Sunday, February 6, 2011

Master Bedroom Part 3 ~ Romantic Dresser Vignette & Purple Transferware Plates

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Between the two windows in our bedroom is a long, triple dresser.  It plays host to a vignette of sentimental and vintage items all displayed on a pretty antique table cloth.  Oh yeah, there is also  purple transferware in my vignette.

The large cloche is filled with notes and letters written 25 years ago between Shawn and myself while we were dating.

In one of my previous bedroom posts I showed that I'd clipped one of my Grandma's brooches to a ribbon tied around a candle.  Here, the matching clip earrings are attached to the ends of the ribbon tied around the cloche.  I love to display vintage jewelry in unexpected places, especially pieces that have sentimental value to me.

You may remember these figurines from one of my most popular posts, "Toile de Jouy and Transferware,  A Black & White Tablescape".
A small, purple transferware bud vase holds a trio of miniature lavender roses.

There is something about hand shaped pieces I am so drawn to.  I think they are romantic.  I chose the hand shaped piece in my header not only because of it's uniqueness as a piece of transferware, but because I wanted to evoke a feeling of offering to my readers.  Here on the dresser,  this gold leafed, plaster hand gently grasps a Victorian inspired necklace created from scanned images of antique transferware.   How cool is that?  I'll tell you more about it later.

 The decanter belonged to my Great Aunt Anna Lee & Uncle Art.  Draped over it is an amethyst beaded wine bottle cover.  The clear, lidded jar in the back?  I have one on each end and they both contain scarves that coordinate with my bedroom colors.

I made a little cloche using an individual trifle dish turned upside down and placed a flower on top.  It rests on an antique transferware plate.

The ashtray by Mason's holds a silver trinket box.  This transferware pattern is called Ascot...isn't it pretty?

And below, a unique piece by Royal Worcester, this purple transferware jug has a figural spout in the shape of a mans face.  Very English looking.  I have two of these, one at each end of the vignette.   These hold loose change and a few dollar bills aka The QT Fund.  QT stands for Quik Trip which is a popular convenient store here that offers a large variety of fountain drinks, coffees, shakes, etc.   QT is sort of like 7-11 but  nicer.

Hanging above the dresser are two oblong paintings and an arrangement of transferware plates.

To this arrangement I also included a vintage wooden box decorated with some sort of green stone.  It resembles jade but it does not seem as heavy.  I am unsure of what it is, just knew I liked it when I saw it.  I bought it years ago and paid just a couple of dollars for it.  I decided to use it mixed with the plates to tie in with the other dark wood furnishings in my room and to add more dimension and texture to the wall.  I simply nailed a hook to the back of the box in one corner so it would hang at an angle.

I've had this triple dresser since the 5th grade. Shawn and I both have a piece or two of bedroom furniture from our childhood in our home.

And, here is the vignette!


Oh, and the before pic. 

You can view more of the Master Bedroom by clicking  
Part 1(armoire and purple transferware plates) or Part 2 (seating area).

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  1. Oh, how pretty! Your transferware is gorgeous and I love your vignette.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Beautiful vignette!
    I love purple transferware it is very hard to find!
    What a great way to display your love letters! I have mine in a toile box.
    Your bedroom is beautiful!
    Pamela :)

  3. Very pretty!

    I love the cloche and the letters in it. What a special display.

    Have a great day.

  4. n., the purple is gorgeous. love it. i've got computer issues. sorry how this looks. there's a key sticking. do you know which one? it rhymes with 'hey.' the shift key, too. ;-p



  5. Nancy I have to say I really love this vignette. Keeping all the pieces tightly together instead of spread out over the table is a great look and i will have to try this more. I have a tendency to space things.

    All the neat history behind each piece is wonderful!

    bee blessed

  6. What a stunning and inspiring vignette - PERFECTION. I can't wait emulate it later this week. The only problem: which room makes the cut.

  7. Nancy, the perfect romantic vignette! I'd forgotten about your little notes to each other...such a wonderful way of displaying them and also reminding yourselves just how 'it all started'. I love that you use your treasured jewelry so that you can see it every day.

  8. Oh, Nancy! I love the old love letter idea. I have old letters from when my husband and I dated as teenagers. Such sweet times. This is a wonderful way to display them.


  9. You know me,I was drooling over the keyboard on this post with all the pretty transferware in purple. How romantic to have your love letters in a cloche with that ribbon! What a great valentine idea!! Your bedroom is so pretty nancy.

  10. Absolutely fabulous!! You are my morning inspiration. I'm off to gather a few items in my home that give me that same warm feeling you have put together with dishes, flowers, books and precious jewelry and ribbon. Thank you!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Ladybug Creek

  11. Lovely vignette - the colours are great and everything is beautifully placed. Liz

  12. Such a romantic vignette for Valentine's Day.

  13. Hi Nancy, As usual, you have created a beautiful vignette. Did you say anything about the lovely plate on the dresser? I went back to look at it, and couldn't find anything. Is it hand painted? It's very pretty. (By the way, did you notice that one of the books is upside down? I always look at books.) I'll look forward to the post about the necklace. Intriguing! Blessings!

