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Spode Lilac Polychrome Transferware Table For One

Just had to share these beauties... This gorgeous set is by Spode and was produced in 1927-28.  As is the case with many of Spode Copeland patterns, there is no pattern name (that I know of), only a number, which is hand painted on the back of each piece.   Each piece depicts a different landscape of sorts. The border and filigree design around the scene is exquisite. I came across this pattern once before but in another color, red and black, which has a completely different look and appeal.  I kept this set and featured it a couple of years ago here on my blog. That post is  HERE Most of you all know that I love to display and decorate with antique jewelry, especially pieces that belonged to family members.  This brooch is one of those very sentimental pieces.  It belonged to my husbands Grandmother Roberts and was given to me when she passed a few years ago.  Today, it takes the place of a napkin ring.   It's a piece that I have displayed

Small Changes

 The past few days I have been rearranging some things around the house.  This oil painting of sheep is one of my favorites but I didn't have it in a very prominent place in the house.  It has been in my office, which right now, looks like I'm waiting on the film crew from Hoarders to show up.  It is that bad.   But, that's not what this post is about so we won't go there....back to the painting. Isn't it sweet? Before I had a Norman Rockwell artist proof print hanging here and though I love the image it didn't really flow with the rest of my decor.   I don't think I'd posted it on my blog before so this is the only before pic I could find.  The painting of sheep resting near a barn now hangs where the Rockwell did.  The painting is framed in with some of my red transferware, two pair of mirrors, one of which is antique bubble glass and some wall corbels holding left and right facing birds. Now, I'm waiting for Jonah to he