Monday, October 4, 2010

Wall Corbel to Canopy and Shop Transformation Pictures

 It seems we've been working on getting our shop ready to open to the public for a long time...I guess that really is the case!  
Walls are painted different colors to create smaller seating/room areas.  I painted this wall a dark, chocolate brown called Ancient Spice.  There is a very subtle cinnamon color in it if the light hits it just so.  I used one of the wall corbels we carry to create a canopy effect.  
Here is a picture of how all the walls looked in the store before we painted any of them.  I'd post other before pictures but they were on my computer when it crashed and I don't know if they will be salvaged or not.  This gives a good idea of how they looked though.

I hung custom drapes in a  Clarence House English Chintz made by Ma Jolie Maison Fabrics and Drapes on the wall with drapery hooks at each end, allowing the top of the curtains to form a rounded front shape.  Next,  I simply hung the corbel upside down and  over the drapes so it appears that the drapes are really attached to the corbel.  I used rose shaped, screw in drapery holders/tiebacks to hold the drapes open allowing the extra length to puddle on the floor.

 Now, it's time to start hanging plates and bringing in some accessories.  Since my shop is mostly going to be a showcase for the English Transferware I sell, I chose brown, teal and aqua transferware plates to create a grouping around the draperies. 
 I placed a French Settee between the drapes, under the make-shift canopy.  The gold fabric on the settee picks up the same color in the drapes. 
Custom made pillows in the same Chintz as the drapes and an embroidered pillow tie it all together.

 Around this room setting are lots of transferware pieces in teal, aqua, brown and polychrome combining the colors together.
I have filled in just about every nook and cranny of this space with footstools, rugs, etc. 

 How do you think it's looking so far?  I'm anxious to hear your comments.

 Custom draperies and pillows by 
Ma Jolie Maison Fabrics and Drapes All other accessories, including furnishings and transferware available HERE

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  1. How do I think so far?
    It's beautiful Nancy! The Ancient Spice wall sets off the transfer ware perfectly - I'd never have though of using a brown shade at all. What a splendid and effective idea with the corbel - looks a treat. Wish I could see it all 'for real' as I'm certain I'd be buying!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  2. All i have to say is WOW! Great job! I would love if you linked this to the French Obsession party going on now!


  3. Just lovely Nancy! Is your shop in your home or a retail space? I'll be watching for new pieces as we finish our kitchen remodel!

  4. Nancy,
    I so wished I was closer to OK...I'd certainly be at your shop opening day!! Everything is so pretty and elegant. I can see how much hard work that you and your family are putting into it.
    The Tattered Tassel

  5. I just love it!! That is an awesome idea for a home!! I love the colors, that chocolate brown and blue is awesome! I love how you displayed your plates,very non traditional!!

  6. Just gorgeous, but as always the transferware is the star of the show! Beautiful job!
    xoxo Pattie

  7. Nancy, it transforms me to a different place and time --- it is just lovely. Joni

  8. Good morning Nancy,

    Well I just love your shop, so elegant with English and Frenchy mixed together! Your brown cinnamon walls are so warm as a backdrop..I'm going to have to visit your shop when you get it all finished!!

    Miss Bloomers

  9. Great job Nancy.... I love the colors.

  10. It's a bunch of work, Nancy.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  11. I feel like I am peering into someone's beautiful home!

  12. Oh wow!!! How beautiful is that??? Very tasteful, elegant, yet it all esp. the wall color......when will the shop open??? I too wish I were closer, would visit every week to see what was new!!! best wishes...cleo

  13. I wish I could find a store like yours around here. It looks gorgeous! I love the colors and the way you made a sort of bed crown out of the corbel. That was a wonderful idea.

  14. Great looking Swag. It first I thought it was a self. but I like what it turned out to be.
    My Blue Monday link for you

  15. great job Nancy!! looking great...keep it going. prayers for much success.

  16. Wow, all your hard work shows as you go from one picture to the next. Best wishes for success in your venture.

  17. When I saw the thumbnail of this post it was a "you had me at hello" moment! GORGEOUS! I so love everything about this and wish I could come and snatch it all up! You are doing a fabulous job transforming a simple space into something that feels like it belongs in an old English manor home!

  18. Good luck with your store! I hope it goes amazingly well and you are very successful with it. Everything looks so beautiful!

  19. I love how you flipped your shelf over for a bed crown. It's a wonderful idea to put the settee in that spot. The dishes are just gorgeous. This looks like a fun place to shop.

  20. Nancy, it looks stunning! How I wish you had a shop here. I'd be stopping by weekly. ;-)

  21. This is gorgeous. I'm sure your store is going to be a MAJOR hit!

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. This is SO gorgeous!!! It looks so Antique and French! Thank you so much for linking up ?

  23. it looks RICH and ANTIQUE-Y!! Where on earth did you find all those period pieces of Furniture? I like some Transfer ware, but I love other Antiques :)

    Best wishes for success!


  24. The store is coming along great Nancy! I would be in heaven if I could paint small sections of rooms and create vignettes to my hearts content, and you get to pack a lot into a small space. I sent you an email, but now I see you are so busy! good luck with the opening~

  25. Great choices, Nancy. Your shop will be a big hit!

  26. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

  27. Your shop looks beautiful and dramatic! I love the wall color you chose and everything is so well tied together. Fabulous decorating!

  28. What a fantastic look! It looks gorgeous! You really did a nice job Nancy, I am super duper impressed by this....if I tried it, it would be one big hot mess!

  29. Hi Nancy, Can I just move in? The shop looks wonderful and I love this display. I wish you the most success!

  30. I would love to pick up this vignette and set it down in my home. Beautifully done and inspirational!
    Many thanks,

  31. Beautiful! Your creativity is amazing.

  32. Oh Nancy, that looks wonderful!!! I love the color on the walls, and that beautiful Clarence House fabric. And oh, the dishes... beyond gorgeous! Best of luck with it! :)

  33. Looks great!

  34. I'ts looking really wonderful!! I love the blue/gold/brown tones together.

    And speaking of those colors, I have something to ask you. I have some blue transferware dishes that I plan to use on my Thanksgiving table. And I'm needing some ideas and inspiration for mixing blue with the traditional fall/thanksgiving colors: golds, browns, oranges. Can't think of a better person to ask than you, because I always love the tables you set.

  35. Divine love~ think I should pop in there just to have tea and enjoy the eye candy!!!!!!! Found you a few weeks ago~ love what you dooooooooo!!!!

  36. Hi Susan,

    The furniture is actually all new, hand carved reproduction pieces. We import them from overseas. Thank you for the sweet remarks!



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