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A Patio Tour, Breakfast and a GIVEAWAY!

If I can get outside early enough, before it's too hot, I like eating on the back patio.  Fresh strawberries, a lemon poppy seed  bagel and a cup of tea with fresh lemon make for a simple yet satisfying breakfast.  Grab a cup of tea or coffee and join me. I set my table on the patio with a vintage yellow plate by Meakin in the Medici pattern.  Ethan and Kalyn love the pattern on these dishes.  The table is set with vintage, purple ceramic handled flatware.  I believe it's Noritake, but don't recall with certainty. A bandana serves as a napkin with berry and butterfly napkin rings A little green and purple transferware crescent dish above the plate, just for fun.  I have some of these for sale in my Etsy shop and keep one out on the patio.  I love the garden theme. I always like a little greenery or flowers at the table so I added a little topiary I made with a purple transferware creamer.   I'll post more on these later, with a tutorial. My back patio is re

Chicken Wonton Dumpling Appetizers

Have some leftover roasted chicken?  Here is a scrumptious appetizer you'll absolutely love.  It's equally beautiful too and elegant enough to serve at a ladies luncheon or dinner party and fast enough to make for a quick snack or small meal.  Starring: Chicken Wonton Dumplings Appx 1 cup leftover roast chicken, shredded  1 cup ricotta cheese couple sprigs fresh thyme, chopped (or about 2 tsp dried) About 2 tsp fresh grated lemon zest salt to taste fresh cracked pepper to taste Stir above ingredients to blend and set aside ***Wonton wrappers 1 egg, beaten in small bowl and set aside Fresh grated parmesan cheese 2 tblsp butter Take a few Wonton wrappers and lay flat.  Roll chicken mixture into small balls and place in center of wonton wrapper. Brush each edge of wonton wrapper with egg wash.  The egg wash acts as a glue. Pull opposite corners up, two at a time, and pinch together.  Squeeze other sides together.   Try to wrap them with no air inside if p