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A Hunting We Will Go Tablescape & Winner

First things first...winner of the $30 gift certificate to Weaves Beads , from The Great Out of Drawers Post is Cass at That Old House   Cass, Congratulations!  Please contact me via email with your information and I'll put you in touch with Joy to claim your prize! Another giveaway starts within two days! This week I chose to do something with a transferware pattern called Quail by can buy these HERE I draped the table...literally.  I used two drapery panels as my table cloth with a small beaded jacquard design.  I made a huge arrangement with creamy white hydrangeas, feathers, berries and lots of variegated greenery and placed a bronze pointer statue in the center.  At the back of the arrangement I added some topiary forms covered with feathers to add some additional height and dimension to my arrangement. These are some of my all time favorite place mats.  They are hand made of real pheasant feathers.  I keep one out on a table most all of the time with

My Spode Abode

Spode That pitcher there, with quaint device, Upon the shelf, a curious bit, I know it is a thing of price Because I paid for it. She calls it Spode, my loving wife; Just what that means I cannot say; It is a joy that lights her life; She dusts it every day. Like a devoted worshiper She speaks of it in tender tones; It is a precious boon to her, I feel this in my bones. 'Twould be from it a pain to part; Without it what were this abode? I often wish with all my heart My middle name were SPODE! ~Clinton Scollard from the New York American Although John Sadler and Guy Green of Liverpool invented the transferware process in the mid 18th century it is, without question, Josiah Spode whose name is perpetuated in the development and perfection of underglaze printing on earthenware. In large part, Josiah Spode's advances in underglazed blue printing and the production of bone china, which rivaled that of the finest wares brought over from the Orie

Small Change Big Impact

Small changes can make a big impact.  Do you ever put something up just so you'll have something there until the perfect thing comes along for that space?  That's what I did below.  I had papered the room and had this one bare spot that I thought needed something.  I had this canvas print of  a peacock, and although I do like the picture the frame is pretty sad.    So I have looked around for something that would work and found an oil painting at Grace Fine Art entitled Stacking Hay.  The dealer was so sweet to work with and offers a gorgeous selection of hand painted oils, prints, lithographs and original paintings.  She has an Ebay store full of beautiful works in several genre's.   I chose this painting because I am so fond of bucolic scenery.   I added a plant stand that was in my home growing up and a tole planter with greenery below the painting.   To balance with the other walls in the room where I have curio cabinets to the ceiling I wanted a little more