willam Goyden

Last week I showed some photos of my block glass window transformation which is part of the Master Bath.  I'm not ready to put any major money into the bathroom yet (not that I've got any, anyway) so I'm just going with what is here...wallpaper...not my choice but it's fairly neutral, bright brass fixtures...not my choice but I'm envisioning some antiqued bronze fixtures down the road, and carpet...definitely not my choice for a bathroom.

Here are some pictures, some of which I showed last week,  before I'd gotten into this little project.  The vanity has two sinks, one on either end and a large mirror that runs the length of it (about 11' wide x 3.5' high). 

There is about 2' of space above the mirror and I knew it would be the perfect spot for hanging some transferware plates.  I chose to hang a mix of purple and green plates.  I first laid them out on the floor to get an idea of how they'd look.  I always read to do this first anyway, but admit I usually just start going for it!  

I started with this platter in the middle.  It's an 1886 piece from the Aesthetic Movement and I just love the bird and florals in this.  Green is fairly hard to find as well.
This piece was made by T G & F Booths who operated in Tunstall 1883-1891. The pattern is Richmond, depicting a bird on a dogwood or cherry blossom branch. A geometric border surrounds the scene accented with circular florettes and different floral blooms (dogwood, chrysanthemum, berries, etc) .

I got my plates all hung up and decided that the mirror needed more softening around it.  It is a straight cut mirror.  I found a sheer window panel with a purple and amber scrolled pattern on clearance for $11.  I cut it in half lengthwise and tied it tightly  about every 12" and then pinned it across the top of the mirror draping a little pink veined green silk ivy across the top.

  I had just enough room left in the center of the window sheer to add a gorgeous wreath full of Spring colors of lilac, lavender, pink, cream, green and a subdued rusty orange. 

The wreath hands between the window sheers, just below my green bird platter, right at the mirror line so it hangs down over the mirror here a little.  The mirror is so large and even with this hanging down it doesn't interfere at all with dressing, etc.

I've had this antique, green pair of metal glove stretchers/forms for years and decided to hang them from the wreath...not sure how well you can see them in my skillfully shot photos (I wish) with my high dollar camera (another wish) but here it is anyway:

So now I've got the top done and brought in things for the countertop.  Last week I posted about my antique soup tureen (you'll like this post if you like my posts on the history of transferware pieces) turned washcloth holder...that's the ceterpiece, directly below the wreath.

To either side of the tureen I created a vignette of various pieces of transferware that I use to hold  and display makeup, lip pencils, hair pins, jewlery and even sunglasses.  

This little salt cellar is used as a trinket dish and displays some rhinestone studded bobbi pins and barettes.  I pinned a couple of butterfly upright on the edge of the dish so they look like they're hovering above.

This antique gravy bowl with attached under plate holds my sunglasses (Shawn calls one of them my Jackie-O glasses) and a few more barrettes.  The  jade necklace draped over the side is the first gift Shawn gave me, Christmas Eve 1985.  I was 18 years old.

A creamer holds more barrettes and a couple of them pinned to the side for display

And a dragonfly pin (minus his antennae) is perched atop a covered sugar bowl

I had to add something masculine here as well.  After all, it is my mans side of the vanity (gotta love that men don't need as much room as women do).  I found this giant, vintage, sales sample shaving lotion bottle for $2!  I draped a vintage Royal Borealis bracelet that my Mom gave me around the lid.  I love the amber hues in this!

Opposite, I displayed more transferware pitchers, creamers and plates. 

This plate holds some perfume bottles I decorated and some of Moms old beaded gloves.  They're so dainty!

I love a little silver and these two pitchers on the right are some of my favorites.  They are by Wedgwood in the Ferrara pattern and have a silver overlay.  One holds foundations and one lip and eye liners.  I have an old wood engraved box full of jewelry that one of my Grandmothers left me when I was in third grade.  I found the pretty hair comb in it and stuck it at the back of the pitcher.  It's so pretty, with green beading.  It looks Spanish to me.
This Masons Ascot tea caddy on the left holds q-tips and I found an antique, engraved sterling nail brush, tray and perfume bottle to display in this little vignette as well.

