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Showing posts from February 21, 2010

Working with Transferware...a glimpse at my desk.

By now, you may have figured out that I like transferware. I like it a lot.  I’m OCD, so...collecting...for me, is…well…an obsession. I am a 'more is never enough' type of decorator and there’s never enough when it comes to transferware, especially if you're a little (lot) obsessed with it!  Of course I love to decorate with transferware, but I also love to use it in practical ways (plus it gives me some good reasons to keep buying it ;-). I use it in every room of the house, with exception to my kids’ rooms (their day is coming).  I've been asked how I use my transferware so I’m going to do a few posts showing the different ways I use various pieces in  everyday applications.  I do the majority of my work at home so I thought I'd show you all my desk.  My Father in law gave the desk to Shawn and me some years back.   On the right I’ve got several pieces: A toothpick holder serves as a perfect fit for my business cards: I love this Jack in the P

Breakfast with the Butler

Living in a house with 7 other people rarely leaves time for one to spend alone. Sometimes I yearn for a little aloneness, time to myself, peace and quiet. This morning my house just happens to be empty, but instead of planning my peace filled day, I’m finding that I really don’t want to be alone at all, and I’m feeling a little blue, sooooo…….I’ve decided to ask my butler to spend some time with me. Isn’t he the cutest little guy? I call him Bumbles. He always has a grin on his face and serves up the most scrumptious treats. This morning was no exception. Knowing I was feeling a bit down, he made me the most delicious Sour Cream Coffee Cake for breakfast.  Oh, it was heavenly alright…just the aroma this cake permeates throughout the house is as wonderful to the nose as is a bite of this to your tongue! Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm.  It’s one of those cakes whose scent lingers on for hours and you think to yourself, “Grandma must be baking”. Bumbles doesn’t always like to share his recipes