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Warning: Graphic Images, Viewer Discretion Advised

So... I have told you all that my family is moving to another house, a house that has been abused by previous tenants and is filthier than any home I have ever seen.   I would definitely, after one walk through of this place, believe that it could easily have been featured on one of those television programs like Hoarders or How Clean is Your House.  The house is so dirty that a national cleaning company I scheduled to give me a bid on cleaning it declined the job after walking through it.     Would you like to step in and take a look around? Grab your haz-mat suit and come on in. I am going to show you some gross images, but I will spare you pictures of the toilets.    I'll just say that a plumber had to manually remove a bucket, an almost full 5 lb bucket that is, four letter word comes to mind.  I'm sure you all are glad I decided to forgo that photo. Below is a random example of the dirt that along the baseboards. This is every cooks dream k