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Bejeweled Butterflies ~A Spring Tablescape

VISIT MY BLOG OFTEN AS I WILL SOON BE ANNOUNCING MY FIRST GIVEAWAY! Wanting to do a very pretty Spring and Easter themed table I was so pleased when my sponsor Heather at Ladybug's Little Lane sent me these pretty eyelet placemats and napkins to use in my post. I love the lavender color.  "It's perfect, I thought".   I opted to use these in a tablescape that just has a touch of Easter but very assuredly says "Spring has Sprung". Not being able to find my Easter decor did have a little something to do with not going all out with bunnies.  I began with a vintage, ivory colored Chenille bedspread I found at a thrift shop for $5. It's so cute with pom-pom trim that I had to pull the chairs away from the table to show this to you.  Even Shawn said he'd like this on a bed.  If you've tuned in to any of my tablescapes you know I'm into layering. So I brought in this tulle type fabric with silver and lavender and bunched it up along the ta

A sweet nest & one of my own poems

This is my first Outdoor Wednesday.  I'm glad to participate in this weekly event hosted by A Southern Daydreamer . CHECK BACK OFTEN AS I WILL BE HAVING MY FIRST GIVEAWAY SOON!   I had to share these pictures.  I've got some hanging baskets that I left out all winter.  Two days ago my son took this photo.    Yesterday I took these photos: Now how sweet are these tiny creatures? A Poem For Your Thoughts (by me!) Hummingbird Such a delicate little hummingbird I saw fluttering to and fro' Level eye, she flew right by Then dove for the flowers below I could only watch in muse Remaining myself ever so discreet As she partook of nectar That lay in growth nearest my feet I knew that I should dare not move Lest she would surely fly away How amazed I was by this dainty creature... And hoped that she at length would stay Ere she sipped from bloom to bloom- All the while, so utterly unaware That I did stand in pure delight As before me, she hovered mid-air Once again she

Rings on Bottle Things

Recently I blogged about my Master bath transformation ...sort of a transformation...I used what I had to decorate major remodeling.  I had a few emails about my perfume bottles so I've decided to share my little secret.   I'm liking some of the large costume jewelry rings that are popular right now.  For Christmas this year I got at least four rings from my kiddos as part of my Christmas gifts.  I had some of them in the little shelf that's tucked under the medicine cabinet I hung up but I really wanted to show them off when I'm not wearing them.  I can't wear them all the time and surely not all at one I decided to take this:  and remove this: and with this ring I thee dump you lid for something better looking like this I then realized I could do this with lots of perfume I dumped lots of lids for rings...and when I want to wear one of them...I do! I got this bottle for was an empty sample and I just asked wh