Friday, November 14, 2014

A Melange of Autumn & Thanksgiving Transferware Tablescapes

  I have been busy trying to get my shop stocked up for the holidays, so I'm sharing some of my favorite Fall and Thanksgiving tables from the past.  I've been seeing many blogs posting Christmas decor and I'm still trying to figure out Thanksgiving details!  How about you?

  As for the tables I'm sharing tonight,  I've provided link backs in case you see something you like and might want more details of how I put each table together.  One common thing among the settings is that I always shop my house for things I can use in the tables I set.  It forces, and allows, me to be creative….and keeps me from spending money that I don't have to spend in the first place. 

Most of us don't think of using black for Thanksgiving, but the plates in this first setting provided enough touches of  traditional Fall colors of oranges and browns to pull them in.   My favorite thing about this table (besides the transferware plates) was using a  long needlepoint rug runner in lieu of a traditional runner or tablecloth.  It provided such a nice texture and looked so rich in person.  Together, I think the black and amber tones really make a strikingly elegant and yet warm setting.  More of this table can be seen HERE

Loving the history around the plates used in this next tablescape and choosing another unusual color scheme for a Thanksgiving table was the idea behind this setting.  The purple transferware plates are circa 1930 and each features a different scene from Colonial American history.  The history of the plates used in, and the details of, along with more photos of this table can be found HERE .

This next table is one that I had originally put together with Tara Young of Etsy for the documentary short when they were filming at my house two years ago.  I am a 'more is more' person so I reworked the table and added the centerpiece and other elements.  Still a simple tablescape but with more texture than before. You can see how this scape evolved and find the tutorial for the centerpiece HERE

This was a more recent tablesetting, using one of the seasons all time favorite and collected transferware patterns, Harvest Fruit, by Johnson Brothers.  It features a hand painted face with a plethora of Autumn fruits and flowers with a rich chocolate brown border.    More of this table HERE

Pheasants are naturally a good choice for Fall or Thanksgiving table setting and decor.  I enjoyed using a lot of varied elements in this setting, from mixing transferware patterns to using the grapevine wreaths as chargers and other gifts from nature like pheasant feathers, pinecones and tree branches sliced into little discs.  Details of this table can be found HERE

This next table setting was created with guess who in mind?  If you read much of my blog you all know Trevor loves Boise State and their colors are blue and orange.   Besides,  blue and orange are complimentary colors so, well…HERE we have ourselves a  Thanksgiving table set in those colors!

Below is a table I'd set as a display when I had a brick and mortar store several years back.  These Royal Doulton plates are some of the most beautiful plates I've seen in shades of muted orange and sage.  I held onto them for the longest time but finally decided to let them go…four sold right away and there are two left in my shop!  I have never come across any of them since.  More of this table HERE

Similar to the colors above, this table featured simple sage colored transferware plates with hand painted roses, leopard print placemats, and a paisley sheet as a tablecloth.   I love the mix of roses, paisley and animal print!  These dishes are available HERE and the full tablesetting is HERE

Each setting was topped with a ceramic pumpkin

When it comes to setting a table, I usually begin by shopping my house for elements that will work.  In this purple, brown and amber colored scape I used my favorite bed blanket as a table covering and an antique chest box cover to create my centerpiece upon.  The details of this table setting are in this post, HERE

And these last two tables are set with my favorite patterns that you all probably get sick of me talking about, Spode Byron which you can view in detail HERE

and Rural Scenes which can be seen in detail HERE

This last photo is the table above when we ate at it.  My kids are oblivious to a photo being taken when it's chow time!

Hope you are further ahead in your holiday planning than I am!  
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. They are all beautiful but the first photo with the black is stunning to me. I adore the plates and the rich colors used in this setting are gorgeous.

  2. Pure candy for my eyes, Nancy. I love all the dishes, but my favorite tablescapes are those with the natural elements as decor (the Etsy table, the grapevine wreath chargers). Also, I love the unique way you set the flatware on the diagonal. Your dishwares and tables are always an inspiration for me, thank you!

  3. These are all gorgeous, as usual. No way to pick a favorite.

  4. Oh Nancy, My husband is bugging me to finish taping a box to send to our daughter, but I cannot tear myself away from all these table settings. OH BE STILL MY HEART. Amazing. You are a Goddess! :-) Happy Thanksgiving! Cass

  5. It is sometimes hard to be in business, and need to prep the holidays before you are ready to enjoy them. Thanks for taking the time to collect your Thanksgiving Tables from the Past for us to enjoy!

  6. Oh, Nancy, what an astounding post. I'm in awe of your collection, but stunned by the Spode Byron. Your table honors this extraordinary set so well. It is such a thrill to follow your blog and know that there are others who feel about dishware the same way I do. Your pictures are beautiful and I love the history you share as well. Thank you for sharing all your efforts. Bravo! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  7. Each one beautiful, Nancy. I'm always amazed at the variety within your collection and store stock. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous Thanksgiving tablesettings.

  8. So many beautiful tables Nancy! You should have a book published! Love all the transferware of course!
    Miss Bloomers

  9. Nancy, you are the master of Thanksgiving tablescapes. They are all beautiful! I pinned them for reference when I set my table next week. I will be using transferware reproductions and whatever I can find in my stash. With the ideas from your tables I should a darn nice table (I hope) . Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Wow Nancy, I can NOT pick a favorite. They are all fabulous! You have so many stunning sets of dishes. I recently found some transferware with a fruit motif at our local thrift and boy did my heart skip a beat. Love the pop of black to draw attention to the turkeys breast and the purples are a fun change! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. They are each so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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