Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rings on Bottle Things

Recently I blogged about my Master bath transformation...sort of a transformation...I used what I had to decorate with..no major remodeling.  I had a few emails about my perfume bottles so I've decided to share my little secret.   I'm liking some of the large costume jewelry rings that are popular right now.  For Christmas this year I got at least four rings from my kiddos as part of my Christmas gifts.  I had some of them in the little shelf that's tucked under the medicine cabinet I hung up but I really wanted to show them off when I'm not wearing them.  I can't wear them all the time and surely not all at one time....so I decided to take this:

 and remove this:

and with this ring I thee

dump you lid for something better looking like this

I then realized I could do this with lots of perfume bottles...so I dumped lots of lids for rings...and when I want to wear one of them...I do!

I got this bottle for free...it was an empty sample and I just asked what they would be doing with it and the saleslady said, 'You can have it".  And isn't it nice it's aubergine and looks so good in my bathroom with all my purple and amber colors and topped with a ring!

I even gussied up one of Shawn's cologne bottles (yes his eyes rolled big time...I tell him if only eye rolling were an Olympic event...)

And this little butterfly had no place to land.... 

he landed here

This is Ashtons ring (we share)
and here she is wearing it (when the perfume bottle isn't.  These are my girls, Kalyn (left) and Ashton (right). Kalyn turned 15 on March 15th and we took her shopping and out to eat that day.

 This ring below is a pale turquoise and itsy bitsy diamond ring I inherited from one of my Grandmas when I was in third grade.  She had literally gone through all her belongings and pinned pieces of paper with the name of the person she wanted that particular item to go to.

This ring is stretchy so it conformed to the shape of the bottle

Originally I kept my costume jewelry rings in this little cubby shelf by the sink(still do keep some there!)

I had so much fun playing with all these bottles and my rings.  I now display a lot of them in the bathroom on a purple transferware plate.

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    I'm the first with my comment, because I write from Germany. It's a great idea to use the rings as an ornament of the bottles. This looks really great. Your bathroom has become beautiful. I also love the decorative plates on the wall. These transferware plates are so versatile.

    Wish you a nice Easter time.

  2. Now this is just the most stunning thing I have ever seen. I would never in a million years thought of this. I have some large costume jewelry also, and this is the best idea ever. Your vignette is just stunning. It makes all the bottle perfect jewels. Thanks so much for joining the party. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  3. Nancy, you have such beautiful taste and a refreshing take on life and the joy that can be found with our objects. I love how you make your collections and investments part of your everyday joy. Be blessed this Easter!!

  4. What a beautiful idea! Little touches can make such a big difference!

  5. What a terrific idea...and so beautiful. The bottles with the rings are little works of art.
    Have a Happy Easter,

  6. I love this idea and I am going to try it with some of my bottles!! They look absolutely fantastic!!!

  7. Just stunning....like little pieces of art! I love displaying my vintage jewelry. I have a hanging curio cabinet (what not cabinet) that I have several pieces displayed in. Also, I have several pieces in my larger curio cabinet in the living room. I love surrounding myself with thing that are special to me....like things that belonged to passed on loved ones. Thanks for sharing. It was just beautiful as usual. Happy Easter!


  8. Oh, how pretty! I really like this idea - wonderful! Now I'm wondering if any of my rings will fit on my bottles!


    P.S. - Obsession was always one of my favorite colonges!

  9. What a nice idea. That is quite a collection of rings!

  10. Nancy~I love this idea!! The rings are quite pretty but your girls just steal this post. :)

  11. These are beautiful and I love that you can see them all the time! Great! Lezlee

  12. How stunning...this is such a neat idea...luv it! Thanks for coming to my NTT party:)


  13. That is such a great idea. I love all the rings and the display. Thanks for sharing, Vicky

  14. Nancy, I just had to stop by to tell you that I hit pay dirt at a thrift shop today with red transfer ware. Check out my Thrifty Thursday post tomorrow. I was so excited!!

  15. The bottles, the rings and the girls are all gorgeous! I must say that is the most ingenious way I have ever seen to display jewelry. Hugs, Cindy S

  16. What a great idea! They look so pretty!!!

  17. Wow, that really changes the whole look of an ordinary perfume bottle! Adorable girls too:)

  18. What a great idea!! I am going to go through all my rings and go find some perfume bottles.

    :) Michelle

  19. That is a brilliant idea! I love them all! I know what I'll be looking for all summer, thanks!

  20. OMGosh..these are just beautiful !! You are so smart to think of this.
    I wish I had some pretty bottle like these!

  21. You think of the most clever things to do and your rings are beautiful -- you have gorgeous stuff -- but your two girls are the real treasures. Hope you'll come by Atticmag for our really useful giveaway. -- Jane F.


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