Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Homemade Ginger Ale & Parisian Glass Coasters

Who doesn't love a glass of ginger ale or lemonade after a day of gardening in the hot sun?   The kids and I spent some time today pulling weeds, mowing the yard and planting a few flowers in my container garden.  After the work was done we had some homemade ginger ale with a twist of lime.  Slightly sweet, lemony, limey and ice cold, this homemade ginger ale hits the spot.  It's better than store bought and easy to make.

I served the ginger ale in these cool glasses from Simply Abundant.  I've mentioned her fabulous store before for the vast inventory of tablewares, linens and decorative items they carry.  These are extra large goblets, with a nice weight.   Although these come in amber (of which I am a huge fan of), clear and the aqua.  The aqua just looks so summery.  It's such a soothing color,  conjuring up memories of the Caribbean and the cruises Shawn and I have taken there together. 
I had to squeeze a little brown transferware in to.  I love this Aesthetic Movement  piece with its swirly pattern on the face and trimmed in flowers and cartouche's that resemble family crests.
The tray I served on needed a little burst of light and the white pottery added just the right touch.

Now, for one of my favorite places to shop online...you've got to check out Tzaddi Home on Etsy.  The shop owner, Vicki, is a former textile and wall paper designer who has transferred that creativity into her own line of jewelry creations and home decor.  She designed and made these glass coasters using her developed method of decoupaging.  These have a vintage Parisian theme and come in sets of four, each with a different scene.  They are bevel glass coated atop and finished with a suede backing.  Practical as well as beautiful, these can be used as wall plaques or displayed on a plate holder.  I'm excited to show you more of Tzaddi's work, or just click the link above to see her shop full of beautiful works.
  I'll be featuring some of her jewelry in upcoming post and am so excited to share it with you!

This swirled, aqua colored Mercury glass votive holder adds a warm glow.
 Blues and browns mixed with a little greenery are some of my favorite color combinations and are so popular right now.
I use lots of silk greenery, florals and berries from Decorators Friend, another wonderful online shop with  a sweet heart owner.   In addition to greenery, they offer a unique selection of housewares, garden, decorative and gift items.  Love this shop!

Now to whet your whistle, here's the Ginger Ale recipe!  Enjoy!


  • 3 tablespoons grated fresh ginger root
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon active dry yeast (Champagne yeast works well without a yeast aftertaste)
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • water
  • sliced lime for garnish

Into an empty 2-liter soda bottle, put the ginger root, sugar, yeast, and lemon juice. Fill the rest of the way with water. Screw the cap onto the bottle as tight as possible. Shake the bottle well, then leave at room temperature until the bottle is too hard to squeeze, about 1-2 days. Refrigerate. To serve, pour through a tea strainer. 

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  1. Nancy, I'm one who loves a glass of cold ginger ale. I've never had home-made, so thank you for sharing the recipe. I'll give this a try. Love the birdcage table! I'm off to visit more of your recent posts while I was out of town. ~ Sarah

  2. Oh you have set such a lovely and refreshing table. Love the glasses and dishes. Your coasters are stunning also. So pretty. The gingerale sounds yummy. Thanks for the recipe and thanks for joining the party. Hugs, marty

  3. That looks so yummy and the brown transferware gorgeous!!!

  4. I LOVE coming here- so beautiful! And my kids will love trying that recipe
    xoxo Pattie

  5. I've never made homemade ginger ale, so thank you for sharing the recipe. It looks delicious, especially in those cool glasses. Beautiful settings!

  6. Come join me for the inaugural edition of What's On the Menu Wednesday. I'd love for you to link up with Mister Linky. Thanks.

  7. Your photos are gorgeous. I love fresh ginger and home made ginger ale sounds great.

    Thanks for the link to those wonderful coasters.

  8. Hi Nancy, Oh that looks so inviting, I love how you displayed your glasses with your coasters and the flowers, so pretty! My husband loves gingerale but we have never had any homemade. Thank you for sharing your recipe, I will have to make my hunny some! Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comment and hey maybe you are right the roosters could be yours. We should do a story about the traveling roosters, that would be too funny! Have a great day!

  9. Hi Nancy!
    From one Mother of SIX to another!

    Thanks for stopping by Deck The Halls of HOME with JOY! So nice to meet you! Your blog is wonderful. Come by and visit anytime!

    Have a beautiful day! Cheers to SIX! :)
    Love, Brenda

  10. A lovely blog post Nancy! i will make the giger ale at the weekend. Thank you for the inspiration.


  11. Ah Ha! That's what I should do with all of the ginger root in my freezer. Thanks! Nancy, I love the blues and, well, this is all just really, really pretty. Forever fun! I particularly like that last photograph. Cheers!

    Katy xo

  12. So fresh, love your blue glasses!


  13. Nancy, The aqua goblets are really pretty! The recipe for ginger ale sounds good too. I have heard that a person can make root beer at home as well. Your table looks pretty, as always. You are a very good decorator/designer/stylist. I think you could work for the magazines doing this, Nancy...that is, if you weren't so busy raising your family and running your transferware business. You're a talented lady and it's a privilege to have "met" you through your blog.
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  14. Nancy, What a fun, creative and beautiful post! I love the mix of brown and aqua and all your pretty glasses and coasters... and of course your brown transferware.
    I am so excited to try my hand at making homemade gingeralel. So much fun!
    I'll let you know how it goes!

  15. Nancy, how lovely to meet you and visit your stunning blog -- my apologies for the belated visit from last week's Fab Nest Friday...the move to the US is taking its toll. I just love ginger ale, will be trying this next week once we are in our new house. Looking forward to getting to know you, Coryanne

  16. Love that receipe - the one I have is a bit heavy on the ginger..I think I'll try yours to get started.

  17. I've made home made root beer before but never gingerale. It sounds so easy. I will try it. Thanks for the recipe!

  18. Those coasters are just gorgeous! I just bought some cherub ones I found on Etsy but I will check out this lady's Etsy shop:)

  19. Wow - who knew it could be so easy. The kids will get a kick out of it.


  20. Your tablescapes are amazing Nancy!

    Thank you so for stopping by this week.

  21. Ooo-la-la! So beautiful.

  22. Nancy, you can even make gingerale look beautiful! You find the BEST on-line places to shop, and most have been added to my favorites. Thank you for sharing those and for the recipe. Also, thanks so much for linking to Favorite Things. (I hope it was okay that I "stole" a photo from your blog.) laurie

  23. Nancy:

    Thanks so much for coming and joining "Summer Sundays".

    I've never heard of home made ginger ale. You make it look sooooo cooool and refreshing! Not to mention easy. I wish I could reach in and grab a glass.

    Looking forward to having you join us next Sunday!

    - The Tablescaper

  24. I've never heard of home made ginger ale. Happy Blue Monday, Nancy.

  25. Looks so inviting in the beautiful blue glass ware. Thanks for posting the recipe I will have to try it. Debbie

  26. Beautiful glassware as always! Love the light blue in coloring. Happy Blue Monday!

  27. Thanks for the lovely post. Yours pictures are gorgeous. We make homemade rootbeer every year but have never tried ginger ale. The kids love it commercially made. We will try it.

  28. So many pretty things! Your pictures are so pretty!



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