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Showing posts from May 30, 2010

Bird Cage Dining Table

I hate throwing things away.  It is seriously hard for me to thrown anything out that I think I just might, someday, some year, be able to use for some thing.  My husband is the opposite from me in that respect.  If it's broke, chunk it, if we don't use it donate or else chunk it.  I have actually dug a couple things out of the trash that he has thrown out!  How bad and sad is that?  Digging through my own trash! We import hand carved furniture by the container load.  In this business it is not uncommon to receive some damaged pieces.  My husband literally will just toss them into the trash dumpster but I...I really can't do it.  He usually does this when I'm not there.  I managed to keep a few pieces this time and although they've hung around the warehouse for a looong time I finally got inspiration (from many bloggers and especially Miss Mustard Seed ) to go for it! One of the pieces we received damaged was a 7' tall birdcage.  The cage is about 32-34"

Red, Yellow & Pink Aesthetic Transferware Tablescape

Vintage linens, transferware, roses...some of my favorite things are all gathered here for this fresh tablescape.  It's an amalgamation of styles but blends nicely with sunny yellows, warm reds and vibrant pinks all playing together for a cheery combination. You know I love layering, so  I began by laying a checked drapery panel to set the color scheme of pinks, reds, golds and green.  Over that I added this vintage, scallop edged tablecloth atop from Pixie Dust Linens .  It is embroidered with baskets of flowers all in my color scheme for this table.  Pixie Dust Linens is a fabulous online Etsy shop specializing in vintage table linens.  For my centerpiece, I used a late 19th century slop pail by John Maddock.  It is a brown transfer ware pattern with hand painted chrysanthemums of pink and yellow.  I then removed the lid and placed it askew at the base.  I lined the pot with another Pixie Dust Linens find, allowing the crocheted ends to hang over. Next I filled the pot w