Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shabby Beach Cottage Bathroom Reveal

Check this room off the list.

Lets first take a look at the before photos of the bathroom.  You can see the post HERE that shows more of how filthy this house was when we found it.
 The floor above was regrouted and some of the broken tiles were replaced.

Besides obviously needing to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, which was the first thing Kalyn and I did, the second thing was to take the doors off the vanity.  One was already broken partially off and missing,  and one was hanging by a single latch.

  Next I sanded down some of the areas that were badly chipped and painted the cabinets Table Linen White.  I'm using this on the woordwork throughout the house.  I found these Lowes Promotional Codes which helped save money on my mini bathroom remodel.

I installed tension rods underneath the cabinets and opted to hang sand colored tiers in the back and some Heritage lace tiers (from our first home!) in front, doing away with the doors altogether.

The ticking striped, canvas rugs were a $3.99 find at Ross!

To create the look I wanted for the shower curtain I used one standard sized shower curtain which I found at Home Brands New and Used.  This is an Ebay store specializing in housewares and decor that have been discontinued.   She carries name brands and has such a cute selection to choose from, all with very reasonable pricing.  
I love the mix of fabrics, the touch of pink and the crochet lace trim.

I wanted more height than a standard shower curtain offers,  the addition of darker blues and more pattern for the cottage feel I was aiming for so I turned to another Ebay shop, Show Cases Fine Sewing Plus for a custom toile valance to finish out the look.  This shop carries over 80 toile valances as well as many other styles and does custom work. 
I hung this valance on another shower curtain rod and simply raised it about 15" above the standard shower curtain.   This is stationary and the standard curtain below it opens and closes for getting in/out of the shower.
I added the pretty rose hooks to tie in with the pinks in the room.  These are just fitted between the gatherings at the top of the valance, over the rod.  From each hook I hung a twine wrapped jar with seashells attached, which pulls in the beachy cottage feel.


 I looked and looked for the pictures of the walls before I painted and I can't find them on my computer anywhere.  They were papered in an 80's era wallpaper.  It was white with green, blue and red stripes and little tan dots. Although it was filthy with writings, marks and dirt, it was very much intact.   So, shhhhh, I know you're not supposed to do this but...I painted right over it.   This color is called coffee with cream, but should have been called cream with coffee.  The only people I know whose coffee looks like this after adding cream are Shawn and Jonah.  I just finished painting my office this color to.   I like it because it's pretty neutral.  In this room where there are no windows it's much more like a sand color, which is why I chose it.

Over the twalletia (toilet) as we call it, hangs a painting in oil by my Mom of a vase full of daisies.  This is called a pallet knife painting (done entirely with a pallet knife, like these shown below, and no brushes).  

This won some awards and came in first place in one of the art shows she had entered.  It's about 35 years old. 

 Continuing on with the cottage beach theme, over the painting I draped a starfish motif' lace runner trimmed with seashells.

The cabinetry in this area got the paint job I wanted and intended for the rest of the woodwork.  Instead of a full coat of paint, I just barely got paint on my brush and gave the cabinets a light, quick once over which ended up in almost a white washed reminds me of weathered driftwood and goes so well with the theme in this room.

When I painted around the sinks it was night and being about as blind as a bat I grabbed the wrong paint and painted them a flat ceiling white.  After realizing the error of my ways, I went back over it with the Table Linen White.  

This towel ring was already here but it definitely needed a makeover.

Again, in keeping with the cottage beach theme, I dug around my candle ring stash and came up with this one made of seashells.  I just used picture wire to attach it to the ring, creating a seashell towel ring. EASY fix!

Have you heard of Canvas4Life?  You can upload any image from from your computer and then they reproduce it as a canvas print.  For this room, I chose an image of  a porch decorated with wicker furniture, flowers and seashells overlooking the beach,

and an 1896 print from a painting by Kate Greenaway entitled "A Sailors Wife'.  I'll be announcing a Canvas4Life giveaway this week!
Both of my images were 'poor quality' but still came out wonderfully produced on the canvas.  Canvas4Life has a built in image screener which will let you know the quality of the image you upload.  That was nice, because with mine being poor quality they would not have come out clear had I chosen larger images.

