Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Little Touch of Christmas and a Winner

If you read yesterdays post then you know I was getting a little peeved with Christmas decorating this year, but I did manage to get over it.  I've been really busy decorating and working at my shop, The Vintage Abode, as I am having an open house on Saturday and of course I want it to look especially nice for that.   I'm still chiseling away at decorating my house for Christmas.    Normally, I am already finished a week into December but this year I feel I am constantly playing catch up, but I have yet to catch up.
 Even if it's subtle, I like to add something Christmas-ish to each room.  Last night I added some purple and gold glittered ornaments to a wreath which hangs over a large mirror that runs the length of  our Master bathroom. 

As you all know, I am an avid collector of transferware and have it displayed throughout my home.  Here, in the bathroom I have green and purple transferware plates over the mirror.
Here is a pic taken before I added the ornaments.  You can see the post I did on my Master Bath HERE
The purple ornaments are shatter proof but still feel, and look like glass.  They're very inexpensive and I've seen this style everywhere I've seen ornaments this year.  

In the picture below, those hand shaped things you see hanging from the bottom of the wreath are antique glove forms...in case you're wondering.

I sure wish this pic below had come out better.  I like the angle with the block glass window in the background.  The color is off.  I'm definitely no photographer, a skill I sure need to work on and a subject I need to study further!  Someday I hope to take p~e~r~f~e~c~t~l~y beautiful photos!
What do you all think of purple as a color used in Christmas decor?  I personally love it and tend to decorate to match the other colors in the room I'm decorating.  Most of my Christmas decor is gold, red, burgundy and olive green but I love all the wonderful color in the stores this season.

Ok, now for the fun part of this post.  I have a winner to announce.  
This is the winner, randomly selected via www.random.org, of the French Pillow Giveaway from Word Garden:

Kelly at My Simple Walk. 
Kelly, please contact me through my email button at the top, right hand column on my sidebar with your contact information and  I will forward it to Sally at Word Garden.  

Now, don't forget to enter the other giveaway I am hosting HERE.
I have more Giveaways coming up, so stay tuned!

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.  ~Roy L. Smith

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  1. Good Evening Nancy Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share this evening. I love the ornaments that you chose for the master bath. They are so elegant and festive, and shatterproof? I would have never guessed. They are so elegant looking. Perfect...I love the long ones that you chose to hang down by the glove forms. They are so pretty. Your colors for the bath are gorgeous. Purple and green look so grand.

    I have always loved purple for Christmas. You sure did make the master bath beautiful sweetie. I am afraid I would find myself taking a little extra time getting ready each morning, I would be admiring the work. It's SO beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing this evening. I have so enjoyed my visit. Many hugs sweetie, Sherry

  2. Beautiful Nancy! Love the purple. It looks great there with all that transferware! But, then transferware looks great anywhere.:)

  3. Nancy, I think the decorations in the bath are just perfect. I also am in love with your transferware. I would have never thought of placing my plates on the wall in the bath, but it's magical. Beautiful post, and no worries, I am also running so far behind this year, it's never going to get done!! HA! Char

  4. Nancy, I know what a stressful time it is for us all, but if I added a few touches that looked like yours I'd be over the moon! Though the purple pallette is not one I'd normally choose your decorations look stunning and elegant.
    I don't decorate until the weekend before Christmas, so I have this part of the stress to look forward to!
    My very best wishes
    Rose H

  5. Nancy, just lovely as usual. I love the saying at the end especially though. It is just so true and says all that I feel about Christmas this year. We went to our annual lighting of the tree downtown (small town) last Saturday and it was so full of small town festivities, they closed the road so everybody could walk between shops and mingle - Christmas music playing out loud, my son's chorus singing... I told my kids "THIS is what it's about - not the presents, not the shopping...THIS is what I want you to remember about the holiday season when you're all grown up and remembering back to this season as a kid"

    I hope I didn't confuse everybody by changing the name of my blog to "New England Style" from "Michelle Jamieson Interiors". I'll be posting about it hopefully by the end of the day today, but wanted to let you know that it was in fact ME :)


  6. Well Nancy, your bathroom looks amazing decorated for Christmas just by adding those pretty purple ornaments. I LOVE it! I try to do the same by going with the colors already in a room and adding complementary ornaments and touches. When all else fails, we can add gold and glitter! I know the store is taking up all your energy so don't feel badly, just do your best and forget the rest!

  7. Nancy,

    your decorations are splendid. simply beautiful!

  8. Your bathroom is gorgeous! I'd love to pamper myself in there :) Wow! Purple is so appropriate to have as a Christmas color! I never would have thought to hang plates in the bathroom... Love it!

  9. Nancy, glad to hear that I am not the only only one who isn't finished with their decorating! I do love purple at Christmas -- my sister uses it a lot. I am more, what a surprise, a red person. Your arrangements look so beautiful. It is no surprise that you are playing catch up when you are busy with a shop. Joni

  10. Listen my girl...even your not so perfect photos are a delight. When I explore your pages I am overwhelmed with a feeling of warmth and humility...they are such a pleasure...always an inspiration...so no more apologies...Nancy's Daily Dish is the place I come (just about every day) to escape the mundane that life can bring..you are a jewel in cyber space ...wishing love and laughter to you and yours :D


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