I added soap dispensers by each sink 

I had two medicine cabinets that I've never used...not sure I'll keep these here or not but I hung one above each of the towel racks that are next to each sink.

When all was said and went from this:

To this:

Next week I'm working on this area:

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  1. Your bathroom looks so romantic with all the stunning rhinestone touches here and all the transferware pieces. You have an awesome collection. Wish you lived closer....would love to see your collection and sit and talk. Thanks for sharing.


  2. By the way, you need to share the little bookcase above your tub. Looks very interesting!


  3. Nancy,
    This killed me! I can think of one word for your transformation: glorious!
    Of course, the transferware makes the room, and all your accessories. I loved this post!

  4. Tonya, I will do a little post on the bookcase/sehlving by the tub...maybe next week with the rest of the room. Just more of the same..transferware, transferware, transferware! lol
    Would love to sit and chat with you sometime too!

  5. I love the use of all the dishes and accessories. This is so pretty. Very creative. Hugs, Marty

  6. Wow! I LOVE your bathroom (and everything else you do)! All of your extra touches really make an ordinary bathroom look extraordinary and very special. I love the idea of using creamers, sugar bowls, and pitchers in the bathroom to hold different toiletries. Very clever. I also like how you've draped the fabric on the top of the mirror. I would have never thought of doing that, but it looks great. Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to see the rest. In fact, I'd love to see the rest of you whole entire house. Everything is just gorgeous!

  7. I am glad to see you used pretty dishes as art. Lovely!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. What a pretty pretty job you have done on this area!! I love all the different plates you used.THe flowers are lovely also!

  9. What a spectacular difference your touches have made in your bathroom. Just beautiful!

  10. Very nice!! By the way, when you get ready to change out your faucetts to oil rubbed bronze, you don't have to buy towels bars etc, just paint them with oil rubbed bronze paint. I bought some, and it works like a charm! You could even go ahead and do that part would look nice on your wallpaper. :) I love your transferware....I'm a softy for anything like that!
    Have a great day!

  11. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the fact that you chose pieces of china to accessorize with and I love the colors that you chose! I am also admiring the size of your counter and the size of your entire bathroom. I live in a small house and have the smallest bathroom known to man and beast!! Beautiful!!

  12. i am swooning over all your lovely dishes!
    that bird plate is amazing~

  13. Nancy, what a transformation. Love the plates. I really love the tureen you put the towels in. Great shape to that and a really good size.

  14. How lovely. I love the colors of your transferware. You made me forget about all the things you said you'd change later. It's really unexpected to see the tureen etc. but it looks beautiful!

  15. Breathtaking!!! So romatic and gorgeous.
    Well done

  16. Hi Nancy, thanks for coming over for a visit! You have done a spectacular job with the colors and arrangements. What a great way to use all of that beautiful transferware!

  17. I love your bathroom. The plates looks so pretty hung above the mirrors. I like how you use the matching dishes on your counter too.

  18. So romantic...luv the tureen...great idea! Hope you have a wonderful week:)


  19. Hi Nancy,
    I love your transformation! The soup tureen with the washcloths in it is a unique idea and I love all the transferware! Lovely plates above the mirror too. I will happily add your link to my post for Tea Time. I would appreciate you adding my Tea Time link to your post as well. Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day.


  20. I love, love, love transferware and ironstone, so I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, so I could find you. You have some amazing pieces and I love how you used part of your collection in your bathroom. I hang plates all over the walls. It's cheap and beautiful artwork.

  21. OH my !
    Your bathroom turned out absolutely GORGEOUS!
    It is too pretty to use everyday.

    The patterns are so pretty.
    Good job.

  22. I would never think to put plates in a bathroom but you made it work. It is stunningly beautiful. Deb

  23. FABULOUS!!! What else can I say? Your collection of transferware is amazing and of course beautiful and it looks perfect in the bathroom. what a wonderful transformation.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  24. This is just stunning and I love all your transferware. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  25. Beautiful platter and collection of plates. I love how you used your china in this bathroom. So wonderful to have such large space to use it all so well! Very colorful and pretty!


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