Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shawn's Fab Find - A Transferware Compote = Ice Bucket!

 If you've followed my blog for any time you might remember that Shawn is not exactly the shopping type, but over the past couple of years he has most definitely come around and most times, he's game for a day of antiquing and yard sales.  In fact, when we do go out his eagle eyes go on full alert and he relishes, deeply, in finding a deal before I do!  And, dang it if he doesn't usually do it!  

A couple of weeks back, we took off to Claremore to check out some of the shops there.  Once again he scored before I did with this beauty.

This brown transferware footed bowl is from the Aesthetic Movement dating between 1860-90.  It is an unusual, ample sized piece.  
It is simply gorgeous.  

 Shawn brought it over to me with a grim little smile on his face knowing he'd found the mother lode, and knowing I had found nothing to compare.  

However, I took one look at this and immediately envisioned it as you see it now, well this and as a punch bowl.   And I know he wouldn't have thought of this, so it makes us even, right?
 Stock it with wine, beer, sodas, etc, throw in some ice and toss a few acorns, pinecones, etc in for an Autumnal effect and well-ah!!
An ice bucket, cooler is born!
You could do this with any soup tureen or wash basin, especially with the upcoming holiday entertaining. 

What do you think?  


  1. GAAHHH! Mother Lode is an understatement, Nancy!! Oh my gosh, please put my name on that one for first refusal if you ever decide to sell it. Or, you can choose to put my name on it in your will. :^P You ARE keeping all us readers in your will, aren't you?? It's beyond fabulous.

    1. HI Rita, Yes it's an awesome piece. I'd really like to keep it but I don't have room and I can't afford to right now! I thought it made a perfect wine cooler / ice bucket though! It's listed in my online shop now and everything is 15% off...code is October2015 and good through next week.

      Have a great week!

  2. Can you tell us anything about the pattern? What a find!

  3. Great score Shawn
    That is a wonderful find makes me want to hit the road out scouting around for more transferware

    all your finds are wonderful

  4. Such an awesome piece! I love your idea for using it as an ice bucket on a lovely holiday buffet.
    Just imagine!

  5. Its' awesome!! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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