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Feeling a little lonely, update on Jonah and Andrew Jackson Transfer Ware

  One thing most anyone can say about the Roberts' household is that it is never, ever quiet.  That was, until yesterday.  You all know that Jonah left for BCT (Basic Combat Training) recently.  Jonah is definitely the kid of ours who ma kes  the most noise.  Constantly, he hums, thumps, sings, taps and talks.    Literally, we have woken up in the middle of the night to hear Jonah thumping his hands or feet against the wall like it was a drum.   He sings out loud in the shower and I stress the LOUD part.   Sometimes I can hear him from inside the house as he sings (or raps!) outside, in his car, with the windows rolled up.   He is usually completely oblivious to the fact that he can be heard by anyone else.   When his best friend, Robert, tells about meeting Jonah in the 7th grade, he says, and I paraphrase, that Jonah sat down by him in football (or weight class, I can't remember), started talking and has never shut up since.   Robert told me at the end of the class he w