  14. It's beautiful and it so took me back to when my English Grandma was alive. She loved transferware like that although nothing would sit directly on the counter top. Even lamps would have to have a doily underneath!

    It's so atmospheric; I love what you've done =)

  15. HI Marilyn,

    I turned the book right side up! Someone else noticed that on FB. I didn't. Thanks to you all with the keen eye!


  16. This is beautiful! I love the notes in the cloche...wonderful idea!

  17. What a gorgeous vignette. I especially love the cloche dome full of love notes. Your transferware above is stellar..hugs ~lynne~

  18. I love how you've incorporated jewelry in your vignette~ what a wonderful way to use vintage earrings! And your necklace draped in the hand with transferware images~ how wonderful & genius that is! I thought for certain they were china fragments in a bezel setting~

  19. Oh how pretty. Of course you know I love the cloche and all the notes are just such precious keepsakes. Your entire vignette is wonderful and I love that you use transferware everywhere. Stunning. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  20. Nancy I cannot tell you enough how much I love your vignette. Your prints are gorgeous! I love the two little statues and the transfer ware is to die for!!

  21. What a sweet and romantic vingnette . Love the cloche with the letters.

  22. Lovely, Nancy. Your transfer ware is so pretty, and that dresser is beautiful!

  23. So very pretty and ready for Valentines!

  24. Your accessories and vignette are lovely...Christine

  25. Nancy, each vignette is lovely. It must be fun to live with such beautiful pieces. Glad you are sharing these photos with us. ~ Sarah

  26. What an interesting vignette. I'm particularly fascinated with the Royal Worcester purple transferware jugs. The face on the spout is an unusual feature. Happy TTT.

  27. Oh I love the cloche full of love sweet is that! Your whole vignette is simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy your day,

  28. Your vignette is just precious, I love the cloche and I'm always a sucker for transferware. Thanks so much for sharing.

  29. As always, a real treat to see your photos...

  30. I love that this vignette is not only beautiful...each piece holds such a special meaning to you. The notes under glass is a great idea. We have two boxes of letters around here somewhere from when we were attending separate colleges. My kids would probably die if they read them!

  31. Hi Nancy...

    My friend, you have one of the prettiest bedrooms ever!!! What a lovely place to retreat to...and relax! Your dresser vignette is sooo pretty! I just adore the figurines and I do remember when you used them in the tablescape! I just love that the children are holding bunnies...simply adorable! Love, love, LOVE all of that gorgeous purple romantic I think! Ohhh...which reminds me...I thought that putting your love letters under the cloche was the most awesome idea...I really do love that! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous bedroom and vignette with was such a treat!

    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my Valentine place setting! I sooo enjoyed your sweet note, Nancy! Thank you!

    Warmest wishes and Happy Valentine's Day!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  32. Well, the photos in this post made me swoon! LOVE the cloche with the notes...and the hand holding the "transferware" necklace - can't wait to read on that one. I can't tell you how the little hands dish in your header excites me, too (yes, I love hands, also). Happy White Wednesday - Tanya

  33. Simply beautiful! I love how you went up so high with the plate grouping! I would love to do something like this in our bedroom, but we would have to put the gynormous tv on the bed since it sits like king tut on the dresser! One can only hope for change in this lifetime. thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us!

  34. I never ever came across purple transferware at a market or store, but I must say, it is totally awesome! Love your collection!

  35. Hi Nancy, I cannot believe all of the nostalgia and memories you have in that singular vignette! I truly, truly love your cloche of letters, definitely copy worthy. Hugs, Kim

  36. What a truly lovely vignette for your dresser,
    so sweet and romantic. Love the whole wall behind it as well. You did a great job with the plate
    arrangement too.
    Blessings, Nellie

  37. Love it! It's so beautiful. I love the cherubs. But my favorite is the cloche filled with love notes that the two of you wrote to one another. That is very sweet. Oh, and I love the transferware. Fabulous color.

  38. I love the cloche idea of putting love letters inside. I have a bunch. It would also be cute to have valentines cards from your children over the years in there too.

  39. I love your tablescaping. Wonderful ideas you have shared. The purple transferware is one of my favorites. Many thanks for sharing your post with us. We look forward to you having tea with us soon.

  40. I'll be honest. Normally I find those hands to be kinda creepy. However, I love the way you displayed it with the necklace and that's my favorite part of your pretty vignette. I know it must please you to have so many meaningful things to look at from your loved ones each day.

  41. Good Evening Nancy, this is really so Victorian and just beautiful my friend..I love how you did it all WOW!! your good girl your very good..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  42. So romantic and pretty!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  43. Hi Nancy~ I love your entire vignette- the plates on the wall, the cherub- but the cloche of love notes is fantastic and soooo sweet! I love it!! Thanks for sharing this at my party this week! :)


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