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Italian Cream Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

 Trevor helped me make four of his favorite cakes, Italian Cream, last weekend, for the restaurant.   I love it when my kids help out in the kitchen.  It is one of my favorite ways to spend time together.  They all enjoy cooking, to some degree or another, and can be easily persuaded to join in on the preparation when it's one of their favorites.     Originally, I was going to share a recipe for cinnamon pull apart rolls I made last weekend, but this was all that was left of them for me to photograph. Then I remembered that I said I'd share the recipe for Italian Cream Cake, and since Trevor was helping out it seemed the perfect time to get some photos and share this excellent recipe.  Together, Trev and I made four of them, triple layered, for the restaurant. These photos are of one of the Italian Cream Cakes I made a few weeks back. I made that one in tiers, just for fun, but all of the others have been made in 8" or 9 " round pans.  

The Want Of Write

The Want of Write If only I had sparsely enough time To study mere words and then to write- To understand some articulation, to let a thought flow forth right- I believe it quite probable  that I should soar in ever-flight. Instead, here am I, trapped in the dead of night. ©2002 Nancy Roberts Joining 504 Main and 2805

Wedgwood Purple Transferware Tablescape & Winner

Yep, the old birdcage dining table has made it into my breakfast room.  I haven't decided if I like it here or not.  I don't usually have the top on the table... ...normally it looks like this... ...actually, I take that back. It does not usually look this way because usually these two guys are never found sitting at the table doing homework.   Mr. Boise State is questioning my sudden chest pangs...  I think I'm having a heart attack after witnessing this rare event! I have had these Wedgwood plates for a few years and have never used or listed them until now.   I kept this table simple, using no tablecloth or placemats.  I sometimes like this 'clean' look.  They've got a very detailed, relief border.  I love plates like this! They are wonderful for layering because of the border.  These are a purple transferware with the other color being entirely handpainted.  The underplates have the same border as t