Sunday, March 28, 2010

Master Bath Makeover (part 3)

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

My Master bath has been a work in progress and I'm not even doing any major remodeling!  I am just going with what is here for now as I'm not ready to put any major money into a remodel right now.  Last week I covered the vanity area.  You can see that full post HERE  

Below is the area I decorated this week.

That is a  full length mirror in the back  of the above photo which is at the entrance to our closet.  I don't like not having a door there but there isn't really room for one.  Last week I showed you how I cut a sheer in half lengthwise and used it along the mirror.  I got another sheer and hung it inside the closet on a rod so we can pull it to and fro as needed.  It's just enough cover that you at least feel like you've got a bit of privacy to dress.

This floral garland over the doorway is full of large blooms, cascading leaves and branches.  I love it!

To the left of the entrance to the closet there is a wall just wide enough that I was able to hang a small collection of woven straw purses.  These double as little storage spaces for other items (scarves, gloves, etc.)

On this one I pinned one of my Grandma's antique brooches I inherited

There is a linen closet just to the left of the closet entrance with a narrow wall and here I put a metal and ceramic hook and hung some purses, more inherited vintage jewelry.  My Mother in law gave me the cuffed bracelet that rests atop the round brown purse when I first married Shawn.  It had belonged to her Mother.  It's beautiful and very special to me.

Some of these necklaces have glass beads and are quite heavy.  I think they are beautiful!

I brought in a little wine table to hold some books and an 1830's transferware handleless cup and saucer.  The little bird peeking out is one my Mom gave me.

Below the table I added a few more is a little cottage which I bought at an antique shop years ago...I've lost the handle ;-( , one is a thrift store find...I love the design on this straw buckle bag and lastly a little evening purse I also found at a thrift store for $2.  It is new but had not been used...the colors are perfect in my bathroom.

I had just enough room to squeeze in a French beside the table, still leaving room to access the closet.  I don't get in the linen closet but once a week so it's easy to move the chair aside for that..
I've got a gorgeous needlepoint rug and on oval Persian.  I played around with both rugs and different pillows in the chair...not sure which I'll leave in place...what do you think?  I suppose I could use them both at different times for a little change.

 That's all for now! Let me know what you think by commenting.  Have a great week all!

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  1. Your bath looks the needlepoint rug and pillow. Great idea to hang the purses and use as storage.

  2. I am always, always inspired by your blog and the wonderful decorating, recipes and of course gorgeous dishes!! I like how you clipped your grandmother's brooch on the purse so it can be seen and enjoyed. Good idea, no sense in keeping it put away. Also, I love the little handleless tea cup and saucer. That purple color is so pretty. Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures. Your bathroom looks great! :)

  3. You have certainly made that space your own! So pretty!

  4. Looks like pictures from a magazine ! Love your dish display !

  5. Oh, I love it! I am so happy I found your blog! I cannot wait to read more.

  6. Which ever one you choose, it will be beautiful as usual. You amaze me with your talent for displaying transferware and all things romantic/vintage. Thanks for sharing!!


  7. Everything looks so pretty! It's nice that you can display some of the special things that you love, like the purses and the jewelry. That way they become art!
    I like the colors in the floral rug for spring and summer, and the darker one for fall and winter! That's how I do things around here, anyway! I'm always changing stuff around for the seasons.I really love that sheer piece of fabric that you used for a "door". A great idea!
    I hope you'll stop by for a visit sometime.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  8. Your master bath is so homey! That needlepoint rug is gorgeous.

  9. Can I just come and live in your bathroom? That just looks so cozy and homey. And I can guarantee you I've never said that about a bathroom. LOL!

  10. What a lovely vignette you have created in your bathroom! Gorgeous!!

  11. Oh!!! Such a very pretty corner, so beautiful pieces. You do a great job!!!

  12. Quite a job you did on the decorating and you certainly do have a gorgeous needlepoint rug. Wow. Hope you'll visit us to see the headboard bench possibilities. -- Jane F.

  13. It's stunning! I love the idea of hanging the purses for additional storage. The needlepoint rug is a nice cozy touch.

  14. Hello,dear Nancy!-)*

    What a beautiful photos here by home is awesome and SO tasteful!

    Thank you So much for you visit and for you kind,lovely comment!

    Much Love,blessed days,

  15. That is such a pretty space! My daughter has that same owl pendant! She wore it for halloween when she was 2 years old (she went as an old lady) Recently she asked me to dig it out so she can wear it! Isn't that funny!
    good luck with your garage! I'm so happy mine is done, and you will be happy when yours is done also!

  16. Gorgeous ~ This is my first visit and I immediately became a "follower." Love it all!
    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment for me.

  17. Nancy, I'm in love with the Boston Terrier pillow and the neat rug with the little birdhouse on it. Don't you love layering? That's the most fun part of decorating. Thanks for sharing...


    Sheila :-)

  18. Your bathroom looks so pretty, Nancy, It is so romantic!...Christine

  19. Truly an inspiration. I adore your plates above the mirror. Would never have thought of that.. love it.. hope to use it in one of our baths.. I love your needlepoint pillows in the've truly inspired me... thanks for swinging in to say hello, I hope to see you again ..hugs ~lynne~

  20. You have so many lovely things and you have amazing style in displaying them. The half curtains and floral garland are two of my favorites.

  21. This is wonderful and I love not only the flowers, but even the tiny details like the family brooch!!!! GORGEOUS! Thanks so much, too, for stopping by and commenting on my new little blog! I'll be back to see you soon!
    Hugs, Lana

  22. Your New space turned out great! And also you have a nice collection of transferware. The pillow is a cute one also. Have a good Easter..Julian

  23. Your bathroom is gorgeous! Thank you for topping by to leave a message about my fabric covered magnetic board.

  24. This is just beyond outstanding , beyond delightful! When I logged on I 'gasped'..., Oooh my!..,

    I simply must go back and visually 'drink in' ever fabulou detail! There are just so many precious and utterly exquiste details!

    Please do also pop by to visit me 'for afternoon tea' my dear lady, I have had lots of fun with my rather whimsical post this week!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The plumed Pen

  25. Your bathroom is something else, Nancy! Filled with pretties and whimsy; love the purses and china touches! You have a real flare for decorating and you have fun doing it. It shows!
    I'm having a tea party today; I'd love for you to stop by. Happy Easter to you and your family!


  26. Beautiful...which magazine will this be published in? Love your purse collection and just adore the pillow with the dog.

  27. Dishes AND a straw bag collection! Oh my! What a wonderful place! Thank you for sharing.

  28. j'aime bien l'idée de détourner la vaisselle pour l'intégrer dans la salle d'eaux!
    originale et classe idée! amicalement jackye de France

  29. You are my favorite inspiration. I wish I had your talent for putting things together, but thanks for helping by posting such pretty pictures.

  30. Hi Nancy!
    Oh I just had to write and tell you how your bath mirror area inspired me. I too have a large mirror in my master and for 18 years never had the money to do anything with it...I now have some amazing ideas from just looking at what you have done. I hope you wont mind me borrowing and few of them as I add my own twist to it! THanks so much for sharing it certainaly is a beautiful, calming room!

    Be Blessed,


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