Okay, moving on around the bathroom...I was able to put together a small collection of vintage jewelry made entirely of seashells.  
This darling brooch and earrings came from GretchensPretties, an Etsy shop offering vintage jewelry and accessories, and are displayed in a sheet print transferware patterned soap dish, Calico by Royal Crownford.

A Charlotte, blue transferware toothbrush holder displays a vintage bun holder adorned with tiny seashells from HardlyAbleStable where you can find a fantastic array of vintage jewelry and decorative items.
This stunning boutonniere is from VintageVasso, an Etsy shop featuring hundreds of vintage home decor  items.   This is made of tiny little shells, each one intricately wired to form a floral bouquet.  Isn't it amazing?  I'm a little enthralled with these delicate seashell intricacies.

Transferware egg cups make perfectly adorable  storage containers for the girls bobbi pins and jewelry.

On the counter, between the sinks was a big brownish stain that I could not get out even after scouring with Comet a few I just covered it up with a pretty woven tray which holds a blue transferware vase filled with pink roses, a hand shaped dish (like the one in my header but this is a Calico pattern), a white wicker Barbie chair from my childhood,  an Aesthetic movement transferware razor box and a few scattered seashells.  Behind this little vignette stands a seashell framed mirror.

On one side of the tray is a vintage glass compote (.75 thrift store find) filled with the crushed seashells and a candle. 
The crushed shells are the leftovers from the light fixture makeover I shared HERE

On the other side of the tray is this cute jar wrapped with hemp and shells.  I filled it with bath salts and an antique souvenir spoon from Portland, Oregon dated 1905.  The handle is art nouveau design, made of sterling and the spoon is made from a real shell, hand painted with pink flowers and writing indicating its origin and date. 

A bakers rack holds more wicker/woven baskets lined with vintage ruffled napkins, and towels.  The baskets are supposed to hold the girls hair straighteners, etc. but sometimes they quickly 'clean up' by putting everything in here including their dirty clothers...arrrgh!
Another basket, blue transferware wash bowl & basin filled with pink hydrangeas, and greenery are displayed on the shelf over the toilet.

I couldn't help but to mix in some Safe Harbour transferware pieces...perfect fit with the nautical scenes and floral border.  I have extra pieces for sale in my Etsy shop.

I'm really pleased with how this bathroom turned out!  So, whatcha think?

I heard thunder a few minutes ago...and now it's raining here!  yaaay! 
 I've got my living room painted, my entryway finished, and my office painted  so look for those posts coming soon!


  1. I can't believe this is the same bathroom. Congratulations on a job well done! La

  2. I'm so in love with your ideas.I want your bathroom-only in lavender.I still want to buy lavender transferware from you.I would love to write a check or whatever.I even picked one out several months ago. Your Fan Denise

  3. Wow!!!!! I absolutely love all of it. You did a wonderful job, and you had such great, original ideas.

  4. It's so very pretty, Nancy.
    You have such a skill with putting pieces together, and it's being put to great use in this house.

  5. Hi Nancy! Oh, you're just wonderful! I love everything you've done to your bathroom! Love your beachy theme. The painting your mom painted is so beautiful - how talented! You've thought of everything! and I love your little rim shell dipped lights! You're so smart.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Nancy, If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed the transformation! As always, you did a beautiful job. Girl, you got some serious skills!

  7. How lovely!!! It is simply beautiful!!


  8. It looks fantastic. Such an incredible difference. I am amazed that you can take such a filthy place and turn it into such a charming place. Hugs, Marty

  9. How lovely! I know you are so happy to be done and be able to enjoy your lovely "new" bath!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Nancy, This is quite a transformation. All the hard work you have put into this home is really paying off. The bathroom is beautiful!

  11. Oh wow. Speechless. When I first saw the pictures you posted of your new house I was intrigued by what your vision was. Well, your vision is remarkable and your completed project amazing. You have done a magnificent job on that bathroom. Wow. Congrats.
    xo marlis

  12. You go girl!!! Another amazing transformation!!! Love all of it.....esp. the use of the basket on the vanity, great idea!!! Love the use of the curtains instead of doors, very old fashioned, can't wait to see more pics....hugs...cleo

  13. Job well done Nancy!! I LOVE your beachy bathroom transformation!! Martina

  14. Wow Nancy! You turned that mess into a dream bathroom. I cannot believe all the beautiful things you found a place for. Love the theme and your Mom's picture is perfect. What a treasure.
    As always, I have Blue and White dish envy.
    We have transformed a several houses that were in that condition. I know how much work it is, but so satisfing when done.

