Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oven Fried Chicken Parmesan

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Oven Fried Chicken Parmesan
Prepare yourself for some comfy, drippin' with buttery goodness, down' home deliciousness!

8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts or 16-24 tenders (I used tenders here)

3/4 cup milk
2 eggs

I just eyeball this...I never measure it exactly
 3/4 cup flour
1 cup canned, grated parmesan cheese
1/2 - 1 tbsp paprika 

1 stick melted butter...sometimes 1 1/ depends on my need to quench my butter pangs...hehe
Whisk milk and eggs in bowl.  Set aside.  Stir flour, parmesan and paprika in bowl.  Set aside
Dip chicken in milk mixture and then in flour mixture
Do it again
Place in baking dish one next to the other

Pour melted butter on top and bake at 300° for about an hour (don't worry about completely covering the chicken in butter)
I usually serve this with fresh green beans cooked and seasoned with bacon and a little onion, chicken noodles or mashed potatoes and a roll.  This is one of my favorite chicken dishes and is so easy to make!

Mix flour and parmesan

Add paprika & stir

Whisk milk and eggs with fork to blend

Dip, drop and it again

Place in baking dish and pour melted butter over...does not have to be completely covered

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  1. Nancy I see you got the chicken memo! This dish looks absolutely sinful! Oh, this is a keeper recipe. Anything that comes out crispy from the oven gets 2 thumbs up!

  2. This looks fabulous! Would love to have you link up to my party.

  3. That looks so yummy!...I'll have to give it a try...thanks for sharing it with us! hugs, Jennifer

  4. Oh my gosh this looks good! I am definitely trying this recipe! Guess what? I sold my first piece of jewelry on Etsy! Thanks again for your encouraging words! Now I'm off to enter your great drawing! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  5. Hi Nancy. :) I make this too except I use italian breadcrumbs instead of flour. Delicious!

  6. Take two Lipitor and call me in the morning! :)
    It looks delicious, Nancy!

  7. That look so tasty!! going to have to try it... glad I stopped follower(:

  8. This dish looks wonderful! I have printed out the recipe for later this week.

  9. Hi Nancy, thats looks delicious. I will try it too. Thank you and nice greetings, Johanna

  10. Oh, yum! I'm definitely making this!

  11. Have you seen the Duchess of tea's blog, yet? It's a wowser! Same subject - food, china, tables, inspiration, love - just slightly different flavor. She is an extremely gracious lady! Her blog is "Rose Tea Cottage". (You could easily get there through the very short blogroll that I have listed on my blog.) Just be prepared for a lot to look at. = ) It's incredible!

    Love, Katy Noelle

  12. Nancy,

    This recipe looks so good..will be trying it this weekend...have chicken tenders in the freezer and my guys love parmasean cheese. Thanks for your sweet comments and are on my Blog list..I thought I had already added you so I could keep up witht that beautiful time I'm in Tulsa I'd love to visit your shop. I'm just starting to collect transferware. ( Like I need something else to collect!) We are having a glorious spring day in OKC-hope you enjoy it!

    Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  13. I'm pretty sure my family would devour this - looks like a keeper to me!

  14. That looks great! I only recently discovered "chicken tenders" in the grocery store here in AR. I like them better than chicken breasts because they are already cut up for me!
    Also, surprisingly, I only just recently figured out that you can do these chicken tenders in the oven with different coatings on them. I've done it with something as simple as crushed Ritz crackers, Italian seasoned bread crumbs, and crushed corn flakes! Also marinated them in teriyaki sauce and grilled them. YUM!
    I look forward to trying your cheesy recipe!

  15. Hi Nancy...

    I just read the sweet note that you left for me on my blog and came right over! I'm so pleased that you added Happy To Design to your list of blog follows! I have also added your fabulous blog to my list of follows...and I'm absolutely delighted to meet you, Nancy!!! I really can't believe that we haven't run into one another before now...after spending the last hour or so going through your blog, I can see that we have much in common!!! My friend, I love, love, LOVE English transferware and have a small collection! I really enjoyed seeing many of your beautiful pieces in all of those fabulous teas and tablescapes! Girl, you are sooo creative and sooo very talented...I love your style!!! You have set some of the most beautiful tables that I've ever seen...truly!!! Ohhh...and your home is gorgeous!!! I see that you lived in my state of Colorado for a short time...the Colorado Springs is a beautiful area! Ohhh my...what a view you had from your back deck! I am about 2 hrs. away from the mtns...out on the northeastern plains. I would love to live in the mtns. though!!! Hehe!

    Well my friend, meeting you and visiting your delightful blog has been such a pleasure! I am looking forward to your upcoming posts and getting to know you! Thank you so much for adding my blog to your list of follows. By the way, your baked chicken parmesan looks fabulous...thank you for sharing your recipe! My husband would love it...I will be giving it a try!!!

    Have a fabulous day, my friend...
    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  16. Yummy!
    I have made chicken parmesan before, but with a different recipe. I'll have to give this one a try... it looks delish.
    Have a great day!

  17. Wow, that looks absolutely amazing. A lot of butter, for sure, but definitely worth it!

  18. Hello Nancy,
    This is my first time to your blog. It is so beautiful, a feast for the eye and even the tummy!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I appreciate that!

  19. Looks good. That's great. Thanks for sharing!
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    Blogger Chix Designs

  20. Oh, my gosh! Looks so wonderful. Have you tried it without as much butter? I need something with less fat, but man, the picture of the finish chicken makes my mouth water.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  21. yummy!!!! I love chicken parmesan- make something similiar with sage butter sauce and panko crumbs- nice to see a different take on this classic- you have some beautiful dishes

  22. Nancy, I had company for dinner tonight and I made your chicken. It got rave reviews. My husband loved it. Thanks for this keeper.

    I am posting my table and menu for the next Tablescape Thursday and I will post a link to your post.

    Thanks again, it was so yummy and so easy!

  23. Oh napkins needed here, I'll be lickin' my fingers !

  24. YUm!!!! This look so good!

  25. Nancy,
    Thank you for bringing all your hodgepodge to my party! I will be featuring this wonderful recipe. I hope to see you again.

  26. Those look SO yummy! We will have to try it ASAP at our house! :)

  27. Hi Nancy, I came over here from Yvonne's and I am so glad I did! That chicken looks scrumptious, and I can't believe how much transferware you have !!! I have recently gotten hooked on it! I'll definitely be back!

  28. We eat a lot of chicken. I'd love to try this! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

  29. Looks amazing! I make something similar but without the butter. Yours look decidedly yummier!! haha.

    Visiting from House of Hepworths.


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