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Maple Cinnamon Sugar Cookies w/ Brown Butter Maple Glaze & Toasted Pecans

Do you like Sugar Cookies? A sprinkling of Cinnamon? What about Maple syrup? And toasted Pecans? Y E S Then I have a scrumptious recipe combining all of these ingredients for the best of Autumn cookies lovely enough for your Thanksgiving dessert table. Last week after a long day of running errands with my Mom and sister, out in the cold, drizzling rain I came home and was so ready to get out of my clothes and into my comfy pajamas.  I did just that and then got to break out the bad boy; my Kitchen Aid 7 qt mixer, for a big batch of homemade cookies.  I love maple bars, maple cake, maple just about anything and as this is the best time of the year to enjoy this wonderful flavor I tweaked a sugar cookie recipe (modified from a recipe in Cooks Illustrated) to have a Maple flavor. I made the batch above first, and topped each with a toasted pecan halve.  I posted the pic above on IG and FB and had a lot of requests for the recipe but I had wanted to make them a