  15. Beautiful makeover!!! So much creativity!!! It's beautiful!!!

  16. Hi lovely lady.
    This Bathroom is Beautiful Nancy !!! You did a great job, I love all your pitures of putting it altogether sweet. I hope you have a Great Week with your family. I will put you on my blog and your link... I did put you on my facebook...
    XXOO Diane

  17. That is beautiful Nancy!! Even if I had the "things", I would never have enough sense to put together such a lovely room!!
    Blessings to you,

  18. Your transformations in this house are amazing, Nancy! I saw the post you did when you first showed it and I can't believe some of these are the same rooms. You are not only a brave woman, but a talented one!

  19. Your bathroom is very pretty now, you are so detail oriented! Amazing details!
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. Amazing makeover! I can see your house standing up a little straighter...a whole lot more proud...with each room that you renovate. Thank you for sharing this particular phoenix rising from the ashes. Cherry Kay

  21. Nancy, if you had described the bathroom to me, I might have thought it was a bit over the top with shells. How wrong I would have been. It has come together amazingly well. I love everything about it. Being very thrifty myself, I especially the compote with the candle in it...especially as it ws only 75c. Do you know you couldn't buy that for less than $15 dollars in a thrift store here. Anyway, you are very clever. well done!!

    By the way here's a little tip for you regarding the stain....have you tried gumption and glycerine or almond oil? Clean with very fine scourer and gumption, then if the stain comes out but you ar left with a lack of shine, rub with Glycering or almond oil. You could also try the same with Hydrogen Peroxide then the oil finish. It might help.

    I got these tips from my magic book called "spotless" by Shannon Lush and Jennifer flemming. it has helped me out of many tight spots...pardon the pun! lol. I was even able to get permnent marker pen out of my upholstery, with sour milk no less...Who'd have thought? I'm sure you could get it on Amazon.

    After all that I still like the basket.


  22. I'm so honored that you chose to join the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Thank you for adding this special masterpiece to rock my party :)

  23. You have gone to great lengths to make this bathroom spectacular and it does not disappoint!
    All I can say is, WOW!!!
    Thanks for entering our give away.
    Best of luck!

  24. You have been one busy lady. I know you are so glad to have this done. Thanks for sharing at WUW.

  25. NAncy,
    I have just spent some time visiting your blog and going back over past posts showing the house as you found it and the rooms you have redone!!
    My hat is off to you BIG TIME!! I can not even begin to imagine the amount of cleaning that had to take place until you were able to move your family into this house. But in seeing the finished rooms, you have made this horrible house into a beautiful home for your family.
    And you said that this is a rental?? The owner should get down and kiss the ground you walk on after seeing how you turned something that actually could have been delared condemned into a showhouse!
    You should honestly submit before and after pics to a magazine!! Or write a book about this experience!!
    You are truly amazing!!


  26. Oh Nancy, this is just absolutely an unbelievable transformation!!! It is so gorgeous and the details are amazing. You did such a fabulous job and we are so glad you shared it last weekend with us at Inspiration Friday!

  27. I am awestruck by your accomplishments. I want to gather everything in and just study it all. I'm thinking if my house could look like yours...or anywhere nearly like it...maybe my husband would not see my things as clutter and actually like it. Ahh, what a challenge for me. Thank you so much for your inspiration. I am getting a lot of help from your fabulous pictures.

  28. Oh Nancy! It is amazing! I cannot even imagine that this is the same disgusting room you had to deal with. And boy did you ever~it looks soooo pretty! I love how you turn lemons in to lemonade girl. Truly inspirational! I never doubted you could do it!!

  29. absolutely fabulous and removing the doors and adding the curtains was pure genius!

  30. Nancy:

    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Your beach cottage bathroom is adorable!

    Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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