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Woodland Easter Table w/ Purple Transferware

It doesn't seem like it should be Spring to me and Easter being in March this year makes it seem like it's here even faster!  I haven't posted many tablescapes lately but was so excited to create something when one of my sponsors sent me a set of 8 tree slice chargers  to work with. I have had my eye on these tree chargers  for the looooooongest time, so when Kimberly Congdon, owner of Roxy Heart Vintage , sent me a box full of them I was more than excited to put them to use.  When I first came across these on Etsy, almost two years ago,  I thought they'd be so pretty paired with my brown Rural Scenes dishes or even my Spode Byron for a Fall tablescape but I couldn't wait that long to use them! The chargers are all unique in size and shape from one another since they are cut from real fallen trees.  I love that!  Kimberly works with lots of brides for special weddings and will engrave and personalize your chargers if you wish.  I kind