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From Conflict to Collectible

If you've traveled around blogland or antique shops in Europe and sometimes here in the States then you might have come across some of these baskets.  Often times people are unsure of what they are...but they do know what they will use them for.  Some of the most beautiful ways I've seen these baskets used have been by bloggers.  Two of my blogging friends,  Marcy at Antique Chase and Sherry at No Minimalist Here  both have these types of baskets that they use for housing their bread board collections. Here's Marcy's basket...and don't forget to note her display of ironstone and brown transferware wash basins she's collected and so beautifully displayed.  The post is gorgeous, you can see it in its entirety  HERE . And here is Sherry's Over at Motley Junket , after searching for over 8 years she found one and filled it with hydrangeas. Check out this basket in the entry way below.  I wonder if this one wasn't stain

Simply Delish ~ Veggie Side Dish

Kick it up a notch and make this side dish for your family!   My entire family, even my carnivorous husband,  loves this seasoned veggie combination I came up with not too long ago when wanting something a little different for a vegetable dish.  I've made it several times since then and everyone is glad to see it being served up. You'll probably want to make less of this since I have prepared it for 8 and it makes 8 big servings.  Sorry I don't have exact amounts.  I just wing it but you'll get the idea! Seasoned Green Beans and Carrots (I have also added red pepper, yellow squash and/or mushrooms so mix it up to your liking!) 2 lbs fresh string green beans, washed 1 lb peeled baby carrots (regular carrots are fine to) 1 large red onion, chopped Appx. 2 tsp Lawrys or Season All Appx 1- 2 tsp garlic powder Appx 1 tsp salt Appx 1 tsp pepper  Appx 1/2 stick butter Use the spices according to your tastes.   I first cook th